BS Parser

BS Parser

BS Parser

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Updated:2011-05-25 06:40:31
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Semi-professional HTML-parser

In the standard version, It allows for the results from the processing to be edited and saved in RTF (Rich Text Format), which makes it very comfortable for daily use.

Basic functions

BS-Parser is a typical multifunctional, module, multi stream parser, whose help you can use to make analysis of the content of a chosen web-page, in this number:

- To analyze (parse) the text content of a randomly chosen site, by stating the domain;
- To analyze the outer forwarded links in a website;
- To examine the meta-tags;
- To analyze specific things that build up a site etc.

The setting is made through a set of filters.
As a whole the product is unpretentious, easy to use, reliable, and has a good functionality.

Distribution: The product is conditionally free.

It can be used independently or as an element from the set of products, included in the content of the Net Organizer.