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Updated:2012-04-17 12:08:48
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Be Jeweled + is Be Jeweled Cross ( + is the cross symbol) , that means a new game style -- click the cross corner to clear your jewel! The aim is simple – clear all color tiles on the board. To achieve that, just touch any empty cell that connects two or more same-colored tiles either in a line or at a crossing corner. Easy to play and vivid to display! Whether you want to kill time, or you want to have fun with your finger, or even you want to make your girl friend happy, just download this free, casual board game!

Provided with multiple game modes, Be Jeweled + presents you a competitive yet entertaining game style with a wealth of special cards, OpenFeint-supported achievements and rankings, so that you can Level Up gradually, get higher score everyday and most important, share them to your friends. And Versus mode allows you to make a match with your friends even when only one iPad is available!

Don’t worry about any charge. It’s totally free! Download Be Jeweled + from AppStore and start playing now!

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It's a FREE game!
Easy to begin and easier to enjoy
Excellent for killing time
Lovable, attractive visual display
Multiple Modes: Freestyle, Arcade (Zen/Classic) and Versus
Special cards empowered: so you can solve unsolvable puzzles
OpenFeint enabled with many tricky achievements
Multi-language supported: English, Chinese, Japanese