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Do you want to become successful as a writer? Is writing your hobby? Make your dream come true. I had a hard time learning how to write. It was the age old trial and error method through which I learnt to write fiction. The worst thing was I had no mentor. It resulted in an incomplete first novel. But I tried again and completed my second novel 'The Rise of the Dawn'.

It does take time to make a career in writing, but the smart thing to do is to get help. Yes, I did that too. I got in touch with my professors and took tips from them. Whatever I have learnt through these years are there in this e-book. By going through it, you can skip the failures and get success the first time around.

I have kept it quite simple. You just need to go to my website - - fill up your name and e-mail address, and download the pdf version. There are absolutely no charges involved.