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Updated:2011-05-09 14:29:54
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BounceBack Free Instant PC Recovery software creates a complete copy of your computer's primary hard drive and enables you to start your Windows operating system from an external USB hard drive. CMS's patent pending Instant PC Recovery technology enables you to save valuable time in the event of a hard drive crash or data corruption and gets you up and running by simply restarting your computer from the USB hard drive.

Continuous Data Protection(CDP): Automatically backup files that have been changed or newly created on a continuous basis.

Incremental Backup: Backup files that have been added or modified since the last time your backup ran.

QuickRestore: Browse backup drive contents and restore single files or folders quickly and easily.

Native File Backup: All data is backed up in its original file format for easy access and data sharing.

Instant PC Recovery: Externally run your system from the external USB hard drive in the event of a primary drive failure.

Full System Backup: Create an exact copy of your computer including all your programs, data and operating system which you can start from in the event of a system malfunction.

Two-Click Restore: Restore your system to its last backed up state with only two mouse clicks.

Drive Formatting: Automatically partition and format your backup drive to match your computer's own internal hard drive.

Backup Sets: Create custom sets of data to backup, and specify your backup destination.

Scheduling: Schedule backups to take place at specific day or time intervals, or upon connection of the backup drive.

Multiple Backup Destinations: Backup to different local or mapped network drives at the same time.

File Synchronization: Synchronize data between multiple computers/hard drives.

File Versioning: View and restore previously saved versions of files.

Data Encryption: Protect your valuable data with powerful government grade AES 256-bit data encryption.