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CASCADE, the "Car Scanner Device Emulator", allows you to use the same diagnostic software that runs on high-end "Hi-Scan Pro" and "Carman Scan I" car scanners to diagnose your car, with only your PC or notebook computer and a very affordable generic USB diagnostic interface.

What are the requirements?

- An 800 MHz or faster x86 PC running Windows XP or Windows 7. Unless you are able to park your vehicle in your living room, you will probably want to use a notebook computer.
- A generic K/L interface with FTDI USB-to-serial chip (for vehicles with K/L line diagnostics), or
- A K+CAN 1.4 interface with FTDI USB-to-serial chip (for both vehicles with K/L line and CAN bus diagnostics).
- FTDI chip drivers for Windows, which can be downloaded from FTDI's website (direct link).
Where do I get the diagnostic software?

Hi-Scan Pro software can be downloaded after free registration from the service website of Hyundai Motors America and Kia Motors America. Please refer to this page for details.

"Carman Scan I" software has to be acquired through an authorized reseller.

What interfaces are supported?

CASCADE supports K/L and K+CAN 1.4 interfaces with an FTDI serial-to-USB converter chip. Examples are:

- "OBDII USB Car Diagnostic Cable - Blue"
- "K+CAN1.4 USB Car Diagnostic Cable"

What vehicles can be diagnosed?

CASCADE generally supports all vehicles allowing diagnosis via K/L or CAN bus. The support for specific models depends on the diagnostic software being used. The Hi-Scan Pro software releases support Hyundai or Kia vehicles sold on the American market from model year 1990 up to about 2007; for Carman Scan I software, the manufacturer provides a vehicle coverage list; it supports virtually all makes and models of vehicles, up to about model year 2010.