Recommended Math & Scientific Tools downloads

Cross Section Analysis & Design

Cross section analysis, Reinforcement design.


InnerSoft ISBH computes soil water balance


OkMap - GPS and map software for Windows


Image SXM
Image SXM 200-1

NIH Image for scanning microscopy

Downloads: 2054
Size: 10.99MB
NeuroSolutions (64-bit)
NeuroSolutions (64-bit)

Graphical neural network development tool

Downloads: 2007
Size: 62.44MB
Grab It
Grab It XP

Digitize data from charts or graphs.

Downloads: 1520
Size: 0.82MB
Eye4Software Hydromagic
Eye4Software Hydromagic 6.0

Hydrographic Survey Software for Windows

Downloads: 1742
Size: 84.87MB
ISBH 0.7

InnerSoft ISBH computes soil water balance

Downloads: 1509
Size: 0.86MB
InnerSoft STATS
InnerSoft STATS 2.3

InnerSoft STATS Statistics Financial App

Downloads: 1509
Size: 5.1MB

calculation of three-phase transformers

Downloads: 1712
Size: 6.16MB
Gekko 1.6

Solving and analyzing economic models.

Downloads: 1474
Size: 3.97MB
AutoTRAX DEX 2020
AutoTRAX DEX 2020 1.20.01

PCB Design Software

Downloads: 1501
Size: 40.41MB

Measurement Conversions for the Macintosh

Downloads: 1493
Size: 2.82MB
Engineering Power Tools Plus Edition
Engineering Power Tools Plus Edition 2.0.5

Engineering Power Tools Plus Edition

Downloads: 1557
Size: 2.36MB
PTC Mathcad Express
PTC Mathcad Express 3.1

PTC Mathcad Express

Downloads: 1533
Size: 1080.96MB
AnyGraph 0.02

reliability, availability, maintainabity

Downloads: 1495
Size: 3.98MB

Solver of partial differential equations.

Downloads: 1711
Size: 0.36MB
Karnaugh Map Analyzer (Linux)
Karnaugh Map Analyzer (Linux) 1.0

Minimize Karnaugh maps & boolean expressions

Downloads: 1688
Size: 0.23MB
Options Analysis
Options Analysis 1.5

Analyzes option evaluation and choice data.

Downloads: 1532
Size: 1.46MB
Option Impacts Analysis
Option Impacts Analysis 1

Analyzes preference shares from survey data.

Downloads: 1495
Size: 0.3MB
Choice Components Analysis
Choice Components Analysis 1

Analyzes primary components of option choices

Downloads: 1489
Size: 0.25MB
RJMetrics 80/20 Analyzer
RJMetrics 80/20 Analyzer 1.0.0

Analyze your sources of revenue.

Downloads: 1742
Size: 7.46MB
NeuroXL Clusterizer
NeuroXL Clusterizer 4.0.5

Neural network based clustering tool in Excel

Downloads: 1717
Size: 2.27MB
Cross Section Analysis & Design
Cross Section Analysis & Design 3.9

Cross section analysis, Reinforcement design.

Downloads: 1783
Size: 9.5MB
Doronix Math Toolbox
Doronix Math Toolbox 2.0

Doronix Math Toolbox is computing environment

Downloads: 1748
Size: 10.64MB
VISeismo 2.0

Earthquake monitor for any place in the World

Downloads: 1719
Size: 4.55MB
nth Root Calculator
nth Root Calculator 1.0.0

nth Root Calculator

Downloads: 1515
Size: 3KB
Refrigeration Package for FlyCarpet
Refrigeration Package for FlyCarpet 1.2

Static Refrigeration Design for FlyCarpet

Downloads: 1727
Size: 7.11MB
Psychrometric Chart + Duct Calculator
Psychrometric Chart + Duct Calculator 4.4

Psychrometric Chart and Duct Calculator

Downloads: 1734
Size: 6.25MB
NeuroXL Predictor
NeuroXL Predictor 4.0.2

Neural network add-in for Microsoft Excel

Downloads: 1806
Size: 3.21MB
office Convert Pdf to Word for Doc
office Convert Pdf to Word for Doc 6.1

Convert PDF to DOC,TXT,RTF.

Downloads: 1767
Size: 3.21MB
SRS1 Cubic Spline for Excel
SRS1 Cubic Spline for Excel 2.51

Adds splines and interpolation to Excel

Downloads: 1507
Size: 1.39MB
Statistical Analysis Calculator Software
Statistical Analysis Calculator Software 7.0

Get statistics for a set of numbers quickly.

Downloads: 1532
Size: 1.68MB
Dagra Graph Digitizer
Dagra Graph Digitizer 2.0.12

Convert graphical data to numerical data

Downloads: 1492
Size: 1.51MB
Statscorer 1.3

Risk analysis with Monte Carlo simulations

Downloads: 1504
Size: 3.28MB
AutoTRAX DEX Ultimate
AutoTRAX DEX Ultimate 1.1.00

Electronic Schematics, Simulation and Layout

Downloads: 1727
Size: 26.02MB
Analysis Studio
Analysis Studio 6.30.3546.16859

A powerful statistical analysis tool

Downloads: 1494
Size: 4.3MB

Statistical analysis program and spreadsheet.

Downloads: 1746
Size: 94.09MB