Recommended Math & Scientific Tools downloads

OkMap Desktop

OkMap - GPS and map software for Windows

Cross Section Analysis and Design

Cross section analysis, Reinforcement design.

Chinese Calendrics

For converting Chinese Calendar dates


Grab It
Grab It XP

Digitize data from charts or graphs.

Downloads: 1520
Size: 0.82MB
Eye4Software Hydromagic
Eye4Software Hydromagic 6.0

Hydrographic Survey Software for Windows

Downloads: 1742
Size: 84.87MB
ISBH 0.7

InnerSoft ISBH computes soil water balance

Downloads: 1509
Size: 0.86MB
InnerSoft STATS
InnerSoft STATS 2.3

InnerSoft STATS Statistics Financial App

Downloads: 1509
Size: 5.1MB

calculation of three-phase transformers

Downloads: 1712
Size: 6.16MB
Gekko 1.6

Solving and analyzing economic models.

Downloads: 1474
Size: 3.97MB
AutoTRAX DEX 2020
AutoTRAX DEX 2020 1.20.01

PCB Design Software

Downloads: 1501
Size: 40.41MB

Measurement Conversions for the Macintosh

Downloads: 1493
Size: 2.82MB
Engineering Power Tools Plus Edition
Engineering Power Tools Plus Edition 2.0.5

Engineering Power Tools Plus Edition

Downloads: 1557
Size: 2.36MB
PTC Mathcad Express
PTC Mathcad Express 3.1

PTC Mathcad Express

Downloads: 1533
Size: 1080.96MB
AnyGraph 0.02

reliability, availability, maintainabity

Downloads: 1495
Size: 3.98MB

Solver of partial differential equations.

Downloads: 1711
Size: 0.36MB
Karnaugh Map Analyzer (Linux)
Karnaugh Map Analyzer (Linux) 1.0

Minimize Karnaugh maps & boolean expressions

Downloads: 1688
Size: 0.23MB
Options Analysis
Options Analysis 1.5

Analyzes option evaluation and choice data.

Downloads: 1532
Size: 1.46MB
Option Impacts Analysis
Option Impacts Analysis 1

Analyzes preference shares from survey data.

Downloads: 1495
Size: 0.3MB
Choice Components Analysis
Choice Components Analysis 1

Analyzes primary components of option choices

Downloads: 1489
Size: 0.25MB
RJMetrics 80/20 Analyzer
RJMetrics 80/20 Analyzer 1.0.0

Analyze your sources of revenue.

Downloads: 1742
Size: 7.46MB
NeuroXL Clusterizer
NeuroXL Clusterizer 4.0.5

Neural network based clustering tool in Excel

Downloads: 1717
Size: 2.27MB
Cross Section Analysis and Design
Cross Section Analysis and Design 3.9

Cross section analysis, Reinforcement design.

Downloads: 1783
Size: 9.5MB
Doronix Math Toolbox
Doronix Math Toolbox 2.0

Doronix Math Toolbox is computing environment

Downloads: 1748
Size: 10.64MB
VISeismo 2.0

Earthquake monitor for any place in the World

Downloads: 1719
Size: 4.55MB
nth Root Calculator
nth Root Calculator 1.0.0

nth Root Calculator

Downloads: 1515
Size: 3KB
Refrigeration Package for FlyCarpet
Refrigeration Package for FlyCarpet 1.2

Static Refrigeration Design for FlyCarpet

Downloads: 1727
Size: 7.11MB
Psychrometric Chart + Duct Calculator
Psychrometric Chart + Duct Calculator 4.4

Psychrometric Chart and Duct Calculator

Downloads: 1734
Size: 6.25MB
NeuroXL Predictor
NeuroXL Predictor 4.0.2

Neural network add-in for Microsoft Excel

Downloads: 1806
Size: 3.21MB
office Convert Pdf to Word for Doc
office Convert Pdf to Word for Doc 6.1

Convert PDF to DOC,TXT,RTF.

Downloads: 1767
Size: 3.21MB
SRS1 Cubic Spline for Excel
SRS1 Cubic Spline for Excel 2.51

Adds splines and interpolation to Excel

Downloads: 1507
Size: 1.39MB
Statistical Analysis Calculator Software
Statistical Analysis Calculator Software 7.0

Get statistics for a set of numbers quickly.

Downloads: 1532
Size: 1.68MB
Dagra Graph Digitizer
Dagra Graph Digitizer 2.0.12

Convert graphical data to numerical data

Downloads: 1492
Size: 1.51MB
Statscorer 1.3

Risk analysis with Monte Carlo simulations

Downloads: 1504
Size: 3.28MB
AutoTRAX DEX Ultimate
AutoTRAX DEX Ultimate 1.1.00

Electronic Schematics, Simulation and Layout

Downloads: 1727
Size: 26.02MB
Analysis Studio
Analysis Studio 6.30.3546.16859

A powerful statistical analysis tool

Downloads: 1494
Size: 4.3MB

Statistical analysis program and spreadsheet.

Downloads: 1746
Size: 94.09MB
Super Unit Converter
Super Unit Converter

It can convert between units of measurement.

Downloads: 1515
Size: 0.89MB
EnergyProbe 5.4.5

Energy Analysis and Visualization tool

Downloads: 1722
Size: 9.63MB