Recommended Icons downloads


Save and restore the desktop icon positions.


Highlight folders with a color of your choice

Sofonesia Icon Extractor

Extract icon from any file


ArrangeYourDesktop 1.0

Have a mess in your desktop? Use Arrange Yo..

Downloads: 1505
Size: 0.14MB
Security Toolbar Icons
Security Toolbar Icons 2011.1

Software security icons of great quality!

Downloads: 164
Size: 4.95MB
ABB Icon Explorer
ABB Icon Explorer 5.1

Extracting icons associated with files

Downloads: 190
Size: 1.4MB
Icons for Technical Writers
Icons for Technical Writers 1.0

Set of icons for writers of help files

Downloads: 1515
Size: 0.76MB
Perfect Website Icons
Perfect Website Icons 2011.1

Websiite Icons for web design and development

Downloads: 144
Size: 1.98MB
Avatars Diamond Package
Avatars Diamond Package 1.1

More than 100,000 avatars, icons are provide

Downloads: 128
Size: 3.35MB
Business Icon Set
Business Icon Set 2011.1

254 business icons for application developers

Downloads: 373
Size: 5.16MB
ActivIcons 3.36

Change Windows desktop/icon/cursor attributes

Downloads: 160
Size: 2.2MB
ABBIcon Pro
ABBIcon Pro 5.1

Icon conversion and management tool

Downloads: 129
Size: 7.39MB
Web Icon Library
Web Icon Library 3.6

Original icons for web site developers

Downloads: 130
Size: 3.41MB
Metro Icons for Windows Phone 7
Metro Icons for Windows Phone 7 2011.1

Metro-style icon set for WP7 and Windows 8

Downloads: 1468
Size: 15.7MB
Large Shop Icons
Large Shop Icons 2013.1

Icons for shop-management software

Downloads: 1509
Size: 9.03MB
Perfect Transport Icons
Perfect Transport Icons 2011.1

Toolbar and menu transport icons collection

Downloads: 1741
Size: 2.21MB
Vista Toolbar Icon Collection
Vista Toolbar Icon Collection 1.0

Quality Free Vista Toolbar Icon Collection

Downloads: 1490
Size: 1.17MB
Basic Icon Set
Basic Icon Set 1.2

Set of toolbar and menu icons

Downloads: 1475
Size: 0.55MB
Green Medical Icons
Green Medical Icons 2011.1

A large set of high-quality medical icons

Downloads: 268
Size: 2.51MB
3D Business Icons
3D Business Icons 2013.2

3D Business Icons for your sites and software

Downloads: 250
Size: 17.76MB
Desktop Boss Icons
Desktop Boss Icons 2012.1

Stock boss icons of executives, officers etc.

Downloads: 355
Size: 7.71MB
Small Housekeeping Icons
Small Housekeeping Icons 2011.1

The housekeeping topic in a set of cool icons

Downloads: 113
Size: 0.89MB
Archive Toolbar Icons
Archive Toolbar Icons 2011.1

Toolbar icons for archive and backup software

Downloads: 113
Size: 0.86MB
16x16 Free Application Icons
16x16 Free Application Icons 2011.1

Impressive free set of application icons

Downloads: 417
Size: 0.83MB
48x48 Free Object Icons
48x48 Free Object Icons 2011.1

Bright and lively free object icons.

Downloads: 172
Size: 1.46MB
Standard User Icons
Standard User Icons 2012.1

Flawless Standard User Icons with style.

Downloads: 131
Size: 6.71MB
Avatars Gold Package
Avatars Gold Package 1.1

More than 100,000 avatars, icons are provide

Downloads: 162
Size: 3.35MB
Avatar Package
Avatar Package 1.1

More than 100,000 avatars, icons are provide

Downloads: 192
Size: 3.35MB
Standard Telephone Icons
Standard Telephone Icons 2012.1

Standard Telephone Icons for your application

Downloads: 188
Size: 6.88MB
Standard Logistics Icons
Standard Logistics Icons 2011.1

All logistics in a set of high-quality icons!

Downloads: 143
Size: 0.89MB
Standard Chess Icons
Standard Chess Icons 2011.1

Professionally crafted chess icons

Downloads: 142
Size: 0.75MB
Money Toolbar Icons
Money Toolbar Icons 2011.2

Money Toolbar Icons for financial products

Downloads: 435
Size: 9.35MB
Small Arrow Icons
Small Arrow Icons 2011.1

Vibrant arrow png icons for any interface!

Downloads: 1859
Size: 1.76MB
Free Large Business Icons
Free Large Business Icons 2013.2

A great free solution for your business

Downloads: 161
Size: 24.46MB
Small Email Icons
Small Email Icons 2011.1

Toolbar and menu icons for e-mail software

Downloads: 400
Size: 2.53MB
Weird eBay Auctions Toolbar
Weird eBay Auctions Toolbar 1.0

See current weird ebay auctions LOL

Downloads: 127
Size: 1.07MB
Icon Genesis
Icon Genesis 1.1.027

Interactive and animated 3D Icons

Downloads: 1890
Size: 3.2MB
Accounting Toolbar Icons
Accounting Toolbar Icons 2011.1

Toolbar icons for accounting applications

Downloads: 174
Size: 4.62MB