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Save and restore the desktop icon positions.


Highlight folders with a color of your choice

Sofonesia Icon Extractor

Extract icon from any file


Free Icons Maker
Free Icons Maker 1.0

Free Icons Maker - Create & Download Icons

Downloads: 1836
Size: 0.15MB
Large Black Business Icons
Large Black Business Icons 2013.1

Simple icons for modern applications

Downloads: 1542
Size: 0.53MB
Large Flat Icons
Large Flat Icons 2013.3

Flat icons for modern applications

Downloads: 1520
Size: 11.5MB
Large Glossy Icons
Large Glossy Icons 2013.2

Perfect icons for perfect applications

Downloads: 1531
Size: 11.51MB
Free Google Glass Icons
Free Google Glass Icons 2013.2

Icons for Google Project users and developers

Downloads: 1734
Size: 24.19MB
Free Large Boss Icons
Free Large Boss Icons 2013.2

Free Boss icons of executives, officers etc.

Downloads: 1722
Size: 27.73MB
Icons-Land Vista Style GIS/GPS/MAP Icon Set
Icons-Land Vista Style GIS/GPS/MAP Icon Set 2.0

Icons set for various mapping applications

Downloads: 1551
Size: 5.07MB
Icons-Land XAML Emoticons
Icons-Land XAML Emoticons 3.0

Vector emoticons in XAML format

Downloads: 1508
Size: 0.15MB
Desktop Modify
Desktop Modify 1.2.2

Arrange your icons into fancy shapes & styles

Downloads: 1568
Size: 1.25MB
Fluid Icon Organizer
Fluid Icon Organizer 1.0

Keep your icons organized.

Downloads: 1766
Size: 5.73MB
Icons-Land Vista Style Sport Icon Set
Icons-Land Vista Style Sport Icon Set 2.0

Ready-made icons for your sport applications

Downloads: 1723
Size: 4.64MB
Large Universal Icons
Large Universal Icons 2013.2

Large icons with alpha-channel support

Downloads: 1560
Size: 10.12MB
Free Web Ui Elements
Free Web Ui Elements 1.0

Free 50 web ui elements

Downloads: 1755
Size: 5.1MB
Valentines Day Icons
Valentines Day Icons 1.0

7 cute Valentine's Day icons.

Downloads: 1540
Size: 0.74MB
Large Travel Icons
Large Travel Icons 2013.2

Royalty-free icons for travel products

Downloads: 1519
Size: 10.44MB
SEO Icons
SEO Icons 2012.1

SEO Icons for software and Web design

Downloads: 1517
Size: 1.96MB
iPhone Application Icons
iPhone Application Icons 2012

Icon package for iPhone apps

Downloads: 1519
Size: 5.38MB
Icons for iPad
Icons for iPad 2012

Icon pack for iPad apps

Downloads: 1490
Size: 5.38MB
iPhone Icon Pack
iPhone Icon Pack 2012

Icon pack for iPhone/iPad apps

Downloads: 1528
Size: 5.38MB
iPhone App Icons
iPhone App Icons 2012

Icon pack for iPhone apps

Downloads: 1832
Size: 11.96MB
Free Mobile App Icons
Free Mobile App Icons 2012

Free Mobile App Icons for Android/iOS/WP7

Downloads: 1527
Size: 28.89MB
Tab Bar Icons For Mobile Apps
Tab Bar Icons For Mobile Apps 2012

Tab Bar Icons For Mobile Apps for iOS soft

Downloads: 1501
Size: 9.8MB
Icons-Land Vista Style POI Icon Set
Icons-Land Vista Style POI Icon Set 2.0

Ready icons for your mapping applications.

Downloads: 1487
Size: 17.49MB
Blue Toolbar Icons
Blue Toolbar Icons 2012

A set of blue icons for any toolbar

Downloads: 1511
Size: 12.22MB
Avia Software Icons
Avia Software Icons 2011.1

A stock of 86 aviation icons

Downloads: 1539
Size: 2.08MB
3D Glossy Icons
3D Glossy Icons 2011.2

3D Glossy Icons professional icon toolkit!

Downloads: 1494
Size: 8.14MB
Free iPhone Icons
Free iPhone Icons 2011.1

Impressing free icon pack of iphone icons

Downloads: 1514
Size: 10.13MB
ArrangeYourDesktop 1.0

Have a mess in your desktop? Use Arrange Yo..

Downloads: 1544
Size: 0.14MB
Black Toolbar Icons
Black Toolbar Icons 2012

A set of black icons for any toolbar

Downloads: 1522
Size: 9.06MB
Shape Your Desktop
Shape Your Desktop 1.0

Shape Your Desktop is a free little program..

Downloads: 1508
Size: 0.14MB
Business iPhone Icons
Business iPhone Icons 2014.1

686 business icons for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Downloads: 1633
Size: 9.68MB
Tab Bar iOS Icons
Tab Bar iOS Icons 2013.1

Actual tab bar icons for iOS development

Downloads: 1508
Size: 3.98MB
Professional Toolbar Icons
Professional Toolbar Icons 2012.1

Professional Toolbar Icons for a sleek look!

Downloads: 1512
Size: 11.71MB
Medical iPad and iPhone Icons
Medical iPad and iPhone Icons 2012.1

250 medical icons for iOS developers

Downloads: 1507
Size: 1.29MB
Vector Seminar Icon Set
Vector Seminar Icon Set 1.0

Vector Icon Set for Seminar

Downloads: 1768
Size: 3.87MB