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Recommended Board Games downloads

Fantasy Chess

Play the game of chess as fantasy creatures.

Backgammon Classic Pro

A pro version of the backgammon classic game


Stackup is classic Columns game


Tile Drop
Tile Drop 1.02

Tile Drop is a poker mahjongg hybrid.

Downloads: 1598
Size: 1.83MB
SA Chess
SA Chess 1.5

The strong Xiangqi(Chinese Chess) Software

Downloads: 1591
Size: 30.64MB
Memory Game - Catch A Toy
Memory Game - Catch A Toy 1.0

Catch A Toy is a simple yet addictive fun

Downloads: 1550
Size: 13MB
DiceRun 1.02

A computer version of a popular board game.

Downloads: 1789
Size: 1.81MB
LcParchis 3.4

To play parcheesi from 1 to 4 players.

Downloads: 1797
Size: 1.97MB
Aros Magic Go-Moku
Aros Magic Go-Moku 1.2

Japanese game Go-Moku in beautiful 3D

Downloads: 1770
Size: 0.16MB
Aros Magic Ninuki-Renju
Aros Magic Ninuki-Renju 1.2

Japanese Ninuki-Renju in beautiful 3D

Downloads: 1790
Size: 0.17MB
Catch A Toy For iPhone Game
Catch A Toy For iPhone Game 1.0

Fun Puzzle Memory Game for Kids

Downloads: 1575
Size: 16.29MB
Ganzfield 1.64

Ganzfield allows you to talk to ghosts.

Downloads: 1578
Size: 8.17MB
MinkiChess Lite
MinkiChess Lite 2.21

Chess coaching and playing software

Downloads: 1768
Size: 38.67MB
Backgammon Classic Pro
Backgammon Classic Pro 8.5

A pro version of the backgammon classic game

Downloads: 1584
Size: 13.46MB
Stratego 2.0

Military-strategic board game for two.

Downloads: 1769
Size: 3.47MB
Championship Chess All-Stars for Windows
Championship Chess All-Stars for Windows 7.50

The King of All Chess Games!

Downloads: 1585
Size: 8.34MB
Portamind Checkers
Portamind Checkers 1.1

Worthy opponent on your mobile device

Downloads: 1591
Size: 0.67MB
Ya! Dice
Ya! Dice 1.0.0

Score high by carefully assigning dice to pat

Downloads: 1601
Size: 0.25MB
Hot Chocolate Mahjong
Hot Chocolate Mahjong 1.0

Play a tasty delicious Hot Chocolate Mahjong!

Downloads: 1564
Size: 2.49MB
Champagne Bubbles Mahjong
Champagne Bubbles Mahjong 1.0

Pop the champagne and play Bubbles Mahjong!

Downloads: 1548
Size: 2.55MB
Checkers-7 2.5

Collection of the 14 popular checkers game.

Downloads: 1771
Size: 2.56MB
Chess-7 4.01

Chess game

Downloads: 1821
Size: 7.77MB
New Years in the City Mahjong
New Years in the City Mahjong 1.0

Celebrate with New Years in the City Mahjong!

Downloads: 1566
Size: 2.55MB
Christmas Mahjong
Christmas Mahjong 1.0

Have a holly jolly Christmas Mahjong!

Downloads: 1540
Size: 2.51MB
Tams11 Block Drop
Tams11 Block Drop

Make lines by arranging the falling blocks.

Downloads: 1539
Size: 0.66MB
Christmas Wreath Mahjong
Christmas Wreath Mahjong 1.0

Decorate with a Christmas Mahjong Wreath!

Downloads: 1787
Size: 2.51MB
Turkey Mahjong
Turkey Mahjong 1.0

Play Turkey Mahjong this Thanksgiving!

Downloads: 1546
Size: 2.45MB
Tams11 Sliders
Tams11 Sliders

Another Tams11 Board Game

Downloads: 1544
Size: 1.29MB
Tams11 Squares
Tams11 Squares

Multiplayer online puzzle board game.

Downloads: 1587
Size: 1.1MB
Tams11 Reversi
Tams11 Reversi

Popular Strategy Game.

Downloads: 1572
Size: 0.95MB
Tams11 Bingo Bunch
Tams11 Bingo Bunch

Unique multiplayer Bingo game.

Downloads: 1782
Size: 1.12MB
Nervebit Pentafall
Nervebit Pentafall 1.0

Shamans come into confrontation.

Downloads: 1570
Size: 2.8MB
Nervebit Mosaic
Nervebit Mosaic 1.0

Gather the harvest of new inhabitants.

Downloads: 1594
Size: 2.79MB
Nervebit Magneton
Nervebit Magneton 1.0

Oracle defines new priests.

Downloads: 1578
Size: 3.41MB
Nervebit Kaleidoscope
Nervebit Kaleidoscope 1.0

Prospector competition to get the artifact.

Downloads: 1573
Size: 3.15MB
Nervebit Dipole
Nervebit Dipole 1.0

Get control of the star artifact.

Downloads: 1564
Size: 2.8MB
Nervebit Crossnull
Nervebit Crossnull 1.0

Create a neuroid network faster opponent.

Downloads: 1833
Size: 2.83MB
Rug Reversi
Rug Reversi 1.0

A great windows version of reversi.

Downloads: 1794
Size: 0.19MB