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MTG Studio

Magic the Gathering Deck/Collection Builder

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Pretty Good Solitaire

Play 1030 Solitaire Games and Daily Quests

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EUCHRE Card Game From Special K

Plays the classic card game of EUCHRE.

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Tams11 Survivor
Tams11 Survivor

Online trick taking game.

Downloads: 1559
Size: 1.02MB

You can select the pack of 36 or 52 cards.

Downloads: 1636
Size: 5.75MB
Hearts Card Game
Hearts Card Game

Card game for 3 or 4 persons

Downloads: 1569
Size: 6.51MB
Preference Card Game
Preference Card Game

An 10-card plain-trick game with bidding.

Downloads: 1547
Size: 6.51MB
Chinese Fool
Chinese Fool

Simple and enthralling game for 2 persons.

Downloads: 1598
Size: 6.8MB
Joker Spades
Joker Spades

The original classic version of Spades

Downloads: 1564
Size: 1KB

Pinochle an exciting game of cards.

Downloads: 1577
Size: 0.6MB

An implementation of the classical solitaire

Downloads: 1540
Size: 4.22MB
California Rummy
California Rummy

Rummy game very similar to Contract Rummy

Downloads: 1554
Size: 1.54MB

Not a well known card game, but different

Downloads: 1546
Size: 4.12MB
Dice 3D
Dice 3D 1.0

a 3D dice roller application

Downloads: 1556
Size: 1.85MB
BVS Solitaire Collection for Mac
BVS Solitaire Collection for Mac 3.1

A collection of 535 solitaire games for Mac.

Downloads: 1790
Size: 13.41MB
Solitaire Well
Solitaire Well

Solitaire card games

Downloads: 1772
Size: 1.87MB
La Belle Lucie Solitaire
La Belle Lucie Solitaire 1.0.0

A beautiful but difficult solitaire card game

Downloads: 1823
Size: 0.25MB
Lady Jane Solitaire
Lady Jane Solitaire 1.0.0

Lady Jane is a skill based solitaire card gam

Downloads: 1783
Size: 0.25MB
Tams11 Aces Up
Tams11 Aces Up

A Simple, Fast, and Fun Card Game!

Downloads: 1549
Size: 0.84MB
Simply Euchre
Simply Euchre

Euchre one of the most popular card games.

Downloads: 1769
Size: 0.74MB
Switchback Solitaire
Switchback Solitaire 1.0.0

This solitaire card game requires detailed or

Downloads: 1769
Size: 0.25MB
Eight Off Solitaire
Eight Off Solitaire 1.1.0

Keep eight cards in the reserve and play soli

Downloads: 1584
Size: 0.25MB
Thieves of Egypt Solitaire
Thieves of Egypt Solitaire 1.2.0

Play this solitaire game with cards arranged

Downloads: 1612
Size: 0.25MB
Terrace Solitaire
Terrace Solitaire 1.2.1

Play this popular and difficult version of so

Downloads: 1800
Size: 0.25MB
Beleaguered Castle Solitaire
Beleaguered Castle Solitaire 1.2.0

Conquer the castle in this solitaire card gam

Downloads: 1809
Size: 0.25MB
Forty Thieves Solitaire
Forty Thieves Solitaire 1.1.0

Clear the 40 thieves in this solitaire card g

Downloads: 1831
Size: 0.25MB
Solitaire-7 5.12

Collection of 250 solitaire card games.

Downloads: 1805
Size: 16.34MB
Tower Solitaire
Tower Solitaire 1.0

A fun, intuitive solitaire game.

Downloads: 1581
Size: 6.92MB
Tri Peaks Solitaire
Tri Peaks Solitaire 1.2.0

Move cards that are one points higher or lowe

Downloads: 1784
Size: 0.25MB
Buck Euchre
Buck Euchre

Buck Euchre, also known as Cut-throat Euchre

Downloads: 1814
Size: 0.51MB
TCOne Mau Mau
TCOne Mau Mau 2.4

Click here to download the card game Mau Mau

Downloads: 1773
Size: 1.13MB
Demon Solitaire
Demon Solitaire 1.1.0

Demon Solitaire, also called Canfield Solitai

Downloads: 1528
Size: 0.25MB
Best in Show Solitaire
Best in Show Solitaire 1.00

Addictive Casual Solitaire Card Game Action

Downloads: 1771
Size: 76.27MB
Contract Rummy
Contract Rummy 1.1.0

That old favourite, Contract Rummy.

Downloads: 1787
Size: 4.12MB
Solo Whist
Solo Whist 2.0.6

Solo Whist that old favourite card game

Downloads: 1814
Size: 1.63MB
Canasta 2.1.0

A fascinating rummy like card game. Now with

Downloads: 1825
Size: 1.56MB
Bakers Game Free Cell
Bakers Game Free Cell 6

Baker's Game is hard Free Cell Solitaire.

Downloads: 1783
Size: 2.47MB
Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt
Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt 1.0

Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt is card game.

Downloads: 1576
Size: 1.6MB