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magayo Lotto

Powerful yet easy-to-use Lotto software

TotoCalculator 2 for FreeBSD

Win on the soccer betting games Toto.


Simple software designed for lotto players


magayo Lotto
magayo Lotto

Powerful yet easy-to-use Lotto software

Downloads: 1848
Size: 13.09MB
Lottery Looper
Lottery Looper 1.0

Lottery Software Lottery Looper

Downloads: 1770
Size: 2.07MB
Lotto Selector UK
Lotto Selector UK 1.0.1

UK lotto and Euromillions number generator

Downloads: 1806
Size: 1.88MB
Lottery Money Maker
Lottery Money Maker

Pick Lottery numbers, Megaball numbers

Downloads: 1872
Size: 0.16MB
Lotto Nonsense?
Lotto Nonsense? 1

A freeware National Lottery simulator.

Downloads: 1847
Size: 1.58MB
Club Raffle
Club Raffle 3.0

Raffle, Members Draw Reverse Raffle

Downloads: 1818
Size: 79.11MB
Tahminci 1.0.1

Sayisal Loto,Super Loto,Sans Topu,On Numara

Downloads: 1789
Size: 13KB

The BIG Lotteries Number Picker

Downloads: 1832
Size: 0.53MB
PowerBall Checker Pro
PowerBall Checker Pro 4.0

PowerBall Checker Pro

Downloads: 1843
Size: 5.62MB
MegaMillions Checker Standard
MegaMillions Checker Standard 4.0

Mega Millions Lotto Software

Downloads: 1841
Size: 6.08MB
The Staking Machine
The Staking Machine 5.0

Professional Staking Plan Betting Software

Downloads: 1787
Size: 7.66MB
Winning Roulette Analyze Auto Play Tool
Downloads: 1794
Size: 0.97MB
Lotto007 For Power Wheels
Lotto007 For Power Wheels

lotto wheels software

Downloads: 1824
Size: 3.84MB
Magic 7
Magic 7 1.0

An One Armed Bandit game.

Downloads: 1818
Size: 12.92MB
IBA Bingo Flashboard
IBA Bingo Flashboard 1.23.5

Bingo Flashboard with automatic caller

Downloads: 1817
Size: 6.61MB

Simple software designed for lotto players

Downloads: 1789
Size: 1.29MB
JTlottery 4.2

100,000 systems with a Top10 winners list.

Downloads: 1828
Size: 1.86MB
Neotrek 649 Picker
Neotrek 649 Picker 1.6

Easy to use 649 Picker lottery software.

Downloads: 1840
Size: 3.64MB
ezDraw Random Number Generator
ezDraw Random Number Generator 2.1

ezDraw Random Number Generator

Downloads: 1816
Size: 16MB
Leak Buster
Leak Buster 2.5.5j5

Stop the leaks and start winning more money

Downloads: 1811
Size: 80MB
LOTTOmania 1.3.12

#1 Forecast and lottery prediction software

Downloads: 1871
Size: 10.3MB
Breaktru Lottoree
Breaktru Lottoree 9.8.0

Adjustable lottery game for any state.

Downloads: 1811
Size: 4.9MB
Keno Online
Keno Online 1.5

Online keno game is a popular casino game.

Downloads: 1829
Size: 1.73MB
TotoCalculator 2 for FreeBSD
TotoCalculator 2 for FreeBSD 2.16.4

Win on the soccer betting games Toto.

Downloads: 1830
Size: 5.4MB
Bingo Liner UK
Bingo Liner UK 3.5

Bingo Liner UK is a new step in online gaming

Downloads: 1822
Size: 3.19MB
Magic Roulette Intuition
Magic Roulette Intuition 1.3

Train your intuition to win at Roulette Wheel

Downloads: 1796
Size: 0.62MB
Visual Lottery Analyser
Visual Lottery Analyser 4.0

All-In-One Lottery Analysis System

Downloads: 1806
Size: 51.12MB
Roulettor 1.0

Software for roulette players.

Downloads: 1793
Size: 3.01MB
Program Five 6_49
Program Five 6_49 2.00.1

Professional Lottery Software

Downloads: 1789
Size: 1.81MB
Lotto Buster 2010
Lotto Buster 2010 4.3.9

Lottery software for Windows

Downloads: 1909
Size: 10.04MB
Card Control
Card Control 1.0

application for counting cards while playing

Downloads: 1818
Size: 0.61MB
MB Yes No Oracle
MB Yes No Oracle 1.15

This is a Yes No Oracle divination tool.

Downloads: 1782
Size: 1.09MB
MB Astro Dice
MB Astro Dice 1.0

An Astro Dice Divination Software.

Downloads: 1827
Size: 1.15MB
MB Dice Of Fortune
MB Dice Of Fortune 1.0

This is a Dice of Fortune Program

Downloads: 1830
Size: 0.6MB
MB Geomancy
MB Geomancy 1.0

An European Divination Method of Geomancy.

Downloads: 1797
Size: 1.11MB