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Recommended Games For Kids downloads

Sticker Book 4: Fairy Tales

Play with electronic fairy tale stickers!

Sticker Book 3: Animal Town

Play with electronic animal stickers!

Sticker Book 2: Fantasy World

Create medieval scenes with electron stickers


Go Coloring
Go Coloring 2.3.1

Go coloring is free coloring pages software.

Downloads: 1544
Size: 0.39MB
Crazy Coloring Book
Crazy Coloring Book 2.0

Coloring books for your kids

Downloads: 1760
Size: 51.73MB
Astronaut Catcher
Astronaut Catcher 1.0

Play the coolest astronaut game on this side

Downloads: 1551
Size: 18.9MB
Join the Dots
Join the Dots 1.0.0

Join the dots to form a picture

Downloads: 1527
Size: 0.25MB
Colouring Game
Colouring Game 1.2.0

Fill in the colours of the picture

Downloads: 1538
Size: 0.25MB
Colour Mixing
Colour Mixing 1.0.1

Mix colours to form the colour needed

Downloads: 1754
Size: 0.25MB
World Flags Quiz
World Flags Quiz 1.2.0

Match the national flags with countries

Downloads: 1760
Size: 0.25MB
Word Search II
Word Search II 1.1.0

Find the list of words.

Downloads: 1797
Size: 0.25MB
Bus Driver's Math
Bus Driver's Math 1.1.0

Can you be a bus driver that calculates corre

Downloads: 1517
Size: 0.25MB
Word Scramble II
Word Scramble II 1.3.0

Form words with a given set of letters.

Downloads: 1539
Size: 0.25MB
Mario Ride
Mario Ride 1

Mario Ride Game

Downloads: 1530
Size: 3.42MB
Puzzler World Game
Puzzler World Game 2011

Puzzler World Game

Downloads: 1520
Size: 39.34MB
Phenom Alchemia Game
Downloads: 1565
Size: 27.3MB
Murfy Maths Game
Murfy Maths Game 2011

Murfy Maths Game

Downloads: 1572
Size: 59.01MB
Math Coloring Book: Grade 1
Math Coloring Book: Grade 1 1.00.90

Solve 1st grade math problems while coloring.

Downloads: 1800
Size: 1.94MB
Quick Calculate
Quick Calculate 1.2.0

Calculate quickly!

Downloads: 1760
Size: 0.25MB
Animal Right Right Touch
Animal Right Right Touch 3.0.3

It's a casual game.

Downloads: 1764
Size: 0.75MB
Color by Numbers - Vehicles
Color by Numbers - Vehicles 1.0.1

Color by numbers coloring book download.

Downloads: 1773
Size: 26.93MB
Color by Numbers - Princesses
Color by Numbers - Princesses 1.1.0

Color by numbers coloring book download.

Downloads: 1810
Size: 27.61MB
Bubble Crusher
Bubble Crusher 1.0

★ Bubble Crusher is the most thrilling bubble

Downloads: 1543
Size: 5MB
Math Coloring Book: Kindergarten
Math Coloring Book: Kindergarten 1.00.90

Kindergarten math problems while coloring.

Downloads: 1781
Size: 1.89MB
Coloring Book 13: Kids Stuff
Coloring Book 13: Kids Stuff 1.00.90

50 pages of fun stuff for kids to color!

Downloads: 61
Size: 1.86MB
Sticker Book 5: Pirates
Sticker Book 5: Pirates 1.00.90

Play with electronic pirate stickers!

Downloads: 1773
Size: 5.88MB
Kungfu Panda 2 Jigsaw
Kungfu Panda 2 Jigsaw 1

Kungfu Panda 2 - Jigsaw Game - 20 level

Downloads: 1532
Size: 4.18MB
Hungry Animals - Fun Feeding Game
Hungry Animals - Fun Feeding Game 1.3

Hungry Animals - Fun Feeding Game

Downloads: 1551
Size: 7.79MB
Balloon Blaster - Addictive Popping Game
Balloon Blaster - Addictive Popping Game 1.0

Balloon Blaster - Addictive Popping Game

Downloads: 1784
Size: 2.29MB
Spongy Bugs - The Cute Bouncy Bugs
Spongy Bugs - The Cute Bouncy Bugs 1.0

Spongy Bugs - The Cute Bouncy Bugs

Downloads: 1771
Size: 3.59MB
Balloon Popping Frenzy
Balloon Popping Frenzy 1.0

Pop balloons in a fun action game.

Downloads: 22
Size: 7.86MB
Cyclops BallZ
Cyclops BallZ 1.4

Cyclops BallZ - webcam motion game for KIDS!

Downloads: 1781
Size: 76.74MB
Webcam Cyclops Play
Webcam Cyclops Play 1.1.110317

WebCam Cyclops Play - games for kids!

Downloads: 1802
Size: 26.13MB
Alpha Catcher – Spelling Edition
Alpha Catcher – Spelling Edition 1.0

Alpha Catcher – Spelling Edition

Downloads: 1789
Size: 2.79MB
Mars Needs Moms Coloring
Mars Needs Moms Coloring 1.0

Illuminate Mars and mommies inhabiting Mars!

Downloads: 1765
Size: 7.01MB
Palatable Fish Pizza
Palatable Fish Pizza 1.0

Freeware cooking game for girls

Downloads: 1548
Size: 3.7MB
Lounge Cocktail Barman
Lounge Cocktail Barman 1.0

Freeware cooking and memory game for kids

Downloads: 1542
Size: 3.75MB
Spiderman Experiment
Spiderman Experiment 1

Play Spiderman grappling game.

Downloads: 2006
Size: 2.89MB