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Recommended Puzzle & Logic/Word Games downloads


Turn frowns to smileys in this puzzle game.

Exotic Minesweeper

Play minesweeper on boards with unusual tiles

BrainsBreaker Jigsaw Puzzles

Fun and relaxing computer jigsaw puzzle game


Christmas Wreath Mahjong Solitaire
Christmas Wreath Mahjong Solitaire 1.0

Christmas Wreath Mahjong Solitaire

Downloads: 12
Size: 2.45MB
Jigsaw Deluxe
Jigsaw Deluxe 1.0

Jigsaw Deluxe is a new game by EleFun Games

Downloads: 136
Size: 19.09MB
Zaxxoids Trial

Combines puzzles with fast-paced action.

Downloads: 160
Size: 2.79MB
PyramidCollapse 1.2.1

Explore the pyramid to find hidden treasures

Downloads: 1606
Size: 31.65MB
SudokuDragon 38

Prints, plays and helps solve Sudoku puzzles

Downloads: 1575
Size: 1.58MB
Shapzzle For Windows Phone 8
Shapzzle For Windows Phone 8

Shapzzle is an extremely fun puzzle game

Downloads: 1596
Size: 8MB
OgPuzzlePic 1.1

Classic sliding puzzle pieces.

Downloads: 1617
Size: 1.78MB
Net Tris
Net Tris 1.4

Who has not ever played tetris?

Downloads: 1610
Size: 0.96MB
Buscaminas 1.3

Become again a seeker mines with this game.

Downloads: 1594
Size: 2.25MB
Parks 1.0.3

Do you like sudoku, chess or other games th..

Downloads: 1622
Size: 0KB
Brain Kaizen
Brain Kaizen 1.1

A collection of high-quality brain games.

Downloads: 1616
Size: 91.79MB
Word Guess Game
Word Guess Game 1.2

WordGuess Game is easy and fun with 12,000 words

Downloads: 1857
Size: 1.12MB
Chocolate Season HD (Pro)
Chocolate Season HD (Pro) 2.1.0

Digi pool games for Chocolate lover

Downloads: 1620
Size: 7.19MB
Aros Magic Twist
Aros Magic Twist 1.0

Quickly unscramble letters to form words

Downloads: 1581
Size: 0.19MB
The Click
The Click 1.0

Addictive and relaxing puzzle game!

Downloads: 1617
Size: 11.1MB
LastEnd Maze: Unsafe Mine
LastEnd Maze: Unsafe Mine 1.2.8

Get past a level before the timer runs out.

Downloads: 1642
Size: 3.85MB
OpenKlest 1.0.0

The guessing of crossword puzzles.

Downloads: 1613
Size: 3MB
The Wall
The Wall 2.5.0

The Wall is a new, fast paced puzzle game.

Downloads: 1613
Size: 19.45MB
Adore Picture Difference: Long Distance Love Lite
Adore Picture Difference: Long Distance Love Lite 1.0

Long Distance Love is a casual game for PC.

Downloads: 1610
Size: 33.92MB
SurroundMemory 1.2

“Surround Memory – Sounds of the nature”

Downloads: 1581
Size: 3.92MB
Fractal Cat
Fractal Cat 1

Resolve a fun and challenging puzzle game!

Downloads: 1594
Size: 0.39MB
Be Jeweled Cross
Be Jeweled Cross 1.3

Be Jeweled + is a free iPad puzzle game.

Downloads: 2683
Size: 11.78MB
Real Sudoku3D Win64
Real Sudoku3D Win64

Real Sudoku3D - Leap into the Third Dimension

Downloads: 1610
Size: 6.93MB
Real Sudoku3D Mac
Real Sudoku3D Mac

Real Sudoku3D - Leap into the Third Dimension

Downloads: 1611
Size: 10.18MB
Polyomino-7 1.4

Polyomino-7 is a puzzle game for any age

Downloads: 1606
Size: 1.56MB
Tangram-7 1.3

Tangram-7 is an old Chinese game of shapes.

Downloads: 1613
Size: 7.79MB
Cube Soma-7
Cube Soma-7 1.11

The objective is to form a specific 3D shape.

Downloads: 1601
Size: 2.16MB
Lines-7 1.0

Make on field color lines by move tiles.

Downloads: 1608
Size: 0.69MB
Mahjong Solitaire-7
Mahjong Solitaire-7 1.3

Mahjong solitaire game.

Downloads: 1535
Size: 2.66MB
Colonization Hex
Colonization Hex 1.0.0

How fast can you conquer the area?

Downloads: 1541
Size: 0.25MB
Hot Java
Hot Java 1.0.0

Deliver a cup of hot java to your customer be

Downloads: 1895
Size: 0.25MB
Word Out
Word Out 1.0.0

Create words from falling letters

Downloads: 1763
Size: 0.25MB
Colonization 1.0.0

How fast can you conquer the area?

Downloads: 1518
Size: 0.25MB
Tams11 Confondu
Tams11 Confondu

Select the right letter placement!

Downloads: 1517
Size: 1.25MB
Hex Sudoku Generator
Hex Sudoku Generator 3.4

Hex Sudoku generator,3 levels of difficulties

Downloads: 1549
Size: 0.24MB