Recommended Geography downloads

Lucy's Globe

Puzzles World USA Canada Germany Australia


Continuously displays the world population.


SHAKYGROUND, earthquakes effects estimation.


ShakyGround 2.1

SHAKYGROUND, earthquakes effects estimation.

Downloads: 1742
Size: 10.84MB
MB Chinese Lunar Mansions Xiu
MB Chinese Lunar Mansions Xiu 1.0

A Chinese Lunar Mansions Xiu Program.

Downloads: 1904
Size: 1.22MB
Seterra 4.01

Learn world geography.

Downloads: 1847
Size: 3.83MB
United States Geography Tutor
United States Geography Tutor 1.1.0

Learn U.S. geography! Study + self-test.

Downloads: 1870
Size: 0.48MB
Schmap World
Schmap World 2.0

Travel Guides for 200 Worldwide Cities

Downloads: 1886
Size: 388MB
Schmap Spain
Schmap Spain 2.0

Travel Guides for 15 Spanish Cities

Downloads: 1837
Size: 33.28MB
Country Locator
Country Locator 1.01

Country Locator teaches the countries

Downloads: 1849
Size: 5.09MB
GeoWatch 1.00

Automatic Geo/GPS location track utility.

Downloads: 1914
Size: 1.69MB
Animated States and Capitals
Animated States and Capitals 1.0

Learn the U.S. states and capitals.

Downloads: 1904
Size: 9.28MB
Driving Directions
Driving Directions 1.0

EZ Driving Direction Maps

Downloads: 1856
Size: 0.2MB
Schmap Italy
Schmap Italy 2.0

Travel Guides for Italian Cities

Downloads: 1909
Size: 39.13MB
Schmap North America
Schmap North America 2.0

Travel Guides for 94 Cities in North America

Downloads: 1889
Size: 261.44MB
Schmap European Capitals
Schmap European Capitals 2.0

Travel Guides for 15 European Capitals

Downloads: 1825
Size: 70.04MB
CompeGPS AIR 6.1

Flight analysis Software

Downloads: 1827
Size: 14.64MB
Geography Trainer US States
Geography Trainer US States 1.1

Learn the US States and capitals with ease!

Downloads: 1729
Size: 1.46MB
MB Medieval Firdaria Astrology
MB Medieval Firdaria Astrology 1.0

A Medieval Persian Firdaria Astrology Program

Downloads: 1924
Size: 1.55MB
MB Greek Astrology
MB Greek Astrology 1.0

A Greek Astrology Software.

Downloads: 1864
Size: 1.7MB
MB Nakshatra Lost Object Oracle
MB Nakshatra Lost Object Oracle 1.05

This is a Vedic Nakshatra Lost Object Oracle.

Downloads: 1906
Size: 1.62MB
Schmap Germany
Schmap Germany 2.0

Travel Guides for German Cities

Downloads: 1911
Size: 35.75MB
Schmap Europe
Schmap Europe 2.0

Travel Guides for 95 European Cities

Downloads: 1864
Size: 260MB
Schmap California
Schmap California 2.0

Travel Guides for 10 California Cities

Downloads: 1878
Size: 39.03MB
OregonHotSprings.Immunenet.Com 1.0

Details on the 30+ hot springs in Oregon.

Downloads: 1863
Size: 9.31MB
CompeGPS Pocket Air
CompeGPS Pocket Air 2.3

Map viewer Software

Downloads: 1837
Size: 5.27MB
World Geography Tutor
World Geography Tutor 1.9

Learn the world with this study/quiz program.

Downloads: 1846
Size: 2.33MB
Schmap France
Schmap France 2.0

Travel Guides for 9 French Cities

Downloads: 1843
Size: 27.01MB
CompeGPS Pocket Land
CompeGPS Pocket Land 2.3

Map viewer Software

Downloads: 1807
Size: 3.9MB
European Geography Tutor
European Geography Tutor 1.7.0

Learn European geography! Study + self-test.

Downloads: 1810
Size: 0.49MB
LTG Paris
LTG Paris 1.1

Cityguide about Paris for Windows Mobile PDA

Downloads: 1854
Size: 1.69MB
Population 1.2

Continuously displays the world population.

Downloads: 1763
Size: 0.99MB
Countries and Capitals
Countries and Capitals 1.2

A colorful electronic atlas for your kids!

Downloads: 1879
Size: 22.36MB
MB Regional Asian Astrology
MB Regional Asian Astrology 1.15

This is a Regional Asian Astrology program.

Downloads: 1878
Size: 1.96MB
MapWM 0.9.5

MapWM stores your position to file/web

Downloads: 1879
Size: 0.33MB

converts a GPS log file (NMEA) to a KML file

Downloads: 1854
Size: 0.43MB
AW Geographical Atlas
AW Geographical Atlas 3.0

Atlas with detailed informatoin, maps, flags.

Downloads: 1834
Size: 4.41MB
Lucy's Globe
Lucy's Globe 8

Puzzles World USA Canada Germany Australia

Downloads: 1705
Size: 1.52MB