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Softphone for VoIP


SmartFTP - FTP Client.

Cat: FTP

Make your internet speed 200 percent faster.


RS Lead Extractor
RS Lead Extractor 1.11

RS Lead Extractor is powerful lead Extractor.

Downloads: 23
Size: 3.51MB
MailThem Pro
MailThem Pro 9

MailThem Pro is designed for mass mailings

Downloads: 1776
Size: 6.64MB
Gmail Download Multiple Emails To Text Files Software
Gmail Download Multiple Emails To Text Files Software 7.0

Download many Gmail emails to the hard drive.

Downloads: 1737
Size: 0.74MB

upload, migrate and dedupe photos & videos.

Downloads: 174
Size: 25.16MB
CodeTwo Task Workflow
CodeTwo Task Workflow 1.3.7

Free Outlook task manager.

Downloads: 1457
Size: 9.79MB
SlimBoat Web Browser for Windows
SlimBoat Web Browser for Windows 1.1.52

Fast, secure and powerful web browser

Downloads: 1517
Size: 11.14MB

MediaZup is a unique bitTorrent clietn

Downloads: 1513
Size: 1.86MB
Mail Notifier
Mail Notifier Beta

An awesome email notifier for Windows.

Downloads: 1523
Size: 1.35MB
Avant Browser Ultimate
Avant Browser Ultimate 2019 build 002

A fast,stable tri-core browser.

Downloads: 1530
Size: 107.35MB
FunChat 3.5 for Yahoo Messenger
FunChat 3.5 for Yahoo Messenger 3.5

FunChat 3 for Yahoo Messenger send heart and fun effects.

Downloads: 1542
Size: 3.64MB
Speedtest4free 1.0

Measure your Internet connection speed + ping

Downloads: 17
Size: 6.77MB
Chat Translator for Yahoo Messenger
Chat Translator for Yahoo Messenger

Instantly translate Yahoo Messenger text

Downloads: 1555
Size: 3.03MB
WE Free Webcam Effects
WE Free Webcam Effects 2.4

Enhance video chats with Free Webcam Effects.

Downloads: 1770
Size: 41.68MB
Chat Translator for TradeManager
Chat Translator for TradeManager

Instant text translator for TradeManager

Downloads: 1533
Size: 2.83MB
SplitCam Webcam Software
SplitCam Webcam Software

Get more with a webcam with webcam software.

Downloads: 1806
Size: 49.42MB
ManyCam 6.0.1

ManyCam is a free webcam software.

Downloads: 1816
Size: 97.07MB
WebVideo Experts
WebVideo Experts 3.2.161

Software to make psychics/consulting website

Downloads: 1776
Size: 14.49MB
FrazzleMail 1.0.11

FrazzleMail, safe and fun email for kids!

Downloads: 1505
Size: 12.37MB
Chat Translator for MSN
Chat Translator for MSN

Instant text chat translator for MSN

Downloads: 1514
Size: 1.55MB
BigAnt Office Messenger sp1
BigAnt Office Messenger sp1 2.92 sp1

BigAnt Office Messenger for business.

Downloads: 1499
Size: 19.07MB
Email Screenshot Automatically Software
Email Screenshot Automatically Software 7.0

Take screenshots and send them quickly.

Downloads: 1528
Size: 2.56MB
Url Opener Wizard
Url Opener Wizard 2.86

Handy software for opening daily websites.

Downloads: 1483
Size: 1.78MB
AltarSoft Downloader
AltarSoft Downloader 1.51

Program for downloading files and websites fr

Downloads: 1795
Size: 0.78MB
LAN Talk messenger
LAN Talk messenger 3.6.5652

LanTalk LAN messenger is better than WinPopUp

Downloads: 1766
Size: 0.92MB
10Multicast Audio Video
10Multicast Audio Video Ver.1.0

10 simultaneous sessions of video,audio, text

Downloads: 1786
Size: 1.58MB
Email Generator Professional
Email Generator Professional 1.1

Email Generator automatic get bulk email list

Downloads: 1559
Size: 1.62MB
NTP Tool
NTP Tool 1.0.3

This tool is used to query an NTP server.

Downloads: 46
Size: 0.16MB
SliQ Article Submitter
SliQ Article Submitter 1.9.2

SliQ Article Submitter

Downloads: 18
Size: 10.65MB

View someone's screen for free.

Downloads: 17
Size: 2.81MB
Myrasoft Easy Mail
Myrasoft Easy Mail 6.85.2

Easily send newsletters and email campaigns

Downloads: 1529
Size: 25.4MB
MxTunnel 1.4

Online privacy protection

Downloads: 33
Size: 0.63MB
Kite Outlook Converter
Kite Outlook Converter 1.0

Outlook emails to PDF, HTML, DOC, TXT, TIFF.

Downloads: 1521
Size: 27.43MB
Facebook Chat DeskTop
Facebook Chat DeskTop 1.0

Facebook Chat @Desktop in a free IM

Downloads: 1992
Size: 0.71MB
Facebook Smileys
Facebook Smileys 2.1

Facebook Smileys adds emoticons, smilies

Downloads: 1560
Size: 2.08MB
Duplicate Outlook Items Report
Duplicate Outlook Items Report 4.13

Free report on duplicate Outlook items.

Downloads: 1525
Size: 0.33MB