Recommended Dial-up & Connectivity downloads


Make your internet speed 200 percent faster.

Connection Keeper

Prevents your connection from appearing idle.


Delphi components for secure TCP connections


SecureBridge Standard
SecureBridge Standard 6.0

Delphi components for secure TCP connections.

Downloads: 1759
Size: 6.46MB
abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER 2015.5

Found free public hotspots and Wi-Fi networks

Downloads: 1802
Size: 15.68MB
BlueSPP 2.2

BlueSPP is a Bluetooth SPP communication tool

Downloads: 1776
Size: 83KB
Sony Ericsson Messenger
Sony Ericsson Messenger 9

Manage your mobile phone through a PC.

Downloads: 1995
Size: 1.15MB
Public Port Forwarding
Public Port Forwarding 2.0

The Public Port Forwarding software is an o..

Downloads: 1786
Size: 1.48MB
Phone Caller ID for PC
Phone Caller ID for PC 3.034

Know who's calling before answering the phone

Downloads: 1757
Size: 13.13MB
Softick PPP
Softick PPP 3.03

Softick PPP connects Palm to Internet and LAN

Downloads: 1785
Size: 2.34MB
RoboSkype AutoDial
RoboSkype AutoDial 1.0

AutoDial any phonenumber via Skype

Downloads: 1761
Size: 0.41MB
On Line Timer
On Line Timer 1.20

On Line Timer - in real time !

Downloads: 1761
Size: 0.71MB
DNS- Rekonfigurator
DNS- Rekonfigurator

Change the DNS- Settings of a computer

Downloads: 1796
Size: 0.54MB
IP Changer King
IP Changer King 2011.03.03

IP changer, switch multiple network profiles.

Downloads: 1796
Size: 1.02MB
Autodialer 1.0.6

Making automated voice calls with Autodialer

Downloads: 1778
Size: 2.28MB
MING Network Monitor Home
MING Network Monitor Home 4.0

monitor everything your kids do online

Downloads: 1915
Size: 3.77MB
MING Bandwidth Monitor
MING Bandwidth Monitor 3.0

Monitor your Internet, LAN network traffic

Downloads: 1884
Size: 3.41MB
Connection Keeper
Connection Keeper 17.0

Prevents your connection from appearing idle.

Downloads: 1895
Size: 9.3MB
HSLAB Modem Monitor
HSLAB Modem Monitor

Program for monitoring a remote modem.

Downloads: 1959
Size: 2.14MB
PhoneTray Dialup
PhoneTray Dialup 2.39

Internet Call Waiting - no monthly fees!

Downloads: 1848
Size: 1.65MB
GPRS Script Generator
GPRS Script Generator 1.9.7

Generate modem scripts for GPRS mobile phones

Downloads: 1931
Size: 3.22MB
DSL Speed
DSL Speed 8.0

online optimize DSL connection speed to MAX

Downloads: 1931
Size: 2.93MB
Port Forwarding Wizard
Port Forwarding Wizard 4.6

Using Port Forwarding Wizard,it will let yo..

Downloads: 1864
Size: 1.48MB
ID AntiDialer
ID AntiDialer 1.2

ID AntiDialer prevents unauthorized dialing.

Downloads: 1912
Size: 0.67MB
Virtual Modem
Virtual Modem 2.2.2

A direct modem connection via the Internet

Downloads: 1968
Size: 4.52MB
SP Dialer
SP Dialer 1.40

Dialer, time synchronizer and proxy server.

Downloads: 2000
Size: 0.2MB
PhoneBook 2.3

PhoneBook - It is the electronic address book

Downloads: 1913
Size: 0.93MB
Astice TAPI Monitor
Astice TAPI Monitor 1.3.0

Tapi-Monitor, Phone-Monitor

Downloads: 1904
Size: 2.5MB
Active Phone Server
Active Phone Server

Speaking answering machine

Downloads: 1935
Size: 0.72MB
SecureBridge 7.2

Delphi components for secure TCP connections

Downloads: 1958
Size: 8.85MB
WhoCalls Caller ID detection
WhoCalls Caller ID detection 2.1.2

CallerID detection and display

Downloads: 1898
Size: 2.61MB
TICK 1.17

Dial up enhancer log dial up networking calls

Downloads: 1954
Size: 0.73MB

Make your internet speed 200 percent faster.

Downloads: 2168
Size: 4.01MB
StayOn 1.0

Easy to use freeware keep alive tool.

Downloads: 1967
Size: 0.26MB
Stay Live 2000
Stay Live 2000 3.2

Keep your Internet dial-up connection alive.

Downloads: 1930
Size: 0.16MB
RascalPro 3.15

RascalPro: Internet connection keeper.

Downloads: 1895
Size: 3.11MB
Radius Manager
Radius Manager 4.1.0

Mikrotik, Cisco, ChilliSpot, DOCSIS billing

Downloads: 1980
Size: 0.47MB
Quick Info
Quick Info 1.8

Free dialing codes, area code lookup

Downloads: 1868
Size: 0.46MB