Recommended Fax & Pager Tools downloads

Joyfax Broadcast

Easy to Use Fax broadcasting software.

Joyfax Server

Fax Server software sends and receives fax.

Fax Server Pro

Windows Fax Server with Client software


Fax Gateway
Fax Gateway 1.00

Internet Fax Gateway

Downloads: 1779
Size: 2.17MB
Fax Now Online
Fax Now Online 1.0

Send faxes from any server

Downloads: 1896
Size: 0.19MB
PHP eFax
PHP eFax 1.6

Class to quickly fax documents with eFax.

Downloads: 1925
Size: 0.22MB
eFax Email Fax Plus
eFax Email Fax Plus 2012.50

Send and receive faxes by email with eFax

Downloads: 1992
Size: 1.62MB
Hylafx.DLL 1.3

Win32 DLL, realizes HylaFAX API.

Downloads: 1922
Size: 6KB
NotePager 32
NotePager 32 3

SMS and Paging Software

Downloads: 1909
Size: 1.96MB
iKode Live chat
iKode Live chat 1.1

Free Livec chat software

Downloads: 1732
Size: 1KB

SMTP Email command line. Attachments/HTML/Txt

Downloads: 1936
Size: 1.9MB
PhoneWorks Pro
PhoneWorks Pro 2004

Voice mail and fax software with OCR

Downloads: 1901
Size: 43.94MB
EssentialFax 1.79.03

Sends, receives faxes on Vista, XP, Windows 7

Downloads: 1962
Size: 12.18MB
Fax4Office 3.00.1202

Create, send, receive and manage faxes

Downloads: 1902
Size: 15.19MB
SMS Wizard LITE 2.8

Ultimate software solution for sending SMS

Downloads: 1919
Size: 5.54MB
Fax Machine
Fax Machine 6.06

Turns scanner and modem into fax machine

Downloads: 1926
Size: 7.08MB
RelayFax Network Fax Manager
RelayFax Network Fax Manager 7.0.0

Powerful email-to-fax and fax-to-email server

Downloads: 1912
Size: 15.96MB
Mobile Number Spider
Mobile Number Spider 3.45

mobile number search and extract software.

Downloads: 1941
Size: 32.13MB
TWSMSMail 1.94

Send e-mail to SMS/Handy

Downloads: 1903
Size: 0.5MB
OLfax 1.8

AVM FRITZ! plus OLfax. MS Outlook Fax Addon

Downloads: 1917
Size: 1.16MB
NotePager Net
NotePager Net 3.7

Full feature network paging software

Downloads: 1941
Size: 3.6MB
Snappy Fax Version 5
Snappy Fax Version 5 5.0

Desktop fax software

Downloads: 1880
Size: 28.6MB
Auto Fax and E-mail Management
Auto Fax and E-mail Management 5.0

Application to manage fax transferring server

Downloads: 1779
Size: 60.93MB
FaxTalk Multiline Server
FaxTalk Multiline Server 8.0

Easy to use network fax server software.

Downloads: 1709
Size: 14.92MB
Auto Fax Management
Auto Fax Management 4.0

Application to manage fax transferring server

Downloads: 1778
Size: 119.35MB
Fax Server Plus
Fax Server Plus 5.5.0702

Virtual PBX windows fax server software

Downloads: 1771
Size: 14.74MB
SMS and Pager Toolkit
SMS and Pager Toolkit 4.1

SMS Component for Windows, send and receive

Downloads: 1926
Size: 4.77MB
NotePager Pro
NotePager Pro 5.1

SMS Messaging and Text Messaging Software

Downloads: 1865
Size: 0KB
Air Messenger Lite
Air Messenger Lite 9.0.0

Alphanumeric Paging Software TAP/IXO and ETAP

Downloads: 1864
Size: 9.39MB
FaxMail Network for Windows
FaxMail Network for Windows 16.08.01

Send Receive Fax Single Computer or Network

Downloads: 1847
Size: 1.34MB
FaxMail for Windows
FaxMail for Windows 15.09.01

Send and Receive faxes

Downloads: 1835
Size: 1.02MB
Air Messenger Mobile
Air Messenger Mobile 8.0.0

Fully featured alphanumeric paging software

Downloads: 1867
Size: 12.41MB
FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro
FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 8.0

Easy-to-use send and receive fax software.

Downloads: 1747
Size: 13.4MB
1st Fax Extractor
1st Fax Extractor 8.48

1st Fax Extractor extracts fax/phone number

Downloads: 1540
Size: 1.58MB
Gate-and-Way Fax
Gate-and-Way Fax 2.2

Traditional faxes into PDF lan e-mails.

Downloads: 1890
Size: 0.9MB
Fax Voip T38 Fax & Voice
Fax Voip T38 Fax & Voice 8.1.1

T38 Fax/Voice modem for SIP/H.323/ISDN CAPI

Downloads: 1935
Size: 91.5MB
Fax Boom
Fax Boom 3.5.1

Fax Boom: faxing over Betamax SIP network.

Downloads: 1951
Size: 12.11MB
SpreadHub Desktop Alerter
SpreadHub Desktop Alerter 2.2

Send instant alerts to your users desktop

Downloads: 1903
Size: 0.74MB