Recommended Tools & Utilities downloads

USB over Network

Share USB devices over a LAN or the Internet

Wake On LAN Ex

Wakeup & shutdown computers across a network.


WhoHasNT 2.0

WhoHasNT - Check and Clear Open Files

Downloads: 771
Size: 1.62MB
PassCrypt 2.1a

Securely store passwords for quick access.

Downloads: 183
Size: 1.06MB
Stare proxy checker
Stare proxy checker 1.34

Powerful tool for checking proxy lists

Downloads: 1598
Size: 7.53MB
Proxy scraper
Proxy scraper 1.0

Proxy scraper finds thousands of free proxies

Downloads: 1914
Size: 3.01MB
Feed Notifier
Feed Notifier 2.6

RSS/Atom System Tray Pop-up Notifications

Downloads: 168
Size: 6.97MB
Feed Editor RSS Creator
Feed Editor RSS Creator 6

Feed Editor is convenient RSS feeds editor.

Downloads: 175
Size: 5.94MB
Forum Poster V3
Forum Poster V3 3.30

Automatically post/reply messages to forums

Downloads: 213
Size: 1.89MB
Viewsat Files
Viewsat Files 1.0

Download the latest fiewsat files

Downloads: 151
Size: 1.56MB
Wake On LAN Ex
Wake On LAN Ex 3.16

Wakeup & shutdown computers across a network.

Downloads: 167
Size: 2.46MB
Alnera FeedBuster RSS Reader
Alnera FeedBuster RSS Reader 1.1.29

Alnera FeedBuster RSS Reader

Downloads: 142
Size: 1.43MB
RSSOwl - Powerful RSS / RDF / Atom News Feed Reader
RSSOwl - Powerful RSS / RDF / Atom News Feed Reader 2.2.1

RSSOwl is a free RSS / RDF / Atom Newsreader

Downloads: 243
Size: 3.9MB
Skypeman 2.1

Skypeman - set any ringtone for each contact.

Downloads: 1627
Size: 3.22MB
UScan Web Spider Software
UScan Web Spider Software

Fetches all the relevant web page info

Downloads: 1610
Size: 1.57MB
Machinery Classified Script
Machinery Classified Script 7.5.0

iLister Heavy Machinery PHP Classified Script

Downloads: 1635
Size: 42.96MB
Fayetracker 4.0

same functionality as the netstat command

Downloads: 1590
Size: 0.16MB
Acid Scanner Free
Acid Scanner Free 1.1

Scanner of shared resources and Terminal.

Downloads: 1704
Size: 0.2MB
StarTrinity SIP Tester
StarTrinity SIP Tester 3.1

SIP tester is a free VoIP load testing tool

Downloads: 1606
Size: 3.82MB

ZDuplex is a communication framework for .Net

Downloads: 1595
Size: 3MB
Web Sniper
Web Sniper 1.1

Web Sniper is an intelligent white hat

Downloads: 1573
Size: 4.63MB
Email Sourcer
Email Sourcer

Free email extractor: grab contact info

Downloads: 1625
Size: 52.91MB
OutWit Hub
OutWit Hub

Free Web scraper: extract data & media

Downloads: 1608
Size: 37.09MB
maryfi 1.1

turn your win7 laptop into a wifi hotspot

Downloads: 1632
Size: 2.06MB
StepHunter 1.0.24b

Advanced News Reader

Downloads: 1583
Size: 16.92MB
EnguiMapCLI 1.2.1b

EnguiMapCLI CLI IP Network diag tool.

Downloads: 1573
Size: 1.03MB
Krisan Cafe
Krisan Cafe

Intern Cafe Management Software.

Downloads: 1612
Size: 36.19MB
Serial Port Monitor
Serial Port Monitor 6.0

Monitor RS232/422/485 COM ports in network

Downloads: 1633
Size: 5.22MB
Call Center CRM
Call Center CRM 9.0.5

Powerful tool for managing customer info

Downloads: 1604
Size: 0.39MB
Skype History Cleaner
Skype History Cleaner 1.3

Flexible Skype chat history cleaner

Downloads: 1602
Size: 0.75MB
IPortView 1.03

See your public and local IP address

Downloads: 1569
Size: 0.34MB
Visichat 3.1.0

GChat Visichat

Downloads: 1654
Size: 2.34MB
DNS Changer Pro
DNS Changer Pro 1.0

DNS Changer Pro

Downloads: 1572
Size: 1.55MB
mhotspot 7.0

Share your internet over wifi

Downloads: 1633
Size: 0KB
Monitey 1.0


Downloads: 1576
Size: 0.32MB
Dynu Premium Dynamic DNS Client
Dynu Premium Dynamic DNS Client 4.3

Software for non static IPs

Downloads: 1596
Size: 0.68MB
Dynu Basic Dynamic DNS Client
Dynu Basic Dynamic DNS Client 3.42

Software for non static IPs

Downloads: 1588
Size: 0.87MB