Recommended Audio Recorders downloads

Modem Spy (French Edition)

Enregistre les appels téléphoniques en MP3

Modem Spy

Record telephone calls to PC


Cybercorder 2000
Cybercorder 2000 1.4 Rev 3

VCR-like Audio Recorder for your PC

Downloads: 1819
Size: 6.16MB
Super Sound Recorder
Super Sound Recorder 4.2.3

record any sound to WAV and MP3 format.

Downloads: 175
Size: 0.59MB
Audio Splitter Tool
Audio Splitter Tool

Download audio file splitter tool to cut song

Downloads: 401
Size: 0.66MB

Record & publish audio to flash, html and MP3

Downloads: 160
Size: 3.5MB
Freecorder Toolbar
Freecorder Toolbar 3.05

100% Free Sound Recorder

Downloads: 222
Size: 3.32MB
All2WAV Recorder
All2WAV Recorder 5.0

Record any sound from your sound card.

Downloads: 102
Size: 3.07MB
Conversation Recorder Software
Conversation Recorder Software 2005.05.27

Conversation recorder tool sort audio data

Downloads: 175
Size: 1.14MB
Total Recorder Editor 2011
Total Recorder Editor 2011 12.3.5

Audio Editor, Converter, Recorder

Downloads: 158
Size: 10.77MB
Macvide Audio Recorder
Macvide Audio Recorder 2.2.51

Audio Recorder for Mac

Downloads: 173
Size: 10.43MB
Pocket Voice Recorder
Pocket Voice Recorder 3.5

Freeware sound recorder for all occasions.

Downloads: 343
Size: 1.25MB
Mp3 Recorder
Mp3 Recorder 5.1631

Record audio source from sound card to mp3.

Downloads: 384
Size: 0.54MB
MP3 Mixer-Recorder
MP3 Mixer-Recorder 1.2

Mix two songs together, record it to mp3 file

Downloads: 1876
Size: 0.88MB
Free Audio Recorder
Free Audio Recorder 1.01

Record any sound you hear on your computer

Downloads: 102
Size: 0.56MB
Hotkey Sound Recorder
Hotkey Sound Recorder 4.0

Record sound by pressing hotkey

Downloads: 100
Size: 4.52MB
Freidea Monitoring Agent
Freidea Monitoring Agent 1.01

PC monitoring utility for administrator

Downloads: 1514
Size: 1.92MB
Stream Mixer-Recorder
Stream Mixer-Recorder 2.7

Stream Mixer-Recorder

Downloads: 1710
Size: 10.77MB
Red Apple MP3 Audio Recorder
Red Apple MP3 Audio Recorder 12.0

Red Apple MP3 audio- sound recorder

Downloads: 1467
Size: 0.74MB
Rustyspigot Voice Recording Software
Rustyspigot Voice Recording Software 1.0

Rustyspigot voice recording software

Downloads: 1529
Size: 1.73MB
LightMan Recorder
LightMan Recorder 2.8.0

LightMan Recorder is a complex audio tool

Downloads: 1700
Size: 1.34MB
MegaMind Recorder
MegaMind Recorder 3.1.0

MegaMind Recorder is a multipurpose audio app

Downloads: 1633
Size: 1.58MB
RADIO Logger Pro
RADIO Logger Pro

Automatic audio recording software

Downloads: 1640
Size: 3.52MB
Acoustica Standard Edition
Acoustica Standard Edition 5.0

Multipurpose audio editor with CD burner

Downloads: 375
Size: 8.9MB
EZ Mp3 Recorder
EZ Mp3 Recorder 1.70

Record sounds and save as MP3 or WAV format.

Downloads: 127
Size: 0.42MB
Audio and Video Recorder
Audio and Video Recorder 2.2

Record audio and video.

Downloads: 306
Size: 6.53MB
Power Music Editor
Power Music Editor

Open, create, and save audio files

Downloads: 157
Size: 9.82MB
Linren Sound Recorder
Linren Sound Recorder 3.50

Record any sound that your sound card plays.

Downloads: 157
Size: 4.2MB
g0 Shoutcast recorder
g0 Shoutcast recorder 1.0

Free and legal MP3 recording !

Downloads: 408
Size: 0KB
Color7 Music Editor
Color7 Music Editor 6.2.7

Open, create, and save audio files

Downloads: 113
Size: 3.93MB
Audio Notes Recorder
Audio Notes Recorder 6.5

Record voice notes with this posh recorder.

Downloads: 172
Size: 3.24MB
Acoustic Labs Audio Editor
Acoustic Labs Audio Editor 1.5

An easy-to-use audio file editor and recorder

Downloads: 157
Size: 8.04MB
123 Sound Recorder
123 Sound Recorder 3.50

Record any sound that your sound card plays.

Downloads: 398
Size: 4.9MB
Power MP3 WMA Recorder
Power MP3 WMA Recorder 1.03

A complete sound recorder studio of computer

Downloads: 173
Size: 2.86MB
Fox Magic Audio Recorder
Fox Magic Audio Recorder 1.00

Records sound as MP3, WAV files

Downloads: 157
Size: 0.78MB
Sound Card Recorder
Sound Card Recorder

Small but powerful voice activated recorder

Downloads: 142
Size: 0.17MB
Pocket Dictate Dictation Recorder
Pocket Dictate Dictation Recorder 5.13

Pocket Dictate voice recorder for Pocket PCs.

Downloads: 1905
Size: 1.79MB