Recommended Media Players downloads page 4

! AudioPlus

MP3 audio player + sound equalizer.

CombiWave Jingle Player PRO

CombiWave plays jingles via hotkey.


Turn your Windows PC into a digital jukebox.


ARIA For Windows
ARIA For Windows 1.1

Aria Software is the ultimate media player.

Downloads: 7
Size: 25.29MB
Hiro Player
Hiro Player 3.1.0

Hiro Player is an extended media player.

Downloads: 1742
Size: 6.23MB
LightMan Player
LightMan Player 2.9.0

LightMan Player is a simple, exciting player.

Downloads: 337
Size: 0.87MB

Free HD Blu-ray video player for Windows

Downloads: 166
Size: 15.53MB
BgPlayer 1.1

The background audio player

Downloads: 328
Size: 0.53MB
MegaMind Player
MegaMind Player 2.8.0

MegaMind Player is a lite media player.

Downloads: 171
Size: 0.9MB
MegaMind TagEditor
MegaMind TagEditor 2.9.0

MegaMind TagEditor is a music-files tagger.

Downloads: 187
Size: 2.48MB
Waply Free Ringtones Player
Waply Free Ringtones Player 1.1

Waply Free Ringtones Player is a basic mp3 player.

Downloads: 185
Size: 0.49MB
MP3 Music Downloader
MP3 Music Downloader 1.2

Download MP3 music!

Downloads: 189
Size: 8.43MB
Alpha 2 Player
Alpha 2 Player 2.4.0

Audio player, Converter and Internet Radio

Downloads: 107
Size: 5.03MB
Music Frost
Music Frost 3.4

MusicFrost: mp3 search, download and play

Downloads: 189
Size: 10.79MB
FeyPlayer 3.6.0

FeyPlayer is an all-in-one media player.

Downloads: 113
Size: 0.86MB
Karaoke 5
Karaoke 5 45.31

Excellent Player and Creator of file Karaoke

Downloads: 2037
Size: 90.01MB
RADIO Player Pro
RADIO Player Pro

Audio file playback software.

Downloads: 196
Size: 4.18MB
Fey TagEditor
Fey TagEditor 3.6.0

Fey TagEditor is a music-file editing tool.

Downloads: 140
Size: 2.49MB
Riffmaster Pro for MAC
Riffmaster Pro for MAC 3.0

RiffmasterPro slow down music keep the pitch

Downloads: 385
Size: 2.77MB
SE-MediaPlayer 1.8.1

Free portable media player from SE-SOFT.COM

Downloads: 173
Size: 7.24MB
Swap Speakers Software
Swap Speakers Software 7.0

Swap speaker output.

Downloads: 188
Size: 0.83MB
PsyMP3 1.2.1-RELEASE

PsyMP3 is an simple audio player.

Downloads: 1879
Size: 1.66MB
Sing-Magic Karaoke Player
Sing-Magic Karaoke Player 4

Sing-Magic is a freeware karaoke player.

Downloads: 154
Size: 45.33MB
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 6.0.1

an all-in-one DVD Video Converter

Downloads: 123
Size: 20.71MB
Wondershare DVD to iPad Converter
Wondershare DVD to iPad Converter

Wondershare DVD to iPad converter

Downloads: 156
Size: 9.02MB
Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe
Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe 6.1.11

Create DVD Slideshow and Home Movie DVD.

Downloads: 171
Size: 33.52MB
Wondershare DVD Creator
Wondershare DVD Creator 2.6.5

Fast burn all popular video formats to DVD.

Downloads: 109
Size: 30.69MB
Wondershare DVD Copy
Wondershare DVD Copy 1.3.1

Copy and backup DVD movies in 1:1 ratio

Downloads: 186
Size: 8.08MB
MiXimum for Linux
MiXimum for Linux 5.110901-linux

MiXimum for Linux is the DJ's best friend

Downloads: 111
Size: 2.8MB
Streaming Talk Internet Radio
Streaming Talk Internet Radio 5.5

Listen to streaming Talk Internet Radio.

Downloads: 170
Size: 1.71MB
WAV Converter
WAV Converter 1.0

Convert to WAV Easily

Downloads: 362
Size: 2.66MB
WMA Converter
WMA Converter 1.0

Convert to WMA Easily

Downloads: 336
Size: 2.66MB
Bluejay 1.12

BLUEJAY is a DJ fun-station + WMA/MP3 Editor

Downloads: 349
Size: 2.56MB
GreenForce-Player 1.20

An alternative media player

Downloads: 356
Size: 10.47MB

Small, lightweight, freeware audio player.

Downloads: 182
Size: 0.66MB
Jukebox Jockey Media Player Home
Jukebox Jockey Media Player Home 1.2

Music, Video, and Karaoke Jukebox Software

Downloads: 131
Size: 7.12MB
CoffeeCup Web Video Player
CoffeeCup Web Video Player 5.3

Add a cool video player to your Website!

Downloads: 108
Size: 7.3MB
CoffeeCup Web JukeBox
CoffeeCup Web JukeBox 4.6

Add a cool MP3 jukebox to your Website!

Downloads: 390
Size: 6.9MB