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DarkWave Studio

High Performance Digital Audio Workstation


Syntheway Strings VSTi
Syntheway Strings VSTi 2.5

Virtual Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello VSTi

Downloads: 1898
Size: 11.22MB
Sweet Sixteen MIDI Sequencer
Sweet Sixteen MIDI Sequencer 3.3.3

MIDI sequencer with many features

Downloads: 176
Size: 0.38MB
Monofilter 2.0

a VST plugin to remove width from bass sounds

Downloads: 199
Size: 1.4MB
Stereoizer 2.3

a VST plugin to add width to your sounds

Downloads: 231
Size: 0.91MB
Sound Effect Maker
Sound Effect Maker

It can create sound effects for sound file.

Downloads: 218
Size: 0.46MB
SightReader Master
SightReader Master 3.0.2

The Next Generation of Sight-Reading Software

Downloads: 1914
Size: 6.78MB
Sheet Music Designer
Sheet Music Designer 2.31.32

Sheet Music Designer prints staves

Downloads: 372
Size: 0.74MB ringtones composer ringtones composer 27.0

Free ringtones composer

Downloads: 1912
Size: 52KB
Rhythm Rascal
Rhythm Rascal 3.4

Create drum tracks on your PC!

Downloads: 438
Size: 10.94MB
Rhythm Guitar Licks and Riffs
Rhythm Guitar Licks and Riffs 3.0

Musician Expansion Pack for Rhythm Guitar

Downloads: 397
Size: 3.79MB
Realistic Virtual Piano VSTi
Realistic Virtual Piano VSTi 2.5

RVP is an Acoustic Grand Piano emulation VST.

Downloads: 1929
Size: 23.16MB
RaySpace 2.91

A reverb and space designer for PC and Mac.

Downloads: 397
Size: 1.56MB
PitchPerfect Guitar Tuner
PitchPerfect Guitar Tuner 2.05

Pitch Perfect Professional Guitar Tuner

Downloads: 2043
Size: 0.29MB
PDFtoMusic Pro
PDFtoMusic Pro 1.4.2

Converts PDF score to MusicXML

Downloads: 392
Size: 8.7MB
PDFtoMusic 1.4.2

Converts PDF score to playable, editable doc.

Downloads: 430
Size: 8.71MB
Organux VSTi
Organux VSTi 1.1

Organux is a virtual organ VST plug-in.

Downloads: 223
Size: 6.05MB
OpenSebJ 0.43

OpenSebJ is an audio sample mixing tool

Downloads: 186
Size: 0.83MB
MusicWonk 4.4

Modular algorithmic MIDI music creation

Downloads: 192
Size: 22.52MB
Music Publisher
Music Publisher 8

Truly intuitive music notation software.

Downloads: 248
Size: 7.94MB
Music MasterWorks
Music MasterWorks 3.92

MIDI music editor with voice-to-note

Downloads: 235
Size: 2.73MB
Mopis 1.2.2

VST / AU subtractive/sampling synth plugin.

Downloads: 232
Size: 12.72MB
MixPad Professional Audio Mixer
MixPad Professional Audio Mixer 3.29

MixPad MP3, Music and Audio Mixing Software

Downloads: 1979
Size: 0.83MB
MIDI to MP3 Converter
MIDI to MP3 Converter 2.0

Convert MIDI to MP3, Convert MID to WAV

Downloads: 406
Size: 1.22MB
MIDI Display
MIDI Display 1.0

Free MIDI Display Utility

Downloads: 404
Size: 0.52MB
Metronome Plus
Metronome Plus 2.001

Metronome Plus for musician

Downloads: 420
Size: 0.88MB
Metronome 1.000

Metronome for musician

Downloads: 372
Size: 0.22MB
Melody Assistant
Melody Assistant 7.6.3i

Powerful score editor with digital audio

Downloads: 162
Size: 9.53MB
Master Hammond B3 VSTi
Master Hammond B3 VSTi 2.2.1

Virtual Hammond B3 Organ for VST hosts

Downloads: 427
Size: 12.46MB

Percussion composer application for Windows.

Downloads: 193
Size: 4.69MB
Syntheway Magnus Choir VSTi
Syntheway Magnus Choir VSTi 1.6

Virtual instrument plug-in for VST hosts

Downloads: 391
Size: 7.88MB
MagicScore Player
MagicScore Player 6.052

Music notation software for students & school

Downloads: 211
Size: 3.51MB
Lead Guitar Licks, Riffs, and Chops
Lead Guitar Licks, Riffs, and Chops 3.0

Musician Expansion Pack for Lead Guitar

Downloads: 203
Size: 3.79MB
KB Piano
KB Piano 2.5.2

Turn your PC into a Piano.

Downloads: 178
Size: 10.6MB
In-Tune Multi-Instrument Tuner
In-Tune Multi-Instrument Tuner 1.97

Tuning is easy with this digital guitar tuner

Downloads: 174
Size: 1.02MB
iDrum 1.52

The Drum Machine for Mac OS X.

Downloads: 350
Size: 18.37MB