Recommended Speech downloads

Text Speaker

Convert text to voice or MP3 files

Dictation Pro

Speech Recognition Software


yRead will read files aloud


Jango! 4.5

Jango! con oltre 800 effetti sonori campion..

Downloads: 1750
Size: 190.73MB
Ace Buddy
Ace Buddy 3.00

Text to speech with funny cartoon characters

Downloads: 1864
Size: 7.32MB
SpeakText with Natural Voice Options
SpeakText with Natural Voice Options 20071110

Text to speech. Batch converts text to MP3s.

Downloads: 1842
Size: 29.24MB
Skype Voice Changer
Skype Voice Changer

Skype Voice Changer allows you to change yo..

Downloads: 1773
Size: 4.97MB
Text to Voice Studio
Text to Voice Studio 1.4

Convert any document to natural voices

Downloads: 1725
Size: 9.75MB
Voice of the Bible
Voice of the Bible 1.3

Use VOB to convert bible text to audio.

Downloads: 1755
Size: 15KB
AlienTune3D Voice Research Laboratory
AlienTune3D Voice Research Laboratory 1.3.3

3D spectral parametric voice and sound editor

Downloads: 1732
Size: 14.77MB
DocumentSpeaker 7.0

read documents aloud in a human voice.

Downloads: 1703
Size: 8.67MB
Text to Audio Software
Text to Audio Software

Text to audio file converter maker software

Downloads: 1844
Size: 0.82MB
Text to Speech Software
Text to Speech Software

Text to Wave software covert Word documents

Downloads: 1859
Size: 0.81MB
Morz Text to Speech
Morz Text to Speech 0.1

Morz Text to Speech

Downloads: 1845
Size: 75KB
Text Speaker
Text Speaker 3.26

Convert text to voice or MP3 files

Downloads: 1918
Size: 17.66MB
GroupsAloud 1.008

GroupsAloud reads usenet postings on your PC.

Downloads: 1881
Size: 4.33MB
Virtual Personality+
Virtual Personality+ 5.01

Professional telephone-internet voice changer

Downloads: 1931
Size: 1.76MB
FT DVD Clone
FT DVD Clone 4.1.0

copy your dvd to dvd +r .dvd-r,dvd-rw,dvd+rw

Downloads: 1908
Size: 2.53MB
VoiceCom v3
VoiceCom v3 3.0.1

VoiceCom - Software Intercom PC application

Downloads: 1708
Size: 6.29MB

Sprechen ist einfach schneller als Schreiben

Downloads: 1729
Size: 2.65MB
Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional
Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional 13.1.027

Dragon Naturally Speaking for Professionals

Downloads: 1924
Size: 1023.99MB
Text to Voice
Text to Voice

Text to voice software translate word 2 sound

Downloads: 1727
Size: 0.82MB
Panopreter Basic Spanish edition
Panopreter Basic Spanish edition

Free text-to-speech and text-to-mp3 program.

Downloads: 1849
Size: 4.92MB
SpeechVibe 2.0.4

SpeechVibe speech recognition system

Downloads: 1913
Size: 82.08MB
Clap Commander
Clap Commander 1.1

Control your PC by using a mic and clapping!

Downloads: 1881
Size: 1.74MB
TxReader Professional
TxReader Professional 2.0

TxReader convert text to speech.

Downloads: 1829
Size: 0.95MB
Total Speech
Total Speech 1.01

Total Speech creates audio files from texts.

Downloads: 1871
Size: 1.75MB
StocksAloud 1.60

Reads stock updates and news headlines aloud.

Downloads: 1858
Size: 4.4MB
NewsAloud 1.30

NewsAloud reads news stories aloud or to MP3.

Downloads: 1892
Size: 4.33MB
Agent Reader
Agent Reader 4.1

All-in-one Macro, Ads Killer, Text-to-Speech

Downloads: 1809
Size: 0.69MB
Sagirus Reader
Sagirus Reader 1.1

Convert text to speech

Downloads: 1882
Size: 5.99MB
River Past Talkative
River Past Talkative 5.8

Text-to-speech to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG or M4A

Downloads: 1880
Size: 1.73MB
WiFiTalkie 1.0

Turn your Palm device into a Walkie-Talkie!

Downloads: 1847
Size: 34KB
VoiceMate Professional
VoiceMate Professional 2.15

Control your computer using your voice.

Downloads: 1889
Size: 2.47MB
yRead2 2.0.59

yRead will read files to you out loud

Downloads: 1888
Size: 10.98MB
WeatherAloud 1.82

Reads weather forecasts and conditions aloud

Downloads: 1920
Size: 4.29MB
DeskBot 2.6

DeskBot - Talking Clipboard/Text Reader

Downloads: 1824
Size: 1.31MB
CoolSpeaking 2.1

Have your computer read text to you.

Downloads: 1848
Size: 4.78MB