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Parentrol Family Edition
Parentrol Family Edition 6.86

Child monitoring software to protect kids

Downloads: 1363
Size: 0.74MB
Antamedia Remote Control Software
Antamedia Remote Control Software 1

Remotely control your computers

Downloads: 1836
Size: 7.57MB
Software de Contador de Impresoras
Software de Contador de Impresoras

Count, quota, control and charge printing.

Downloads: 1532
Size: 78.09MB
USB Redirector TS Edition
USB Redirector TS Edition 2.1.1

USB Device Redirection to Terminal Server!

Downloads: 1746
Size: 9.06MB
PC Audit
PC Audit 3.1.6

Easy PC audit, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD audit

Downloads: 1757
Size: 27.56MB
Ajiva Google Talk Sniffer Monitor
Ajiva Google Talk Sniffer Monitor 1.60115

Monitor Google Talk Conversations o

Downloads: 1554
Size: 1.53MB
Ajiva MSN Sniffer Monitor
Ajiva MSN Sniffer Monitor 1.60125

Monitor MSN Messenger Conversations on LAN.

Downloads: 1550
Size: 1.53MB
Active Directory Change Tracker
Active Directory Change Tracker 2.6

Active Directory Change Tracker tool for AD.

Downloads: 1569
Size: 7.43MB
NTFS Security Manager
NTFS Security Manager 3.1.0

Windows security audit & manage

Downloads: 16
Size: 24.08MB
SAEAUT SNMP OPC Server Professional
Downloads: 1560
Size: 25MB
PacketTrap MSP
PacketTrap MSP 6.4

Remote Monitoring and Management Solution

Downloads: 1575
Size: 135.58MB
Remote Utilities
Remote Utilities 6.3

Remote Desktop Software

Downloads: 1823
Size: 15.97MB
SBSCC TSspeedbooster
SBSCC TSspeedbooster 5.9

Easy to Use and Affordable

Downloads: 1764
Size: 114.49MB
Kernel Computer Activity Monitor
Kernel Computer Activity Monitor 12.07.01

Desktop activity monitoring software

Downloads: 1545
Size: 8.23MB
USB Port Blocker
USB Port Blocker

Utility monitor entire USB drive activities

Downloads: 1570
Size: 4.01MB
LanDetective Internet Monitor
LanDetective Internet Monitor 2.92

Analyze traffic with an Internet monitor.

Downloads: 1543
Size: 19.49MB
Free Verax SNMP Agent Simulator
Free Verax SNMP Agent Simulator 2.0.1

Build and simulate networks of SNMP devices!

Downloads: 1519
Size: 33.65MB
Serial over IP Connector
Serial over IP Connector 6.0

Eltima Serial over IP Connector

Downloads: 1789
Size: 4.3MB
Scan Redirector RDP Edition
Scan Redirector RDP Edition 1.5.1

Redirect scanner into Remote Desktop session.

Downloads: 1564
Size: 2.04MB
AWRC Pro 13.3

Audit and Help Remote Computers

Downloads: 1544
Size: 13.13MB
AbtoVNC Server SDK for Windows
AbtoVNC Server SDK for Windows 1.5

ABTO Software's VNC Server SDK for Windows

Downloads: 1554
Size: 2.54MB
AgataSoft Telnet Scripts Runner
AgataSoft Telnet Scripts Runner 1.5

Auto run telnet scripts at many devices.

Downloads: 1789
Size: 1.82MB
AgataSoft PingMaster Pro
AgataSoft PingMaster Pro 2.1

Optimize your network with a router monitor.

Downloads: 1539
Size: 2.28MB
Serial to Ethernet Connector
Serial to Ethernet Connector 7.0

Share serial port over network easily.

Downloads: 1778
Size: 4.8MB
CAS BACnet Object Monitor
CAS BACnet Object Monitor 0.08

CAS BACnet Object Monitor

Downloads: 1564
Size: 2.36MB
SerialSniffer 6.07

Tool to visualize data on serial ports

Downloads: 1568
Size: 9.61MB
MING Wireless Monitor
MING Wireless Monitor 4.0

monitor everything your employees do on WLAN

Downloads: 1535
Size: 3.78MB

Advanced FREE Terminal Software

Downloads: 1788
Size: 0.46MB
Mediaform Print Tracker
Mediaform Print Tracker 6.0

Mediaform Print Tracker

Downloads: 1530
Size: 63.85MB
Foxy Admin
Foxy Admin 1.2

Foxy Admin is domain manager by WMI, AD

Downloads: 1780
Size: 11.87MB
Ericom AccessNow
Ericom AccessNow 2.0

Ericom HTML5 RDP Client access:apps & desktop

Downloads: 1555
Size: 17.37MB
Uusher Network Management
Uusher Network Management 1.0

Monitoring tool for network management.

Downloads: 1543
Size: 2.03MB
Cucusoft Net Guard
Cucusoft Net Guard 2.3.2

A freeware to monitor your broadband usage.

Downloads: 1604
Size: 4.27MB
LogMeIn Free
LogMeIn Free 4.1.2138

Remote control your computer over the web.

Downloads: 1587
Size: 15.2MB
SNMP Explorer
SNMP Explorer 1.1

Temperature monitoring with alerts

Downloads: 1576
Size: 3.08MB