Recommended Converters & Optimizers downloads


RasterVect converts Raster images to Vector


Save the scanned documents into PDF.

Image Tuner

Batch image renaming/resizing at its best!


JustResizeIt free
JustResizeIt free 2.0

Resize your images with one drag and drop

Downloads: 1767
Size: 2.28MB
ImageCool Free Image Resizer
ImageCool Free Image Resizer 3.40.141115

Easy-to-use image or photo resizer

Downloads: 1522
Size: 22.2MB
ImageCool Free Image Converter
ImageCool Free Image Converter 3.40.141115

Easy-to-use image or photo converter

Downloads: 1565
Size: 31.9MB
ZXT2007 Image To PDF
ZXT2007 Image To PDF 1.5.0

Convert any picture into a PDF file.

Downloads: 1586
Size: 1.36MB
ImageCool Free Image Renaming
ImageCool Free Image Renaming 3.40.141115

Easy-to-use image or photo renaming tool

Downloads: 1581
Size: 22.19MB
ImageCool Free Image Cropper
ImageCool Free Image Cropper 3.40.141115

Easy-to-use image or photo cropper

Downloads: 1579
Size: 22.18MB
ImageCool Free Frame Maker
ImageCool Free Frame Maker 3.40.141115

The Professional Image Frame maker

Downloads: 1803
Size: 31.9MB
ImageCool Free Image Combination
ImageCool Free Image Combination 3.40.141115

Easy-to-use image combination tool

Downloads: 1781
Size: 22.8MB
PDF Copy Paste
PDF Copy Paste 1.02

Crop text and graphics out of a PDF document

Downloads: 1562
Size: 2.08MB
QR Photo to PSP Converter
QR Photo to PSP Converter 1.2.2

convert photos to psp mp4 slideshow

Downloads: 1536
Size: 7.45MB
QR Photo to Pocket PC Converter
QR Photo to Pocket PC Converter 1.2.2

convert photos to pocket pc movie slideshow

Downloads: 1560
Size: 7.34MB
One Simple Image Compressor
One Simple Image Compressor 1.0.0

Compress large image files to smaller size

Downloads: 1522
Size: 1.21MB
QR Photo to Video Converter
QR Photo to Video Converter 1.2.3

convert photos to video movie slideshow

Downloads: 1576
Size: 7.34MB
QR Photo DVD Slideshow
QR Photo DVD Slideshow 3.4.8

convert photos to slideshow dvd

Downloads: 1578
Size: 10.66MB
IconCool Free Graphics Converter
IconCool Free Graphics Converter 3.40.141115

Powerful Free Graphic Converter

Downloads: 1544
Size: 23.01MB

PowerPoint to HTML5 Software Developing Kit

Downloads: 1559
Size: 13.2MB
Converseen 0.6.4

Converseen is an open source image converter

Downloads: 1538
Size: 0.15MB
AltaPixShare 0.9.0

Quickly shrink and add effects to pictures

Downloads: 1538
Size: 1.86MB
Hades Image Converter
Hades Image Converter 0.5.2

Hades Image Converter converts images.

Downloads: 1580
Size: 10.08MB
ComboTIFF Pro
ComboTIFF Pro 2.0

Batch TIFF Toolkit

Downloads: 1569
Size: 5.66MB
ImageCool Free Watermark Maker
ImageCool Free Watermark Maker 3.40.141115

Easy-to-use image or photo watermark maker

Downloads: 1551
Size: 22.27MB
ImageCool Free Image Splitter
ImageCool Free Image Splitter 3.40.141115

Easy-to-use image or photo splitter

Downloads: 1577
Size: 22.19MB
Online PDF Combine
Online PDF Combine 1.0

Combine PDF files online absolutely free.

Downloads: 1528
Size: 15.01MB
Facebook Image Resizer
Facebook Image Resizer 1.00

Optimize your pictures for web publication.

Downloads: 1530
Size: 2.41MB
ImBatch 7.2.0

Batch image conversion and processing tool.

Downloads: 1530
Size: 31.25MB
ImageCool 2014
ImageCool 2014 3.30.141115

The Professional Image Converter

Downloads: 1550
Size: 31.9MB
Rasco Image Resizer for Mac
Rasco Image Resizer for Mac 1.1

Rasco Image Resizer - tool for picture resizing.

Downloads: 1570
Size: 2.78MB
PicConvert 1.6

Picture convert;bmp;jpg;gif;pcx;tga;tif;raw;

Downloads: 1550
Size: 0.81MB
Engelmann Media Photomizer Pro
Engelmann Media Photomizer Pro 1

Optimizes your digital photos to top form!

Downloads: 1569
Size: 30.41MB
ImageConverter Command Line
ImageConverter Command Line 9.0

ImageConverter Command Line

Downloads: 1517
Size: 10.25MB
Rasco Image Resizer
Rasco Image Resizer 1.1

Rasco Resizer - tool for picture resizing.

Downloads: 1504
Size: 3.43MB
Engelmann Media Photomizer Scan
Engelmann Media Photomizer Scan 2

Make more of your slides and negatives!

Downloads: 1520
Size: 12.24MB
Image Video Maker
Image Video Maker 1.3

Very Easy To Use image video converting tool

Downloads: 1580
Size: 5.31MB
Engelmann Media Photomizer Retro
Engelmann Media Photomizer Retro 1

New photos in old splendor!

Downloads: 1543
Size: 33.28MB
Engelmann Media Videomizer
Engelmann Media Videomizer 2

Optimize - Stabilize - Convert

Downloads: 1515
Size: 53.87MB