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A quick visual overview of all installed font


Professional yet easy-to-use Icon Editor.


Convert fonts between Macintosh and Windows


EZ Extract Resource
EZ Extract Resource 3.5

Extract icon, cursor, bmp etc from programs.

Downloads: 1656
Size: 0.54MB
Wise Icon Maker
Wise Icon Maker 1.5.19

Icon Creator,GIF to Icon, Bmp Jpg Png to Icon

Downloads: 1879
Size: 0.82MB
BitFontCreator Latin
BitFontCreator Latin 3.1

Create monochrome bitmap Latin font for LCD.

Downloads: 1961
Size: 2.23MB
IconEdit2 7.8.1

Professional yet easy-to-use Icon Editor.

Downloads: 1720
Size: 16.39MB
IconCool Studio
IconCool Studio 8.20.141115

Professional Icon Editor and Icon Maker

Downloads: 1731
Size: 20.94MB
IconCool Manager
IconCool Manager 6.21.141115

Icon library, icon extractor & icon manager.

Downloads: 1921
Size: 9.3MB
IconCool Editor
IconCool Editor 6.33.141115

Icon editor, icon maker and icon creator.

Downloads: 1908
Size: 12.27MB
HappyIcon 4.00

Create icons from photos,videos

Downloads: 1897
Size: 1.94MB
FontExplorerL.M. 6.2.0

The Worlds fastest Font Manager for Windows

Downloads: 1919
Size: 3.82MB

Extract icon, cursor and bitmap resources.

Downloads: 1694
Size: 5.06MB
ConvexSoft Icon Designer
ConvexSoft Icon Designer 2.3

Create, edit, and manage icon and cursor.

Downloads: 1913
Size: 4.31MB
Scanahand 3.1

Create a font based on your handwriting.

Downloads: 1859
Size: 6.11MB
ArtIcons 5.28

Edit and find icons and manage icon libraries

Downloads: 1926
Size: 2.69MB
ArtIcons Pro
ArtIcons Pro 5.28

Edit and find icons and manage icon libraries

Downloads: 1952
Size: 2.69MB
AWicons Pro
AWicons Pro 10.3

Create icons and cursors using this software.

Downloads: 1887
Size: 13.74MB
X-Fonter 10.0.0

Advanced Font Manager and Font Viewer

Downloads: 1872
Size: 4.71MB
Sib Icon Studio
Sib Icon Studio 4.02

New solution for icon and cursor management

Downloads: 1616
Size: 28.58MB
Sib Icon Replacer
Sib Icon Replacer 2.32

Replacing icons is now a breeze!

Downloads: 801
Size: 5.02MB
Sib Icon Extractor
Sib Icon Extractor 3.42

Extract icons from any location in seconds

Downloads: 1653
Size: 5.67MB
Sib Icon Converter
Sib Icon Converter 3.02

Convert photos and libraries into icons

Downloads: 1683
Size: 5.85MB
Sib Font Editor
Sib Font Editor 2.22

A tool for creating and editing bitmap fonts

Downloads: 1675
Size: 4.98MB
Picture To Icon
Picture To Icon 5.1639

Convert picture or screen into any size icon.

Downloads: 1972
Size: 0.65MB
Perfect Icon
Perfect Icon 2.40

Create stylish icons from!

Downloads: 1906
Size: 5.41MB
PC Icon Extractor
PC Icon Extractor 4.3

It extracts icons from drives and folders.

Downloads: 1916
Size: 6.43MB
PC Icon Editor
PC Icon Editor 3.6

Edit Windows icons and Icon Library files.

Downloads: 1897
Size: 5.56MB
MainType 4.0

Manage, browse, preview and print fonts.

Downloads: 1706
Size: 10.99MB
Junior Icon Editor
Junior Icon Editor 4.33

Free icon editor to create apps icons

Downloads: 1825
Size: 5.64MB
IconXP 3.21

Icon editor and desktop icon customizer

Downloads: 1932
Size: 1.19MB
IconUtils 5.14

A smart icon processing workshop

Downloads: 1899
Size: 8.93MB
IconoMaker 3.30

Simple icon editor to create smooth icons

Downloads: 1671
Size: 5.56MB
IconChanger 3.8

Changing icons on the desktop is fun and easy

Downloads: 151
Size: 1.11MB
Icon Profi
Icon Profi 5.28

Icon-Editor, verwaltet Symbol-Bibliotheken.

Downloads: 182
Size: 1.76MB
Icon Processor
Icon Processor 3.10

Convert photos and images into nifty icons

Downloads: 136
Size: 5.42MB
Icon Plugin for PhotoShop
Icon Plugin for PhotoShop 2.1

Create icons directly in Adobe Photoshop

Downloads: 193
Size: 0.62MB
Icon Converter Plus
Icon Converter Plus 4.8

It converts images into Windows icons.

Downloads: 188
Size: 10.75MB