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The professional screen capture tool!

Screen Capture + Print

Free screen capture software.

HardCopy Pro

The professional screen capture tool!


River Past Windows Mobile Recorder
River Past Windows Mobile Recorder 1.8

Capture Windows Mobile screen to WMV video

Downloads: 470
Size: 7.83MB

Capture, broadcast, monitor screen and webcam

Downloads: 491
Size: 13.41MB
HeavyMath Cam 3D Webmaster Edition
HeavyMath Cam 3D Webmaster Edition 3.8

3D anaglyph stereo webcam software with FTP

Downloads: 462
Size: 3.81MB
Wondershare DemoCreator
Wondershare DemoCreator 3.1.0

Create Flash demo by screen recording.

Downloads: 267
Size: 11.25MB
ScreenDiscoverer 1.5

Zooming, snapshoting & color picking tool

Downloads: 265
Size: 2.03MB
Screen Shot Maker
Screen Shot Maker

It's time to capture by the SSM.

Downloads: 204
Size: 1.06MB
Screen Capture Master
Screen Capture Master

It's time to capture by the SCM.

Downloads: 222
Size: 1.44MB
River Past Screen Recorder Pro
River Past Screen Recorder Pro 7.8

Capture screen to AVI/WMV or optional MOV/MP4

Downloads: 226
Size: 7.83MB
River Past Screen Recorder
River Past Screen Recorder 7.8

Capture screen to AVI video, optional audio

Downloads: 234
Size: 2.07MB
Easy Video Capture
Easy Video Capture 1.30.05

Record screen activities to AVI in real time

Downloads: 260
Size: 0.57MB
Easy Screen Ripper
Easy Screen Ripper 3.2

It is a tool to easily take screenshots.

Downloads: 225
Size: 6.17MB

A Screen And WebCam Recorder.

Downloads: 254
Size: 3.53MB
CaptureXT Screen Capture
CaptureXT Screen Capture 3.0.3

Screen capture and photo editing software.

Downloads: 1948
Size: 3.48MB
AT Screen Thief
AT Screen Thief 3.9.14

Hassle-free screen capture utility

Downloads: 471
Size: 0.84MB
ACA Capture Pro
ACA Capture Pro 5.60

Prfessional Screen Capture Software

Downloads: 190
Size: 1.84MB
ACA Capture
ACA Capture 5.50

Powerful screen capture software.

Downloads: 189
Size: 1.75MB
7Cove DemoRec
7Cove DemoRec 1.1.95

DemoRec: Screen and Sound Capturing Software.

Downloads: 453
Size: 1.3MB
!Super Screen Recorder
!Super Screen Recorder 5.57

!Super Screen Recorder Software

Downloads: 174
Size: 0.48MB
Surfmemo 4.2

Advanced screenshot manager

Downloads: 215
Size: 0.43MB
Spycy 1.1

Spycy takes secret screenshots

Downloads: 215
Size: 0.43MB
WebshotX 6.30

Create screenshots of web pages.

Downloads: 445
Size: 0.58MB
Screenshot Grebba
Screenshot Grebba 1.0

screenshot publish webpage

Downloads: 247
Size: 0.28MB
MagiCapture 1.0

Share your screenshots with friends instantly

Downloads: 200
Size: 0.98MB
EasyCapture 1.2.0

EasyCapture free screen capture software

Downloads: 289
Size: 2.56MB
SnapIt Screen Capture
SnapIt Screen Capture 3.6

Capture anything you see on your PC screen!

Downloads: 1993
Size: 1.18MB
AMP Desktop Capturer
AMP Desktop Capturer 1.00

Cmd. line utilty that captures desktop as JPG

Downloads: 189
Size: 0.19MB
Snapshot 3.1

Copies the screen to bitmaps and/or printers.

Downloads: 236
Size: 0.79MB
PrintKey-Pro 1.05

Screen capture for Vista/XP/Windows7

Downloads: 471
Size: 2.78MB
EASIS Screenshot
EASIS Screenshot 2.3

Screen capture tool

Downloads: 465
Size: 1.88MB
Vidi windows Tools
Vidi windows Tools

Ultimate on Fly to use screen snipping tools.

Downloads: 184
Size: 12.83MB
CapTrue 1.1.0

CapTrue is a screen capture application

Downloads: 240
Size: 1.46MB
12Ghosts Clip
12Ghosts Clip 9.70

Make snap shots: screen, active window, menu

Downloads: 2118
Size: 0.7MB
Macvide ScreenCap
Macvide ScreenCap 2.5.52

Record video and capture screenshots

Downloads: 219
Size: 12.03MB
Screenshot Genius
Screenshot Genius 1.2

Brilliant screenshot capture utility.

Downloads: 454
Size: 1.83MB
TipCam 2.2

Free screencast recorder for Windows

Downloads: 2242
Size: 5.41MB