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My Screen Recorder Pro

Record your PC Desktop, WebCam, or Mobile


Capture anything on computer screen as video

Screen Capture + Print

Free screen capture software.


Crazy Boomerang Screen Shot
Crazy Boomerang Screen Shot 2.01

Tool for capturing and editing screen shots

Downloads: 179
Size: 1.55MB
King Kong Capture
King Kong Capture 2

King Kong capture free to download!

Downloads: 199
Size: 2.66MB
WSnap 1.3

Snapshots of all screen elements with ease

Downloads: 412
Size: 1.15MB
AtPresent Recorder
AtPresent Recorder 2.0

Record desktop to build Flash presentation.

Downloads: 390
Size: 0.67MB
zannoGrab 1.24

Capture screens, windows, or selected areas

Downloads: 146
Size: 3KB
WinSnap 4.6.2

Screen capture software for everyday tasks

Downloads: 194
Size: 3.53MB
TurboDemo 7.5

Explain software with your own animated demos

Downloads: 367
Size: 14.01MB
SPX Instant Screen Capture
SPX Instant Screen Capture 7.0

Quick screen capture with mouse or hotkeys.

Downloads: 405
Size: 1.15MB
SnagIt 11.1

Snagit – The ultimate screen capture tool.

Downloads: 578
Size: 64.17MB
Snag Screen - Capture Screen Images
Snag Screen - Capture Screen Images 1.0

Capture full or parts of your screen

Downloads: 1937
Size: 0.51MB

quick and easily print screenshots

Downloads: 122
Size: 0.6MB

Quick and easily make and save screenshots.

Downloads: 144
Size: 0.62MB
Screenshot Utility
Screenshot Utility 1.0

A screen capture program, resides in the tray

Downloads: 165
Size: 0.74MB
Screenshot Pilot
Screenshot Pilot 1.46

Capture screen with Screenshot Pilot

Downloads: 193
Size: 3.22MB
Screenshot Captor
Screenshot Captor 4.31.1

Capture tons of screenshots quickly

Downloads: 194
Size: 7.32MB
Capture ScreenShot Pro
Capture ScreenShot Pro 16

Capture and share from your screen

Downloads: 139
Size: 1.74MB

Record screen activities to small exe file

Downloads: 117
Size: 4.03MB
Screen-Cut 4.1.2

Shareware for screen capture made easy.

Downloads: 179
Size: 0.32MB
Screen Video Recorder
Screen Video Recorder

Record screen activities to AVI or WMV

Downloads: 153
Size: 8.65MB
Screen Printer
Screen Printer 3.2

A powerful screen capture utility.

Downloads: 418
Size: 0.66MB
Screen Grabber
Screen Grabber 3.0

Capture and print your screen's contents.

Downloads: 1944
Size: 1.51MB
Screen Grab Pro Deluxe
Screen Grab Pro Deluxe 2.02

One click grab of any screen

Downloads: 389
Size: 21.33MB
RobSoftware Print Screen
RobSoftware Print Screen 1.9.1

One-button Windows printing.

Downloads: 406
Size: 0.34MB
Quick HTML Color Picker
Quick HTML Color Picker 1.0

a free color picker tool to pick screen color

Downloads: 147
Size: 0.22MB
Pixy Color
Pixy Color 6.2.0

Easily see at anytime the color of any pixel.

Downloads: 189
Size: 1.7MB
Easy Screenshot
Easy Screenshot 2.0

Screen capture

Downloads: 144
Size: 2.05MB
My Screen Recorder Pro
My Screen Recorder Pro 5.2

Record your PC Desktop, WebCam, or Mobile

Downloads: 1900
Size: 39.7MB
My Screen Recorder
My Screen Recorder 5.19

Record your PC and Mobile desktop activity.

Downloads: 1910
Size: 25.65MB
MouseZoom 1.5

Mouse as magnifier and color dropper

Downloads: 367
Size: 32KB
MiniCap 1.40.01

Flexible commandline screenshot capture tool

Downloads: 122
Size: 1.17MB
HyperSnap 8.12.02

Screen graphics + text capture & image editor

Downloads: 117
Size: 12.22MB
Huelix ScreenPlay Screen Recorder
Huelix ScreenPlay Screen Recorder 2.0

Screen recorder and live broadcast.

Downloads: 106
Size: 11.35MB
HTML To Image Wizard
HTML To Image Wizard 2.8

Converts Web Pages to Images in batches.

Downloads: 109
Size: 1.98MB
HandySnap 1.4

HandySnap: Handy screen capture program

Downloads: 104
Size: 1.87MB
Growler Guncam
Growler Guncam

Growler Guncam is a game video capture tool.

Downloads: 351
Size: 1.59MB