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Recovers Dial-Up passwords.


Deletes gigabytes of garbage on the PC: and


Eye Spy Pro
Eye Spy Pro 4.7

Monitor use on your pc while you are away.

Downloads: 1494
Size: 2.74MB

Network "thief" nemesis

Downloads: 1511
Size: 6.24MB
Folder Password
Folder Password

Secure folders with password protection.

Downloads: 1467
Size: 0.82MB
EasyKrypt 1.1.927.1

EASILY Encrypt and Share your important files

Downloads: 1484
Size: 14.18MB
USB Copy Protection
USB Copy Protection 5.01

Powerful USB Copy Protection for your files.

Downloads: 1471
Size: 3.18MB

encryption decryption program

Downloads: 1453
Size: 32KB
Outlook POP3/IMAP Password Recovery
Outlook POP3/IMAP Password Recovery

Outlook POP3/IMAP Password Recovery

Downloads: 1524
Size: 0.7MB
Spyrix Personal Monitor
Spyrix Personal Monitor 10.6.2

Remote Monitoring of user activity

Downloads: 1601
Size: 19.4MB
UserGate IM Control
UserGate IM Control 1.0

Free messenger control solution

Downloads: 1565
Size: 24KB
Anti Tracks Free Edition
Anti Tracks Free Edition

Clean up junk, duplicate files, erase tracks

Downloads: 1547
Size: 3.95MB
Private Folders Lite
Private Folders Lite 1.2

Protect data with a private folder program.

Downloads: 1519
Size: 1.23MB
My Data Keeper
My Data Keeper

Multifunction password manager.

Downloads: 1477
Size: 3.38MB
Kaka ExeLock
Kaka ExeLock 5.0

allow to password protect exe File

Downloads: 1482
Size: 1.45MB
Password Angel
Password Angel 14.11

Excellent password manager.

Downloads: 1505
Size: 4.44MB
MEO File Encryption Software
MEO File Encryption Software 2.15

Encrypt or decrypt files of any type free

Downloads: 1743
Size: 0.41MB
FarStone AtPasswordRecovery
FarStone AtPasswordRecovery 8.1.1

100% Windows Password Reset Guaranteed!

Downloads: 1519
Size: 378MB
GX Encryptor
GX Encryptor 2.0

GX Encryptor - Fastest and easy-to-use encryp

Downloads: 1464
Size: 3.54MB
The Professional Portable Encryptor
The Professional Portable Encryptor 1.4

It's professional encryption software.

Downloads: 1484
Size: 1.72MB
Password Manager Professional
Password Manager Professional 4.0.767

Secure password manager for enterprise.

Downloads: 1524
Size: 3.56MB
ABC Monitor
ABC Monitor 3.0

ABC Monitor released!

Downloads: 1463
Size: 3.37MB
Delete History
Delete History 2.0

Delete history of various apps in a click.

Downloads: 1528
Size: 1.9MB
Timeline 1

Analyze how you use your home computer.

Downloads: 1505
Size: 0.86MB
Batch File Encrypt Free
Batch File Encrypt Free 5.0.10

Encrypt and decrypt multiple files with ease

Downloads: 1472
Size: 4.42MB
Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox
Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox 7.7

Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox

Downloads: 1530
Size: 9KB
Lavasoft File Shredder
Lavasoft File Shredder 7.7

Lavasoft File Shredder

Downloads: 1531
Size: 4KB
Aobo Filter for Mac Professional
Aobo Filter for Mac Professional 2.1

Aobo Internet Filter for Mac Professional

Downloads: 1547
Size: 1.74MB
Crypto 1.1

Secretly slag off your 'Facebook' friends!

Downloads: 1537
Size: 0.2MB
myKeyLogger 1.0

Monitors and records all keys and more.

Downloads: 1478
Size: 1.73MB
MessageLock Email Encryption for Outlook
MessageLock Email Encryption for Outlook

Email Encryption Add-In For MS Outlook.

Downloads: 1501
Size: 16.28MB

USB SAFE - Lock & Encrypt USB drives

Downloads: 1483
Size: 2MB
Hash Mismatcher
Hash Mismatcher 1.0

Hash Mismatcher changes file hash value.

Downloads: 1786
Size: 1.8MB
SoftProtect 1.1.2

SoftProtect - file & data encryption software

Downloads: 1765
Size: 1.71MB
A+ Folder Locker
A+ Folder Locker 1.0.1

Data Security that Makes the Grade

Downloads: 1802
Size: 2.12MB
SO Delete History
SO Delete History 1.0

SO Delete HistoryPC Cleaning & Browser

Downloads: 1512
Size: 2.22MB
Privacy Drive
Privacy Drive 3.16.5

Secure Sensitive Data & Protect Your Privacy!

Downloads: 1512
Size: 2.45MB