Recommended Covert Surveillance/Keylogger Monitoring downloads


LightLogger Keylogger
LightLogger Keylogger

Computer monitoring for Windows made easy.

Downloads: 155
Size: 1.95MB
Secret Recorder
Secret Recorder 2.9

Secret Recorder - Stealth keyboard monitor.

Downloads: 1498
Size: 4.2MB
Net Monitor for Employees Professional
Net Monitor for Employees Professional 5.6.7

Employee Monitoring Software that work

Downloads: 136
Size: 36.06MB
Watchman - My Webcam My CCTV
Watchman - My Webcam My CCTV 1.8

Software for Webcam works as CCTV

Downloads: 1519
Size: 20.9MB
SGS KeyLogger Free
SGS KeyLogger Free 1.0.0

SGS KeyLogger utility

Downloads: 1485
Size: 4.58MB
Trace My Notebook
Trace My Notebook

Software & website locating stolen notebooks.

Downloads: 1502
Size: 3.57MB
Spy Screen Video Recorder
Spy Screen Video Recorder 4.1

Secret screen video recorder and spy software

Downloads: 1733
Size: 10.15MB
Spy Keystroke Logger
Spy Keystroke Logger 3.31

Secret keystroke logger to spy PC activities

Downloads: 1727
Size: 1.25MB
Care4teen Amazing Parental Control
Care4teen Amazing Parental Control 1.5

Protect children remotely with

Downloads: 1484
Size: 17.35MB
HomeGuard Professional
HomeGuard Professional 5.4.1

Monitor and control network computers.

Downloads: 1725
Size: 4.35MB
P2 Commander
P2 Commander 3.5

Perform computer forensic examinations

Downloads: 1737
Size: 153.1MB
cBlasterPRO (Blackberry Device)
cBlasterPRO (Blackberry Device) 3.0

The Best Cell Phone Surveillance Software

Downloads: 1531
Size: 41KB
Device Seizure
Device Seizure 6.6

Recover & analyze mobile phone and devices

Downloads: 1761
Size: 611.28MB
Full Bundle (Android Device)
Full Bundle (Android Device) 3.0.0

Monitors all activity on the target device.

Downloads: 1462
Size: 38KB
WWWatcher 1.0

WWWatcher, a great new keylogger and parental

Downloads: 1706
Size: 0.3MB
SGS HomeGuard Free VMD software
SGS HomeGuard Free VMD software 3.0.0

SGS HomeGuard Free - multi-channel VMD SW

Downloads: 1489
Size: 17.29MB
Family Keylogger Pro
Family Keylogger Pro 4.9

Family Keylogger Pro, 100% Safe Keylogger

Downloads: 1488
Size: 2.7MB
Shadow Keylogger
Shadow Keylogger 2.0

Free, easy and safe keylogger for Windows.

Downloads: 1707
Size: 0.17MB
Forensic Studio Ultimate
Forensic Studio Ultimate 2012

Extract more digital evidence than ever

Downloads: 1516
Size: 82.92MB
Belkasoft Evidence Center Enterprise
Belkasoft Evidence Center Enterprise 2012

Group investigations with collaboration

Downloads: 1762
Size: 82.92MB
Able Keylogger for Mac
Able Keylogger for Mac 1.0.0

Secretly records all key strokes

Downloads: 1689
Size: 0.11MB
Able Keylogger for Windows
Able Keylogger for Windows 1.0.0

Secretly records all key strokes

Downloads: 1685
Size: 0.14MB
Forensic IM Analyzer
Forensic IM Analyzer 2012

Forensic analysis of instant messenger logs

Downloads: 1515
Size: 82.92MB
Workspector Employee Mointoring software
Workspector Employee Mointoring software 3.4.1

Best WorldClass Employee Monitoring software

Downloads: 1489
Size: 23.02MB
Belkasoft Evidence Center
Belkasoft Evidence Center 2012

Extract many types of digital evidence

Downloads: 1697
Size: 82.92MB
Perfect Keylogger for Mac Lite
Perfect Keylogger for Mac Lite 1.2

Freeware invisible keylogger for Mac OS X

Downloads: 1510
Size: 0.72MB
Eye Spy Pro
Eye Spy Pro 4.7

Monitor use on your pc while you are away.

Downloads: 1488
Size: 2.74MB
ABC Monitor
ABC Monitor 3.0

ABC Monitor released!

Downloads: 1450
Size: 3.37MB
myKeyLogger 1.0

Monitors and records all keys and more.

Downloads: 1467
Size: 1.73MB
SecretAgent Pro
SecretAgent Pro 3.8

Record screenshots and keystrokes

Downloads: 1483
Size: 1.55MB
Wolfeye Keylogger
Wolfeye Keylogger 2.0

Computer Monitoring Software

Downloads: 1517
Size: 0.2MB
SpyKing PC Spy 2013
SpyKing PC Spy 2013 5.3

PC, internet & Facebook spying software.

Downloads: 1476
Size: 2.96MB
Gecko Computer Monitoring Software
Gecko Computer Monitoring Software 1.4

Gecko Computer Monitoring Software

Downloads: 1475
Size: 5.64MB
HomeMonEasy Video Streamer
HomeMonEasy Video Streamer 2.06012012

Video Monitoring Software

Downloads: 1495
Size: 22.6MB
Integrity Check Software
Integrity Check Software

Windows-based parental control software.

Downloads: 1492
Size: 11.81MB