Recommended Covert Surveillance/Keylogger Monitoring downloads

PC Agent

Monitoring software to monitor and record.

Mini Key Log

Monitoring software to monitor and record.

Power Spy Software

Keylogger, Facebook, email and chat spy.


Actual Keylogger
Actual Keylogger 2.4

Free keylogger

Downloads: 1955
Size: 0.9MB
Call Interceptor
Call Interceptor 3.0.0

Spy phone software to Intercept Calls (Demo)

Downloads: 210
Size: 1.45MB
Watchman - My Webcam My CCTV
Watchman - My Webcam My CCTV 1.8

Software for Webcam works as CCTV

Downloads: 1517
Size: 20.9MB
SGS KeyLogger Free
SGS KeyLogger Free 1.0.0

SGS KeyLogger utility

Downloads: 1481
Size: 4.58MB
Trace My Notebook
Trace My Notebook

Software & website locating stolen notebooks.

Downloads: 1484
Size: 3.57MB
Spy Screen Video Recorder
Spy Screen Video Recorder 4.1

Secret screen video recorder and spy software

Downloads: 1731
Size: 10.15MB
Spy Keystroke Logger
Spy Keystroke Logger 3.31

Secret keystroke logger to spy PC activities

Downloads: 1725
Size: 1.25MB
Care4teen Amazing Parental Control
Care4teen Amazing Parental Control 1.5

Protect children remotely with

Downloads: 1475
Size: 17.35MB
HomeGuard Professional
HomeGuard Professional 3.3.2

Monitor and control network computers.

Downloads: 1725
Size: 4.35MB
P2 Commander
P2 Commander 3.5

Perform computer forensic examinations

Downloads: 1733
Size: 153.1MB
cBlasterPRO (Blackberry Device)
cBlasterPRO (Blackberry Device) 3.0

The Best Cell Phone Surveillance Software

Downloads: 1517
Size: 41KB
Device Seizure
Device Seizure 6.6

Recover & analyze mobile phone and devices

Downloads: 1754
Size: 611.28MB
Full Bundle (Android Device)
Full Bundle (Android Device) 3.0.0

Monitors all activity on the target device.

Downloads: 1458
Size: 38KB
WWWatcher 1.0

WWWatcher, a great new keylogger and parental

Downloads: 1692
Size: 0.3MB
SGS HomeGuard Free VMD software
SGS HomeGuard Free VMD software 3.0.0

SGS HomeGuard Free - multi-channel VMD SW

Downloads: 1488
Size: 17.29MB
Family Keylogger Pro
Family Keylogger Pro 4.9

Family Keylogger Pro, 100% Safe Keylogger

Downloads: 1482
Size: 2.7MB
Shadow Keylogger
Shadow Keylogger 2.0

Free, easy and safe keylogger for Windows.

Downloads: 1705
Size: 0.17MB
Forensic Studio Ultimate
Forensic Studio Ultimate 2012

Extract more digital evidence than ever

Downloads: 1502
Size: 82.92MB
Belkasoft Evidence Center Enterprise
Belkasoft Evidence Center Enterprise 2012

Group investigations with collaboration

Downloads: 1739
Size: 82.92MB
Able Keylogger for Mac
Able Keylogger for Mac 1.0.0

Secretly records all key strokes

Downloads: 1687
Size: 0.11MB
Able Keylogger for Windows
Able Keylogger for Windows 1.0.0

Secretly records all key strokes

Downloads: 1683
Size: 0.14MB
Forensic IM Analyzer
Forensic IM Analyzer 2012

Forensic analysis of instant messenger logs

Downloads: 1506
Size: 82.92MB
Workspector Employee Mointoring software
Workspector Employee Mointoring software 3.4.1

Best WorldClass Employee Monitoring software

Downloads: 1477
Size: 23.02MB
Belkasoft Evidence Center
Belkasoft Evidence Center 2012

Extract many types of digital evidence

Downloads: 1681
Size: 82.92MB
Perfect Keylogger for Mac Lite
Perfect Keylogger for Mac Lite 1.2

Freeware invisible keylogger for Mac OS X

Downloads: 1496
Size: 0.72MB
Eye Spy Pro
Eye Spy Pro 4.7

Monitor use on your pc while you are away.

Downloads: 1476
Size: 2.74MB
ABC Monitor
ABC Monitor 3.0

ABC Monitor released!

Downloads: 1438
Size: 3.37MB
myKeyLogger 1.0

Monitors and records all keys and more.

Downloads: 1458
Size: 1.73MB
SecretAgent Pro
SecretAgent Pro 3.8

Record screenshots and keystrokes

Downloads: 1463
Size: 1.55MB
Wolfeye Keylogger
Wolfeye Keylogger 2.0

Computer Monitoring Software

Downloads: 1514
Size: 0.2MB
SpyKing PC Spy 2013
SpyKing PC Spy 2013 5.3

PC, internet & Facebook spying software.

Downloads: 1475
Size: 2.96MB
Gecko Computer Monitoring Software
Gecko Computer Monitoring Software 1.4

Gecko Computer Monitoring Software

Downloads: 1459
Size: 5.64MB
HomeMonEasy Video Streamer
HomeMonEasy Video Streamer 2.06012012

Video Monitoring Software

Downloads: 1474
Size: 22.6MB
Integrity Check Software
Integrity Check Software

Windows-based parental control software.

Downloads: 1482
Size: 11.81MB
Argos Monitoring
Argos Monitoring 1.65

Easily record PC activity in stealth mode.

Downloads: 1493
Size: 5.06MB