Recommended Encryption Tools downloads

Folder Lock

Lock folders, Encrypt, Backup & Shred files.

USB Secure

Password protect your USB drives.

Privacy Drive

Secure Sensitive Data & Protect Your Privacy!


Hotspot Shield Elite
Hotspot Shield Elite 3.42

Use our VPN to access block websites and apps

Downloads: 6437
Size: 7.59MB
Hotspot Shield
Hotspot Shield 1.47

Secure your wi-fi connection from hackers

Downloads: 9608
Size: 5.45MB
DotFix LiteProtect
DotFix LiteProtect 3.6.1

Software packer and protector

Downloads: 1451
Size: 1.3MB
ENC Encryption Software
ENC Encryption Software 1.9

The ENC Encryption Software is intended for f

Downloads: 1497
Size: 0.5MB
Data Loss Prevention
Data Loss Prevention

Protect your valuable stuff with Port Locker

Downloads: 1745
Size: 4.46MB
Data Leakage Prevention
Data Leakage Prevention

Hassle free data protection with Port Locker

Downloads: 1478
Size: 4.28MB
Password Shared Folder
Password Shared Folder 4.65

Password shared folder on network

Downloads: 1729
Size: 1.24MB
Easy Hide Files
Easy Hide Files 3.07

Easy Hide Files allow hiding files and folder

Downloads: 1496
Size: 3.56MB
Protectorion Universal Encryption Suite
Protectorion Universal Encryption Suite 4.0

Protectorion Universal Encryption Suite 4.0

Downloads: 1469
Size: 3.94MB
Apex PDF Unlocker
Apex PDF Unlocker

PDF unlocker software disables all permission

Downloads: 1497
Size: 3.39MB
SE File and Folder
SE File and Folder 2.1.2

HIPAA compliant professional file encryption

Downloads: 1497
Size: 20.33MB
DataSafe 5.1

File security

Downloads: 1471
Size: 7.46MB
Sicurpas Freeware professional
Sicurpas Freeware professional 4.0

Sicurpas password manager

Downloads: 1530
Size: 5.72MB
S.S.E. File Encryptor for PC
S.S.E. File Encryptor for PC 12R3E

File Encryption Tool

Downloads: 1469
Size: 0.67MB
Apex Unlock PDF Document
Apex Unlock PDF Document

Unlock PDF document software decrypt password

Downloads: 1523
Size: 1.1MB
PTP Email Encryption for Outlook
PTP Email Encryption for Outlook 3.4.3

RSA Email Encryption for Outlook

Downloads: 1499
Size: 4.47MB
Certus Lateo
Certus Lateo 7.0

Certus Lateo Network Encryption

Downloads: 1469
Size: 6.34MB
Aloaha ZIP
Aloaha ZIP 5.1.1

Aloaha ZIP is a 1 MB portable app

Downloads: 1520
Size: 0.47MB
Apex Unlock PDF Printing
Apex Unlock PDF Printing

Unlock PDF printing lock-unlock page consent

Downloads: 1484
Size: 3.39MB
IN SHA1 Checker
IN SHA1 Checker 1.0.0

SHA1 Checker verifies tamper free file

Downloads: 1461
Size: 31KB
Password Protect Folder
Password Protect Folder 32

Secure any folder against misuse.

Downloads: 1530
Size: 0.74MB
Secured Cloud Drive
Secured Cloud Drive 2

Network and cloud drive encryption

Downloads: 1454
Size: 1.48MB
Free Text Encrypt
Free Text Encrypt 1.00

Free Text Encrypt encrypts private messages.

Downloads: 1459
Size: 2.53MB
Evidence Terminator
Evidence Terminator 2.0

Securely Deletes Files or Hard Drive DOD NSA

Downloads: 1511
Size: 2.93MB
abylon CRYPT in the BOX
abylon CRYPT in the BOX 2011.7

Automatic encryption for your files

Downloads: 1489
Size: 15.68MB
GiliSoft File Lock
GiliSoft File Lock 11.1.10

Best folder lock and best file lock software.

Downloads: 1755
Size: 0.14MB
GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator
GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator 7.3.16

Best Secure Disc Creator software.

Downloads: 1481
Size: 0.14MB
Base64 Tools
Base64 Tools 1.3.0

Base64 Tools for Encoding/Decoding data.

Downloads: 1493
Size: 0.84MB
GiliSoft Privacy Protector
GiliSoft Privacy Protector 10.1.11

A powerful privacy protection suite.

Downloads: 1456
Size: 0.14MB
GiliSoft Private Disk
GiliSoft Private Disk 8.0.4

Best virtual disk encryption software.

Downloads: 1473
Size: 0.14MB
GiliSoft USB Encryption
GiliSoft USB Encryption 6.2.15

Best usb stick encryption software.

Downloads: 1455
Size: 9.96MB
Folder Password
Folder Password

Secure folders with password protection.

Downloads: 1467
Size: 0.82MB
EasyKrypt 1.1.927.1

EASILY Encrypt and Share your important files

Downloads: 1484
Size: 14.18MB
USB Copy Protection
USB Copy Protection 5.01

Powerful USB Copy Protection for your files.

Downloads: 1471
Size: 3.18MB

encryption decryption program

Downloads: 1453
Size: 32KB