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IE PassView

Recover Internet Explorer Passwords

Secret Disk

Tool to create invisible disk, which is by

Mail PassView

Recovers email passwords


Advanced Privacy Protector
Advanced Privacy Protector 1.00

Freedom from unauthorized intrusion!

Downloads: 164
Size: 0.74MB
RealTime Cookie & Cache Cleaner
RealTime Cookie & Cache Cleaner 3

RtC3 - Latest and greatest!

Downloads: 225
Size: 1.37MB
Secure it Easy    USB Port Firewall Lock
Secure it Easy USB Port Firewall Lock

USB Firewall - protection against data theft

Downloads: 148
Size: 4.88MB
ID Directory Shield
ID Directory Shield 3.5

ID Directory Shield is a folder monitor tool.

Downloads: 1967
Size: 3.07MB
Smart Card ToolSet PRO
Smart Card ToolSet PRO 3.4.87

Discover any ISO-7816 smart card easy!

Downloads: 163
Size: 2MB
Hide IP
Hide IP 3.1

Want to hide your IP address?

Downloads: 1978
Size: 0.65MB
Hide IP Platinum
Hide IP Platinum 5.0

Want to hide your IP address?

Downloads: 135
Size: 0.78MB
Hurricanesoft Personal Firewall EN
Hurricanesoft Personal Firewall EN 2.4.0

Security software to protect your PC.

Downloads: 218
Size: 2.04MB
OrderSpy 1.0

OrderSpy 1.0 Anti-Fraud Software

Downloads: 161
Size: 20KB
Word Password Recovery
Word Password Recovery 1.0M

Recover lost or forgotten MS Word passwords.

Downloads: 118
Size: 0.61MB
ViPNet OFFICE 2.2.0(EN)

INTERNET VPN clients and gateways software

Downloads: 218
Size: 61.85MB
Tracks Eraser Pro
Tracks Eraser Pro 9

Erase all traces of your Internet activity

Downloads: 151
Size: 2.3MB
Spy Lantern Keylogger
Spy Lantern Keylogger 5.4

Power spy software to monitor user's activity

Downloads: 193
Size: 1.38MB
Remote Keylogger
Remote Keylogger 3.4.1

Power spy software to monitor user's activity

Downloads: 150
Size: 1.51MB
Project Password Recovery
Project Password Recovery 1.0g

Recover lost Microsoft Project passwords.

Downloads: 194
Size: 0.4MB
Privacy Protector
Privacy Protector 6.50

Erasing very sensitive files.

Downloads: 1917
Size: 2.79MB
PGuard - Privacy Protection Tool
PGuard - Privacy Protection Tool 1.2.4

PGuard is an activity traces cleaner

Downloads: 193
Size: 1.04MB
Max PC Privacy
Max PC Privacy 6.11

Privacy tool- erase online,offline activities

Downloads: 159
Size: 2.92MB
Max File Shredder
Max File Shredder 2.9

Permanently erases data on your PC

Downloads: 167
Size: 3.81MB
Innovative Firewall Manager
Innovative Firewall Manager 2.0

Easily protect your computer from intruders

Downloads: 441
Size: 1.19MB
Excel Password Recovery
Excel Password Recovery 1.0M

Recover lost or forgotten MS Excel passwords.

Downloads: 154
Size: 0.59MB
Delete Cookie
Delete Cookie 1.02

Delete unwanted Cookies on the fly!

Downloads: 459
Size: 0.6MB
aSpy 2.11

Record and view user activity on the computer

Downloads: 209
Size: 1.22MB
StaffEye 4.011

Use camera to monitor and hide your program

Downloads: 162
Size: 1.4MB
FTP Password Recovery Server
FTP Password Recovery Server

FTP Password Recovery Tool.

Downloads: 442
Size: 0.13MB
Disk Doctors File Shredder
Disk Doctors File Shredder 1.0.0

Disk Doctors File Shredder / Eraser Software

Downloads: 163
Size: 15KB
User Privilege Manager
User Privilege Manager 1.0.08

To be the intimate partner of your computer.

Downloads: 162
Size: 2.02MB
Hidden Desktop
Hidden Desktop 1.28

Hide chats, web activity, and personal files

Downloads: 172
Size: 2.08MB
Vista User Time Manager
Vista User Time Manager

Specify the time when users can work on PC

Downloads: 157
Size: 1.81MB
[FireLion] Anti Keyloggers
[FireLion] Anti Keyloggers 2.0

effective at blocking unknown keyloggers

Downloads: 190
Size: 1.74MB
ABF Password Recovery
ABF Password Recovery 1.74

Program to retrieve forgotten passwords

Downloads: 174
Size: 1.36MB
Boss Key
Boss Key 5.2

Boss Key - screen privacy tool.

Downloads: 147
Size: 1.18MB
Openwall wordlists collection
Openwall wordlists collection 2003/10/09

Wordlists for password recovery.

Downloads: 196
Size: 178.41MB
PowerPoint Password Recovery
PowerPoint Password Recovery 2.1.3

Recovers lost Microsoft PowerPoint passwords.

Downloads: 178
Size: 1.66MB
Pocket Excel Password Recovery
Pocket Excel Password Recovery 1.0a

Recovers lost Pocket Excel passwords.

Downloads: 190
Size: 0.4MB