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COM Port Data Emulator

Easy and hassle-free COM port data emulation

Prototyper Pro

Easily create dynamic wireframes


SLPSoft Software System Design and Modeling
Downloads: 1560
Size: 41.47MB
Siberix Report Writer
Siberix Report Writer 10.1

Advanced PDF and XPS reporting for .NET.

Downloads: 0
Size: 2.5MB
Opus Pro
Opus Pro 9.02

Develop Win, Android, HTML5, Flash, SCORM

Downloads: 1772
Size: 217.97MB
Lexicographic Order Algorithms
Lexicographic Order Algorithms 1.0

Algorithms to calculate lexicographic order.

Downloads: 1546
Size: 23KB
Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT
Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT 2015.1

Reporting Tool for Windows 8

Downloads: 0
Size: 52.79MB
Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile
Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile 2013.1

Reporting Tool for Mobile Devices

Downloads: 2
Size: 34.69MB
Alt SQL Developer for Oracle
Alt SQL Developer for Oracle 1.27.115

The Best IDE tool for Oracle Developer & DBA

Downloads: 1562
Size: 9.02MB
Perpetuum UI Controls for Windows 8
Perpetuum UI Controls for Windows 8 2.0

Ultimate UI Controls for Windows 8 apps

Downloads: 2
Size: 0.59MB
Generate Random Numbers
Generate Random Numbers 3.01

Random numbers computer programming.

Downloads: 1533
Size: 20KB
PDFViewer SDK 2.07c

PDViewer SDK for Android developers

Downloads: 4
Size: 6.58MB
.NET Encryption Library
.NET Encryption Library 2.00

The best .NET Encryption Library

Downloads: 0
Size: 2.06MB
Nasosoft Barcode For .NET
Nasosoft Barcode For .NET

Barcode generation/recognization components

Downloads: 1526
Size: 13.09MB
Samay .NET Scheduler Enterprise
Samay .NET Scheduler Enterprise 2.1

Samay .NET Scheduler Enterprise

Downloads: 1554
Size: 13.54MB
Aspose.Imaging for Java
Aspose.Imaging for Java

Java components for image processing

Downloads: 1
Size: 3.19MB
JNIWrapper Cross-Desktop
JNIWrapper Cross-Desktop 3.12

Bridge Java and native code without using JNI

Downloads: 32
Size: 14.72MB
JNIWrapper for Linux (x86/x64)
JNIWrapper for Linux (x86/x64) 3.12

Bridge Java and native code without using JNI

Downloads: 3
Size: 1.5MB
JNIWrapper for Windows (32/64-bit)
JNIWrapper for Windows (32/64-bit) 3.12

Bridge Java and native code without using JNI

Downloads: 2
Size: 5.01MB
Curve Editor Personal
Curve Editor Personal

Bezier Curve Editor

Downloads: 1537
Size: 1.89MB
Perfect Widgets for Windows 8
Perfect Widgets for Windows 8 2.1

150+ compelling gauges for Windows 8

Downloads: 5
Size: 12.91MB
OpenFaces 3.0

Library of advanced UI components for JSF

Downloads: 0
Size: 12.11MB
JxFileWatcher Cross-Desktop
JxFileWatcher Cross-Desktop 1.4

Java library to monitor file system events

Downloads: 85
Size: 0.67MB
JExcel 1.8

Integration of Microsoft Excel with Java apps

Downloads: 0
Size: 5.14MB
JExplorer 3.6

Integration of Microsoft IE into Java apps

Downloads: 3
Size: 1.89MB
JxCapture 3.5

Java library for image and video capturing

Downloads: 2
Size: 2.78MB
Windows-to-RaspberryPi Cross-Compiler
Windows-to-RaspberryPi Cross-Compiler 1.0

Compile Raspberry Pi software from Windows

Downloads: 1978
Size: 0.21MB
Xitona Visual Studio Tabs
Xitona Visual Studio Tabs

Put documents with same name on single tab.

Downloads: 1794
Size: 0.58MB
Batch Text File Editor Free
Batch Text File Editor Free 5.0.10

Advanced batch-processing version of Notepad

Downloads: 1794
Size: 4.42MB
Screen Text OCR SDK Library
Screen Text OCR SDK Library 18.1

An OCR library for programmers.

Downloads: 5
Size: 10.94MB
DTM JDBC Driver List
DTM JDBC Driver List 2013.2

Tool exports list of installed JDBC drivers

Downloads: 1798
Size: 3KB
ComfyJ 2.12

ComfyJ is a COM-to-Java-to-COM bridge

Downloads: 3
Size: 5.98MB
Perfect Widgets Express
Perfect Widgets Express 2.0

Free HTML5 (JavaScript) gauges

Downloads: 3
Size: 1.29MB
JxBrowser 6.20

Add a rich web browser component to Java Apps

Downloads: 34
Size: 156.41MB
SmartSVN Professional
SmartSVN Professional 7.0.6

Powerful graphical Subversion 1.6 client

Downloads: 1794
Size: 0KB
Batch File Replace Free
Batch File Replace Free 5.0.10

Replace text or binary data in multiple files

Downloads: 1801
Size: 4.42MB
Virto SharePoint List Menu Web Part
Virto SharePoint List Menu Web Part 1.0.0

Virto List Menu Web Part for SharePoint

Downloads: 0
Size: 1.06MB