Recommended Debugging downloads

VB Decompiler

Decompiler of Visual Basic programs

Advanced Virtual COM Port

Create virtual COM ports.

Docklight Scripting

Automated tests for serial COM, TCP/UDP, HID


VB Decompiler
VB Decompiler 11.5

Decompiler of Visual Basic programs

Downloads: 2169
Size: 6.67MB
Docklight Scripting
Docklight Scripting 2.3.26

Automated tests for serial COM, TCP/UDP, HID

Downloads: 2070
Size: 6.59MB
iPhone to Android Transfer
iPhone to Android Transfer 3.1.2

The best iPhone to Android Transfer Software

Downloads: 1891
Size: 23.94MB
TestMachine 3.0

Tool for controlled, automated mobile testing

Downloads: 1805
Size: 33.05MB
MarraLAB for Visual Studio 2012
MarraLAB for Visual Studio 2012 1.1

Automate your develop-deploy-debug cycle.

Downloads: 1809
Size: 6.73MB
MarraLAB for Visual Studio
MarraLAB for Visual Studio 0.5Beta

Automate your develop-deploy-debug cycle

Downloads: 1792
Size: 6.35MB
THRSim11 5.30b

68HC11 assembler, simulator and debugger.

Downloads: 1841
Size: 12.87MB
LuaStudio 9.02

debugging Lua script in your applications

Downloads: 1796
Size: 7KB

The Screen Capture Software with Intelligence

Downloads: 1803
Size: 18KB
Vutog GPS Simulator
Vutog GPS Simulator 4.0

Vutog GPS Simulator

Downloads: 1794
Size: 6.58MB

Blackra1n jailbreak is best freeware

Downloads: 1823
Size: 1.91MB
Free Virtual Serial Ports
Free Virtual Serial Ports

Virtual Serial Ports Driver Software COM Port

Downloads: 1811
Size: 5.12MB
FlashTracer 1.2.1

A debugging tool for Flash platform.

Downloads: 1803
Size: 1.35MB
FPTool 1.0.0

Application to view the flash trace log.

Downloads: 1820
Size: 0.49MB
JSnapshot 1.0.1

Advanced java exception profiler.

Downloads: 1842
Size: 0.41MB
Visual DuxDebugger
Visual DuxDebugger 3.9.2

Visual DuxDebugger is a 64-bit debugger

Downloads: 1802
Size: 2.5MB
BB TestAssistant Expert
BB TestAssistant Expert

Screen recorder for testing or bug reporting.

Downloads: 2005
Size: 9.85MB
Bee Explorer
Bee Explorer 1.2.177

Free tool to explore all ZigBee Nodes.

Downloads: 1920
Size: 1.13MB
Crypto Logger For .Net
Crypto Logger For .Net 2010

Flexible high-performance logging framework.

Downloads: 1908
Size: 8.32MB
ZigBee Operator
ZigBee Operator 1.3.0

Debug tool for ZigBee & XBee Mesh Network.

Downloads: 1982
Size: 2.79MB
Comm Operator Pal
Comm Operator Pal

Free debug tool for COM TCP/IP communication.

Downloads: 1972
Size: 1.46MB
Comm Operator
Comm Operator

Professional tool for Serial Port & Network.

Downloads: 1971
Size: 3.43MB
Blade API Monitor
Blade API Monitor

Trace and log API and ActiveX interface.

Downloads: 1918
Size: 2.3MB
JIRA Client Lite
JIRA Client Lite 2.0

Free desktop client for Atlassian JIRA

Downloads: 1972
Size: 21.5MB
DLL Export Viewer
DLL Export Viewer 1.66

Lists DLL exported functions and addresses.

Downloads: 1906
Size: 54KB
JIRA Client
JIRA Client 1.5.2

Desktop client for Atlassian JIRA

Downloads: 1932
Size: 20.92MB
Deviare API Hook
Deviare API Hook 2.6.1

Deviare lets you hook applications.

Downloads: 1947
Size: 40.01MB
VcSmith 5.1.3

VcSmith is debug and test tool for VC

Downloads: 1954
Size: 6.51MB
RoutineBot 2.0

Automate interface related tasks and tests

Downloads: 1930
Size: 1.64MB
DeveloperExpo 4.1.5

Perfect tool for developing smart phone apps

Downloads: 1946
Size: 17.54MB
Blueberry Connection Tester
Blueberry Connection Tester

Test tool for remote diagnosis of PC

Downloads: 1960
Size: 0.31MB
ServiceCapture 1.2.8

Remote Service Deserialization ServiceC..

Downloads: 1958
Size: 3MB
Regression Tester
Regression Tester 1.04

Website and Web Application Testing.

Downloads: 2000
Size: 0.91MB
Auto Debug Professional
Auto Debug Professional

A Best API Monitor tool.

Downloads: 1933
Size: 3.79MB
Auto Debug for Windows
Auto Debug for Windows 4.3.1

A best api monitor tool.

Downloads: 1975
Size: 1.6MB