Recommended Management & Distribution downloads

Obsidium Software Protection System

Protect software applications and games.

Altova SchemaAgent

Graphical XML Schema management tool.


IconCool Green Submission Assistant
IconCool Green Submission Assistant 1.00.131031

Green submission tool for software

Downloads: 1813
Size: 12.27MB
Archive1 Free OCR Simple
Archive1 Free OCR Simple 1.00

Web based optical character recognition OCR

Downloads: 1798
Size: 16.59MB
TrackMySoftware 1.2

Licensing system for shareware and apps

Downloads: 1794
Size: 16.66MB
App-V Generator
App-V Generator 3.4.2

100% control in creating/editing App-V

Downloads: 1583
Size: 67.42MB
PHPMyLicense 7.0

PHP Script Encoding and License Management

Downloads: 1796
Size: 2.68MB
AppLife Update Limited
AppLife Update Limited

Complete Automatic Update Solution for .Net

Downloads: 1571
Size: 12.11MB
Hotelogix - Hotel Property Management Software
Hotelogix - Hotel Property Management Software 2.0

Hotelogix #1 Hotel Management System

Downloads: 1816
Size: 19.12MB
SimpleImageConverter 1.0

Simple Image Converter converts image files

Downloads: 1823
Size: 6.08MB
SmartSVN Professional
SmartSVN Professional 7.0.6

Powerful graphical Subversion 1.6 client

Downloads: 1819
Size: 0KB
Continuous Integration Server TeamCity
Continuous Integration Server TeamCity 7

Continuous Integration Server TeamCity

Downloads: 1808
Size: 300.75MB
Easy Pad Submitter
Easy Pad Submitter 1.3

Submit your software automatically

Downloads: 1791
Size: 0.64MB
WinTailMulti 1.4

Implementation of the popular unux/linux tail

Downloads: 1799
Size: 3.2MB
Functional Project Manager for Visual Studio
Downloads: 1816
Size: 57.21MB
VidiScript Video Uploader
VidiScript Video Uploader 1.0

upload videos to all vidiscript sites at once

Downloads: 1829
Size: 6.23MB
BoxedApp Packer
BoxedApp Packer

Pack an entire application in a single EXE

Downloads: 1580
Size: 5.77MB
CD Key Generator
CD Key Generator

Generate random alpha, numeric, or both, keys

Downloads: 1827
Size: 0.1MB
Horoskop 1.0

This horoscope software tell the future.

Downloads: 1808
Size: 1.33MB
SourceAnywhere 6.3

SQL Server Based VSS alternative software

Downloads: 1710
Size: 21.79MB
Dynamsoft SCM Anywhere Standalone
Dynamsoft SCM Anywhere Standalone 2.2.1

SQL Server based Software CM solution

Downloads: 1776
Size: 22.96MB
Issue Tracker YouTrack Hosted
Issue Tracker YouTrack Hosted 3.0

YouTrack - the fastest bug and issue tracker

Downloads: 1810
Size: 7MB
Total SQL Commander 2005
Total SQL Commander 2005 1.01

a software to manage database.

Downloads: 1589
Size: 3.45MB
Code Line Counter Pro - Perl Version
Code Line Counter Pro - Perl Version 7.0

an easy-to-use software to count code lines.

Downloads: 1779
Size: 3.89MB
Soft Marketer
Soft Marketer 2.1.4502.17050

Excellent way to manage a software business.

Downloads: 1808
Size: 3.96MB
XmlInfo 1.03


Downloads: 1568
Size: 3.91MB
Code Line Counter Pro - COBOL Version
Code Line Counter Pro - COBOL Version 7.0

an easy-to-use software to count code lines.

Downloads: 1754
Size: 3.89MB
kSign 2.0

kSign - The FREE Code Signing Utility

Downloads: 1782
Size: 3MB
uberSVN ChimneyHouse2

Free Open ALM Platform

Downloads: 1812
Size: 87.62MB
GSA Regnow Statistics Expert
GSA Regnow Statistics Expert 1.4.4

Software for RegNow customers.

Downloads: 1787
Size: 9.4MB
DB Supervisor
DB Supervisor 1.3.2

"DB Supervisor" is a tool for control of DDL

Downloads: 1589
Size: 2.78MB
CopyMetric 1.0.4

Software registration, metering and updates.

Downloads: 1933
Size: 1.28MB
MoleBox Virtualization Solution
MoleBox Virtualization Solution 4.4977

Creates portable versions of your software.

Downloads: 1690
Size: 5.85MB
Serial Key Generator
Serial Key Generator 4.0

Software developer tool.

Downloads: 4953
Size: 6.69MB
CryptoLicensing For ActiveX
CryptoLicensing For ActiveX 2018

Add licensing, copy-protection, activation

Downloads: 1953
Size: 2.56MB
Issue Tracker YouTrack
Issue Tracker YouTrack 4.0

YouTrack - the fastest bug and issue tracker

Downloads: 1962
Size: 69.76MB
CodeFort .NET & Silverlight Obfuscator
CodeFort .NET & Silverlight Obfuscator 1.6.4738

Powerful obfuscator for .NET & Silverlight

Downloads: 1893
Size: 5.1MB