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Altova SchemaAgent

Graphical XML Schema management tool.

GSA Auto SoftSubmit

Automatic Software PAD submission


CodeFort .NET & Silverlight Obfuscator
CodeFort .NET & Silverlight Obfuscator 1.6.4738

Powerful obfuscator for .NET & Silverlight

Downloads: 1893
Size: 5.1MB
Key Generator Lite
Key Generator Lite 1.1

Generate an unlimited number of license keys.

Downloads: 1990
Size: 2.57MB
PRM - Press Release Monster
PRM - Press Release Monster 1.00

PRM - Press Release Monster.

Downloads: 1967
Size: 1.61MB
Obsidium Software Protection System
Obsidium Software Protection System 1.6.9-9

Protect software applications and games.

Downloads: 1733
Size: 16.29MB
Prototyper Pro
Prototyper Pro 8.7.4

Easily create dynamic wireframes

Downloads: 1736
Size: 267.73MB
Active Pad Submit
Active Pad Submit 4.7

Active Pad Submit

Downloads: 1951
Size: 1.51MB
Tribecaads software submission service
Tribecaads software submission service 1.5

Make your software visible, increase sales.

Downloads: 1895
Size: 3.37MB

AutoUpdate+ - professional update management

Downloads: 1679
Size: 1.92MB
Mini PAD Submitter
Mini PAD Submitter 26.1

Submit your PAD *.xml program to 69 PADsites

Downloads: 1954
Size: 4MB
Deskzilla Lite
Deskzilla Lite 2.0

Free desktop client for Bugzilla

Downloads: 1974
Size: 21.06MB
Database Workbench Lite for MySQL
Downloads: 1953
Size: 16.21MB
QPack Test Management (FREE)
QPack Test Management (FREE) 5.3.1

QPack Free Software Testing Tools

Downloads: 1979
Size: 107.93MB
WinINSTALL Lifecycle Management Suite
WinINSTALL Lifecycle Management Suite 10.1

WinINSTALL Lifecycle Management Suite

Downloads: 1912
Size: 440.43MB 2.0

Lock any file and require a registration code

Downloads: 1906
Size: 4.04MB
Deskzilla 1.7.1

Desktop client for Bugzilla

Downloads: 1950
Size: 19.97MB
XpoLog Log Management and Analysis
XpoLog Log Management and Analysis 3.7

Log management and analysis for Testing Labs

Downloads: 1890
Size: 1.16MB
Depend On
Depend On 2.0.0

Dependency File Checker For Visual Basic

Downloads: 1724
Size: 1.49MB
Library .NET (Free Note Edition)
Library .NET (Free Note Edition) 18.8.6145

A personal notes and information manager

Downloads: 1971
Size: 3.61MB
SharewarePublisher 1.4

Shareware submission tool for Mac OS X

Downloads: 1923
Size: 3.84MB
MoleBox Pro
MoleBox Pro 2.3641

MBPro packs application into a single EXE.

Downloads: 1892
Size: 0.82MB
CryptoLicensing For MFC
CryptoLicensing For MFC 2018

Add licensing, copy-protection, activation

Downloads: 1911
Size: 5.47MB
CryptoLicensing For .Net
CryptoLicensing For .Net 2018

Add licensing, copy-protection, activation

Downloads: 1918
Size: 3.34MB
Shareware Tracker
Shareware Tracker

Software submission and tracking system

Downloads: 1934
Size: 3.56MB
Serial Key Maker
Serial Key Maker

Effortless Protection for your .Net Software

Downloads: 2229
Size: 1.84MB
4Menu basic CD front end
4Menu basic CD front end 1.558

Quick CD front end (free)

Downloads: 122
Size: 0.21MB
VIPadd 1.0

Shareware PADs submitter with Access Database

Downloads: 1672
Size: 4.6MB

Automatic Software Update & Patch Management

Downloads: 1893
Size: 17.45MB
Submit It 2000
Submit It 2000 3.5

Submit your programs to software web sites.

Downloads: 1689
Size: 0.58MB
Software Administration Kit
Software Administration Kit 1.8

Powerful customer and order tracking toolkit

Downloads: 1907
Size: 2.31MB
Licence Protector
Licence Protector 3.1.3

License Management, Software Protection

Downloads: 1752
Size: 40.41MB
LangAgent 2.1

Localization tools for windows applications.

Downloads: 1654
Size: 1.28MB
ABB PAD Submitter
ABB PAD Submitter 1.3

fully automated software submission solution

Downloads: 1875
Size: 3.6MB
GSA Auto SoftSubmit
GSA Auto SoftSubmit 8.12

Automatic Software PAD submission

Downloads: 1717
Size: 20.43MB
EziSubmit Pro
EziSubmit Pro 1.00.0071

Get more sales. Sell more software.

Downloads: 1686
Size: 0.82MB
SetXML 1.4

Create or update XML files from command line.

Downloads: 1936
Size: 0.15MB