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Universal Database Manager and SQL Client


Programming Tool for small graphic LCD

SoftCab Submitter

Submit your PAD to software acrhives


RadBuilder 4.0

Create interactive multimedia applications.

Downloads: 1630
Size: 15.64MB
DJ Java Decompiler
DJ Java Decompiler

Graphical java decompiler and editor

Downloads: 399
Size: 8.83MB
NFT DBCompare
NFT DBCompare 1.0.46

database comparison tool

Downloads: 1779
Size: 35.7MB
Bitmap2LCD 3.9c

Programming Tool for small graphic LCD

Downloads: 1570
Size: 9.83MB

.NET executables compression and encryption

Downloads: 1584
Size: 1.24MB
Easy-to-Use Mobile App Builder
Easy-to-Use Mobile App Builder 2014

Easy-to-Use Mobile App Builder

Downloads: 1575
Size: 15.27MB
Android Survey Maker PS Lite
Android Survey Maker PS Lite 2013.04.27

Android Survey Maker Tool

Downloads: 1804
Size: 19.65MB
.NET Obfuscator Ultimate Edition
Downloads: 1554
Size: 2.43MB
XtraBuild Designer
XtraBuild Designer 1.6.2

Database application development tool

Downloads: 1674
Size: 75.04MB
Little Software Stats
Little Software Stats 0.1

Little Software Stats is a software monitor

Downloads: 1587
Size: 1.67MB
LSACreator 2.1.5535.1685

Localization Tool .NET C# WPF WinForms ASP

Downloads: 1537
Size: 1.34MB
XMLFox Advance XML Editor
XMLFox Advance XML Editor 8.2.8

XMLFox Advance XSD and XML editor version 5.0

Downloads: 1802
Size: 1.88MB
StringEncrypt 1.0

String Encryption and File Encryption utility

Downloads: 1766
Size: 0.65MB
Windows Store Apps Obfuscator
Windows Store Apps Obfuscator 8.6.4

Windows Store apps Obfuscator

Downloads: 1572
Size: 4.62MB
Resoor 1.42

Resource editor for programs.

Downloads: 1550
Size: 1.41MB
ApexSQL Profile
ApexSQL Profile 2012.01

Performance profile SQL code directly in SSMS

Downloads: 1599
Size: 5.15MB
ApexSQL Diff API
ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02

SQL Server comparison and synchronization API

Downloads: 1576
Size: 13.02MB
Easy Code Signing 2012
Easy Code Signing 2012 2.1

Sign your applications easily

Downloads: 1834
Size: 0.65MB
Legit Log Viewer
Legit Log Viewer

Use a log file viewer for program logs.

Downloads: 1821
Size: 1.79MB
MockupData 1.03-RC1

Easy Test Data Generator

Downloads: 1570
Size: 8.04MB
Alt SQL Developer for Oracle
Alt SQL Developer for Oracle 1.27.115

The Best IDE tool for Oracle Developer & DBA

Downloads: 1564
Size: 9.02MB
DTM JDBC Driver List
DTM JDBC Driver List 2013.2

Tool exports list of installed JDBC drivers

Downloads: 1802
Size: 3KB
Professional .NET Obfuscator
Professional .NET Obfuscator 8.6.6

Professional .NET Obfuscator

Downloads: 1773
Size: 4.61MB
Font Editor
Font Editor 1.00

The Font Edit allows you to edit bitmap fonts

Downloads: 1599
Size: 88KB
Applitecta ITproWork
Applitecta ITproWork

Instant solution for IT related problems.

Downloads: 1575
Size: 1.61MB
Find it EZ Source Code Analysis
Find it EZ Source Code Analysis 4.1.2

Complete Source Code Analysis with Find it EZ

Downloads: 1587
Size: 17.57MB
Freeware Visual Studio 11 NET Obfuscator
Freeware Visual Studio 11 NET Obfuscator 8.8.0

Freeware Visual Studio 11 .NET Obfuscator

Downloads: 1577
Size: 4.61MB
TMS Data Modeler
TMS Data Modeler

The ultimate tool for modeling databases

Downloads: 1579
Size: 4.33MB
Software Copy Protection .NET Licenser
Software Copy Protection .NET Licenser 8.6.8

Software Copy Protection .NET Licenser

Downloads: 1582
Size: 4.57MB
Rustemsoft XML Converter
Rustemsoft XML Converter 8.4.4

Advanced XML Converter to convert CSV to XML

Downloads: 1580
Size: 3.04MB
DB Elephant MSSQL to Oracle Converter
DB Elephant MSSQL to Oracle Converter 1.2

A most accurate MSSQL to Oracle Converter.

Downloads: 1806
Size: 1.9MB
Freeware XMLFox XML Editor
Freeware XMLFox XML Editor 8.3.0

Freeware XML editor and XSD editor XMLFox

Downloads: 1588
Size: 1.75MB
Refractor freeware .NET Decompiler
Refractor freeware .NET Decompiler 1.6.1

Refractor freeware .NET decompiler dll/exe

Downloads: 1583
Size: 2.51MB
Access Assistant
Access Assistant 1.0

Launch the correct version of MS Access

Downloads: 1544
Size: 1.82MB
VStamp 2.0.1

Edit exe and dll version information

Downloads: 1577
Size: 0.5MB