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A powerful text and source code editor

Vrode Script Editor

JavaScript, Python,VBScript, HTML, CSS editor


Powerful VBScript editor (for .VBS scripts)


Regular Expression Laboratory
Regular Expression Laboratory 2.0

Learn and cook your regular expressions.

Downloads: 1892
Size: 1.37MB
PrEditor 2.1

A syntax colouring programmer's text editor.

Downloads: 1866
Size: 2.28MB
HippoEDIT 1.50

Powerful and Fast programmers editor

Downloads: 1983
Size: 3.8MB
EditPlus 3.80

EditPlus - text editor for Windows

Downloads: 2698
Size: 1.98MB
EditPad Pro
EditPad Pro 7.2.3

Convenient, powerful and flexible text editor

Downloads: 1940
Size: 11.5MB
Code Chameleon
Code Chameleon 2.1

Easily format, optimize, and edit code.

Downloads: 1922
Size: 1.91MB
AptEdit 5.6.2

Full-featured text, HEX, HTML, Program editor

Downloads: 1950
Size: 2.89MB
AptEdit Pro
AptEdit Pro 5.6.2

Full-featured text, HEX, HTML, Program editor

Downloads: 1666
Size: 3.1MB
Builder's Heaven
Builder's Heaven 2.03

Source Generator: Cobol,Easytrieve,Rexx,JCL.

Downloads: 1909
Size: 16.21MB
Regent 1.2.0

Regular expression from text builder.

Downloads: 1972
Size: 1.33MB
LispIDE 0.9

A basic Lisp editor for Windows.

Downloads: 1931
Size: 0.36MB
ConTEXT Editor
ConTEXT Editor 0.98.6

Text editor for software developers.

Downloads: 1921
Size: 1.57MB
Komodo Edit (Linux/x86 libstdc++6)
Komodo Edit (Linux/x86 libstdc++6) 6.1.3

Free multi-platform, multi-language editor

Downloads: 1676
Size: 40.44MB
Komodo IDE (Windows)
Komodo IDE (Windows) 9.2.1

Komodo IDE for Python, PHP, Ruby, web, more

Downloads: 1892
Size: 81.39MB
XML Viewer
XML Viewer 4

Simple and fast program for XML viewing

Downloads: 1873
Size: 0.72MB
Perl Studio
Perl Studio 2.6.2

Integrated development environment for Perl.

Downloads: 1673
Size: 1.96MB
Snip-It Pro, A Code Snippet Organization Tool
Snip-It Pro, A Code Snippet Organization Tool 2.5.1

Save Code Snippets, Keystrokes and Time

Downloads: 1933
Size: 2.26MB
VS.Php for Visual Studio .Net 2003
VS.Php for Visual Studio .Net 2003

The php editor for Visual Studio .Net 2003

Downloads: 1926
Size: 23.66MB
Hex Editor Pro
Hex Editor Pro 1.00.0025

Professional hexadecimal editor

Downloads: 1907
Size: 2.2MB
XMLSpear 3.40

XML editor with real-time validation

Downloads: 1900
Size: 9.11MB
Weaverslave 3.9.19

flexible webeditor for html, php, xml, ...

Downloads: 1959
Size: 0KB
VbsEdit 9.0868

Powerful VBScript editor (for .VBS scripts)

Downloads: 2056
Size: 11.77MB
UEStudio 12.00

Development environment:Build, Compile, Debug

Downloads: 1922
Size: 22.36MB
txtPro Text Editor
txtPro Text Editor 4.25

All-in-one multi language code/script editor.

Downloads: 1963
Size: 2.58MB
TSE Pro 4.4

TSE Pro v4.4 full-featured text editor.

Downloads: 1933
Size: 1.31MB
SuperEdi 4.3.2

Unicode text editor with syntax coloring

Downloads: 1903
Size: 1.66MB
Productivity! Professional for JBuilder
Productivity! Professional for JBuilder 2.5

Increase your development productivity!

Downloads: 1922
Size: 4.08MB
PHP4 to PHP5 Converter
PHP4 to PHP5 Converter 1.0

Convert the PHP4 files to PHP5 the easy way.

Downloads: 1964
Size: 3.01MB
HVRaster - Programmers Editor Font
HVRaster - Programmers Editor Font 1.02

Hi-Visibility Font for Programmers.

Downloads: 1846
Size: 31KB
GridinSoft Notepad Lite
GridinSoft Notepad Lite 3.3.1

Text editor with extraordinary features

Downloads: 1879
Size: 1.14MB
GridinSoft Notepad Home
GridinSoft Notepad Home

powerful text editor

Downloads: 1904
Size: 1.99MB
GridinSoft Notepad
GridinSoft Notepad

Small, fast and powerful text editor

Downloads: 1900
Size: 1.99MB
EditPro 1.57

Full-featured text editor for programmers

Downloads: 1844
Size: 0.95MB
ED for Windows
ED for Windows

A smart power packed programmer's editor.

Downloads: 1881
Size: 5.6MB
e 1.1 beta

The Collaborative Text Editor for Windows

Downloads: 1852
Size: 1.98MB