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Don't Sleep

Prevent Shutdown, Stand By, Turn Off, Restart

Macro Expert

Instead of you working for routine tasks.


A-AUTO 7.1.0Lv12

Integrates the management of batch processes.

Downloads: 13
Size: 88.91MB
Efficient Macro Recorder Mini
Efficient Macro Recorder Mini

Makes computers automatically and efficiently

Downloads: 8
Size: 1.34MB
HyperClick II
HyperClick II 2.1.1

Create keyboard & mouse shortcuts or combos.

Downloads: 1792
Size: 4.32MB
Running Recorder
Running Recorder 2.8.9

Rrecording Running Programs,Folders

Downloads: 14
Size: 1KB
DirListing (Portable)
DirListing (Portable)

A small application for listing the content..

Downloads: 8
Size: 0.34MB
Laptop Assistant
Laptop Assistant 1.8

Laptop Assistant improves laptop security.

Downloads: 229
Size: 0.45MB
Quick Weight Loss
Quick Weight Loss

Discover Quick Weight Loss Tips

Downloads: 10
Size: 0.4MB
Workspace Macro Pro - Macro Software
Workspace Macro Pro - Macro Software 7.0

Macro Program, Windows automation software

Downloads: 241
Size: 3.4MB
RankChecker 1.5.5

automatic rank checking of your website

Downloads: 1780
Size: 0.59MB
Batchrun 4.3

Launch multiple programs at once

Downloads: 250
Size: 1.13MB
Ghost Mouse Win7
Ghost Mouse Win7 3.0

Record and playback mouse and keyboard events

Downloads: 1810
Size: 0.77MB
AutoNetShare 1.0

Automounts network shares in removable drives

Downloads: 17
Size: 1.18MB
HSLAB Shutdown Folder Lite
HSLAB Shutdown Folder Lite 2.0.4

Program launches apps before shut down.

Downloads: 1752
Size: 1.84MB
TypeMate 4.0

TypeMate speeds up repetitive typing.

Downloads: 24
Size: 1.39MB
ZeroClick Spellchecker Pro
ZeroClick Spellchecker Pro 3.02

Automatic correction of typing errors.

Downloads: 8
Size: 3.05MB
IntelligentNetClean 1.0.6

PC Cleaning Utility

Downloads: 9
Size: 2.26MB
CodeTwo AutoLogon
CodeTwo AutoLogon 1.3.0

Login automatically to Exchange, SharePoint

Downloads: 4
Size: 5.61MB
Virto JQuery Charts for SharePoint
Virto JQuery Charts for SharePoint 1.0.1

JQuery Charts for Microsoft SharePoint

Downloads: 30
Size: 1MB
GiftScraper 1.0

automatically accepts facebook wall posts

Downloads: 7
Size: 55KB
AfflatusMind Macro Recorder
AfflatusMind Macro Recorder 1.1.11

record your keyboard and mouse action, replay

Downloads: 247
Size: 4.23MB
Easy LeexSpeed 2011
Easy LeexSpeed 2011 6.4.7531

More than 40 programs in one

Downloads: 10
Size: 44.87MB
Advanced Mouse Clicker
Advanced Mouse Clicker

Mouse Clicker,Advanced Mouse Clicker

Downloads: 250
Size: 1.09MB
Key Presser
Key Presser

Key Presser,Auto Key Presser,Auto Keyboard

Downloads: 234
Size: 0.44MB
Auto Shut Down
Auto Shut Down 1.3

Simple, easy to use computer shut down timer

Downloads: 121
Size: 2.52MB
GiftAuto 4.5

GiftAuto will handle your Facebook game gifts

Downloads: 208
Size: 0.57MB
Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker
Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker 4.2.1

Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker

Downloads: 1939
Size: 0.65MB
Auto Text Typer
Auto Text Typer 1.5.2

ayto text typer

Downloads: 1984
Size: 0.65MB
Free Mouse and Keyboard Recorder
Free Mouse and Keyboard Recorder

Free Mouse and Keyboard Recorder

Downloads: 336
Size: 0.59MB
Free Mouse Recorder
Free Mouse Recorder

Free Mouse Recorder

Downloads: 163
Size: 0.52MB
Free Mouse Clicker
Free Mouse Clicker

Mouse Clicker,Auto Mouse Clicker

Downloads: 121
Size: 0.43MB
eDoc PDF Data Extractor
eDoc PDF Data Extractor 1.0

Extract Selected Text from Searchable PDF

Downloads: 419
Size: 11.4MB
Mouse and Keyboard Recorder
Mouse and Keyboard Recorder

Mouse and Keyboard Recorder

Downloads: 212
Size: 0.81MB
OCR File Splitter
OCR File Splitter 2.0

Split Faxes and Tiffs by Text Content

Downloads: 110
Size: 9.85MB
Mouse Recorder
Mouse Recorder

Mouse Recorder

Downloads: 402
Size: 0.59MB
Internet Resume Search
Internet Resume Search Freeware

Find resumes over the Internet fast

Downloads: 1934
Size: 48.88MB