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Don't Sleep

Prevent Shutdown, Stand By, Turn Off, Restart

Wise Auto Shutdown

It helps shut down PC automatically.

ADO++ Exchange-Office365 User Management

ADO++ AD-Exchange-Skype-Office365 Management


Internet Resume Search
Internet Resume Search Freeware

Find resumes over the Internet fast

Downloads: 1934
Size: 48.88MB
Hidden Flash Card Copier
Hidden Flash Card Copier 3.1

Automatically copy files from flash card

Downloads: 187
Size: 0.55MB
Mouse Clicker
Mouse Clicker

Mouse Clicker,Auto Clicker,Auto Mouse Clicker

Downloads: 224
Size: 0.5MB
Router Manager
Router Manager 1.2

Router Manager

Downloads: 173
Size: 1.66MB
Power Saver
Power Saver 1.0

Save Power with Power Saver for Windows

Downloads: 1948
Size: 4.35MB
Automatic Mouse and Keyboard
Automatic Mouse and Keyboard

Automatic Mouse and Keyboard

Downloads: 1918
Size: 2.88MB
Efficient Macro Recorder Standard
Efficient Macro Recorder Standard

Makes computers automatically and efficiently

Downloads: 400
Size: 1.71MB
Asoftech Automation
Asoftech Automation 3.1

Mouse and keystrokes recorder

Downloads: 246
Size: 5.03MB
Free Mouse Auto Clicker
Free Mouse Auto Clicker 3.0

Free Mouse Auto Clicker

Downloads: 185
Size: 0.43MB
RSS Submitter
RSS Submitter

RSS Submission Tool

Downloads: 124
Size: 0.44MB
LeexSpeed 2010 Home
LeexSpeed 2010 Home 2.3.8392

More than 50 programs in one

Downloads: 159
Size: 154.79MB
Super Mouse Auto Clicker
Super Mouse Auto Clicker 4.2.2

Super Mouse Auto Clicker

Downloads: 2237
Size: 0.65MB
LeexSpeed 2010 Ultimate
LeexSpeed 2010 Ultimate 1.8.4091

More than 50 programs in one

Downloads: 122
Size: 193.22MB
Random Mouse Clicker
Random Mouse Clicker 1.0

Automate Mouse Cursor Clicks

Downloads: 119
Size: 4.34MB
Auto Mute for Mac
Auto Mute for Mac 3.4.5

Makes computer silent when it's turning on

Downloads: 113
Size: 0.14MB
Macro Express Pro
Macro Express Pro

Automate boring, repetitive computer tasks.

Downloads: 415
Size: 29.82MB
AlwaysUp 11.0

Run any app 24x7 as a Windows Service

Downloads: 1894
Size: 4.83MB
FilesFromCSV 1.00

Autogenerate textfiles from template

Downloads: 170
Size: 54KB
ExcelFileGenSheet 1.00

Autogenerate text or dwg with Excel

Downloads: 157
Size: 0.72MB
Windows 7 Shutdown Assistant
Windows 7 Shutdown Assistant 1.0.1

Windows 7 Shutdown Assistant

Downloads: 114
Size: 0.91MB
UniHotKey 3.11

Create shortcuts from your keyboard

Downloads: 126
Size: 0.62MB
Free VeeSee
Free VeeSee

Totally free VeeSee Hardware Information

Downloads: 204
Size: 3.63MB
Don't Sleep
Don't Sleep 6.11

Prevent Shutdown, Stand By, Turn Off, Restart

Downloads: 207
Size: 0.13MB
Tester Bench for jQuery
Tester Bench for jQuery BETA

Web test automation tool based on jQuery.

Downloads: 158
Size: 0.98MB
Windows Remote Scanning Console
Windows Remote Scanning Console 1.0

Windows Remote Scanning Console

Downloads: 155
Size: 2.67MB
IT Process Automation Ayehu eyeShare
IT Process Automation Ayehu eyeShare 3.6

IT Process Automation - Ayehu eyeShare

Downloads: 144
Size: 122.73MB
XPlica for SharePoint
XPlica for SharePoint 6.11

SharePoint export application & tool

Downloads: 177
Size: 18.79MB
XPlica for SharePoint 2003
XPlica for SharePoint 2003 4.8

XPlica is a powerful export tool for SP 2003.

Downloads: 146
Size: 2.52MB
SPListX for SharePoint
SPListX for SharePoint 7.16.1

SPListX export tool for SharePoint.

Downloads: 148
Size: 10.28MB
Document Import Kit for SharePoint 2003
Document Import Kit for SharePoint 2003 7.10

Import Documents from Remote.

Downloads: 166
Size: 2.69MB
SharePoint Farm Reporter
SharePoint Farm Reporter 4.2.1

Reporting tool for SharePoint 2013/2010/2007.

Downloads: 157
Size: 28.64MB
Admin Report Kit for SharePoint 2003 (ARKSP)
Admin Report Kit for SharePoint 2003 (ARKSP) 4.5

Reporting tool for Microsoft Office SPS 2003.

Downloads: 153
Size: 2.37MB
Fox Daemon
Fox Daemon 2.1

Run any program as Windows service

Downloads: 351
Size: 0.51MB
Keyboard LEDs
Keyboard LEDs 2.71

Lets you know the state of keyboard locks

Downloads: 116
Size: 0.49MB
Pad2mouse 3.11

Use the joystick instead of a mouse

Downloads: 123
Size: 0.21MB