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File and folder synchronization and backup

GoodSync for Mac

Mac File and folder synchronization/backup


FBackup makes copies of your important data.


zebNet Server Backup 2012
zebNet Server Backup 2012 1.2.11

Backup you data on your Windows Server

Downloads: 21
Size: 12.31MB
zebNet PC Backup 2012 Professional
zebNet PC Backup 2012 Professional 1.2.11

Backup you data on your PC

Downloads: 19
Size: 12.31MB
Magic NTFS Recovery
Magic NTFS Recovery 2.8

Content-aware NTFS recovery

Downloads: 6
Size: 13.28MB
Comfy Partition Recovery
Comfy Partition Recovery 2.6

Efficient recovery of deleted data

Downloads: 6
Size: 12.96MB
ImageCloudLock 2012 for Azure (Beta)
ImageCloudLock 2012 for Azure (Beta) 1.0

Cloud Backup Utility for Windows Azure

Downloads: 26
Size: 7.35MB
Z-VSScopy 1.7

Z-VSScopy - Volume Shadow Copy

Downloads: 10
Size: 5.27MB
Exiland Backup Standard
Exiland Backup Standard 5.0

Simple and very flexible file backup software

Downloads: 12
Size: 5.31MB
Exiland Backup Free
Exiland Backup Free 5.0

Free and powerful file backup software

Downloads: 14
Size: 5.31MB
Smart Backup
Smart Backup 1.20

backup important data to Disk, FTP and EMail

Downloads: 17
Size: 1.13MB
Bad CD/DVD Recovery
Bad CD/DVD Recovery 4.4

CD and DVD Data Recovery, Rescue software CD

Downloads: 27
Size: 2.15MB
DAEMON Tools Pro
DAEMON Tools Pro 8.0

Best product for optical media emulation.

Downloads: 2008
Size: 29.7MB
Diy Data Recovery CD Acer Power 1000 PC
Diy Data Recovery CD Acer Power 1000 PC 2.0.3

The worlds most easy to use Data Recovery CD

Downloads: 15
Size: 217.77MB
SQL Cloud Backup Free
SQL Cloud Backup Free 0.9.63

Back up and restore your SQL Server databases

Downloads: 5
Size: 5.05MB
BackupSF 3.1.0

Website backup to your local computer

Downloads: 17
Size: 6.33MB
Comfy File Recovery
Comfy File Recovery 3.9

Comfy File Recovery brings back lost files

Downloads: 5
Size: 12.84MB
Magic Partition Recovery
Magic Partition Recovery 2.5

Rebuild broken disk system structures

Downloads: 11
Size: 13.31MB
Leawo Photo Recovery for Mac
Leawo Photo Recovery for Mac 1.5.0

Recover data from Mac hard drive and devices

Downloads: 22
Size: 2.35MB
Comfy Photo Recovery
Comfy Photo Recovery 4.5

Comfy Photo Recovery saves your photos fast

Downloads: 5
Size: 5.74MB
RS File Recovery
RS File Recovery 4.1

Recover deleted files and folders

Downloads: 7
Size: 14.31MB
Android File Recovery
Android File Recovery 2.1

Recover lost photos & videos from Android

Downloads: 120
Size: 4.12MB
Handy Backup Network Server 64-bit
Handy Backup Network Server 64-bit 7.4.2

Backup solution for many networked computers

Downloads: 3
Size: 28.88MB
DVD Contractor
DVD Contractor 5.0

Backup Solution & Video Converter for DVD's

Downloads: 31
Size: 22.34MB
Product Key Reader
Product Key Reader 1.0.2

Recover and save your product keys.

Downloads: 515
Size: 0.31MB
RS Photo Recovery
RS Photo Recovery 4.7

Recover lost and deleted photos

Downloads: 8
Size: 7.17MB
Comfy File Repair
Comfy File Repair 1.1

Restore corrupted image files with ease

Downloads: 19
Size: 3.48MB
Handy Backup Small Server 64-bit
Handy Backup Small Server 64-bit 7.4.6

Advanced backup solution for server data.

Downloads: 227
Size: 28.66MB
VeryAndroid Contacts Backup
VeryAndroid Contacts Backup 2.2.2

Copy and backup contacts on Android to PC

Downloads: 6
Size: 1.79MB
Music Transfer for iPod iPad iPhone
Music Transfer for iPod iPad iPhone 7.5.0

Transfer music from iPod to iTunes

Downloads: 29
Size: 4.94MB
ShadowProtect® Desktop™
ShadowProtect® Desktop™ 4.1.5

Fast and Reliable Backup and DR Software

Downloads: 7
Size: 26.73MB
Favortools WinCastle
Favortools WinCastle 3.0

Automated baseline restore software solution.

Downloads: 23
Size: 6.42MB
My Backup Drive
My Backup Drive 4.8

Backup your data online with My Backup Drive.

Downloads: 5
Size: 10.35MB
Previous Version File Recoverer
Previous Version File Recoverer 2.0

Recover previous versions of files w/o backup

Downloads: 9
Size: 0.56MB
Handy Backup Home Standard 64-bit
Handy Backup Home Standard 64-bit 7.4.2

Automatic file backup software for Windows

Downloads: 9
Size: 28.88MB
Win Rar Pro
Win Rar Pro 4.11

Download Win Rar with Skins

Downloads: 256
Size: 1.48MB
Handy Backup Small Server
Handy Backup Small Server 7.18.0

Advanced backup solution for Windows servers.

Downloads: 15
Size: 164.29MB