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Outlook Backup Assistant

Easy and complete Outlook data backup


Portable backup and synchronize tool


zebNet Server Backup 2012
zebNet Server Backup 2012 1.2.11

Backup you data on your Windows Server

Downloads: 21
Size: 12.31MB
zebNet PC Backup 2012 Professional
zebNet PC Backup 2012 Professional 1.2.11

Backup you data on your PC

Downloads: 19
Size: 12.31MB
Magic NTFS Recovery
Magic NTFS Recovery 2.8

Content-aware NTFS recovery

Downloads: 6
Size: 13.28MB
Comfy Partition Recovery
Comfy Partition Recovery 2.6

Efficient recovery of deleted data

Downloads: 6
Size: 12.96MB
ImageCloudLock 2012 for Azure (Beta)
ImageCloudLock 2012 for Azure (Beta) 1.0

Cloud Backup Utility for Windows Azure

Downloads: 26
Size: 7.35MB
Z-VSScopy 1.7

Z-VSScopy - Volume Shadow Copy

Downloads: 10
Size: 5.27MB
Exiland Backup Standard
Exiland Backup Standard 5.0

Simple and very flexible file backup software

Downloads: 12
Size: 5.31MB
Exiland Backup Free
Exiland Backup Free 5.0

Free and powerful file backup software

Downloads: 14
Size: 5.31MB
Smart Backup
Smart Backup 1.20

backup important data to Disk, FTP and EMail

Downloads: 17
Size: 1.13MB
Bad CD/DVD Recovery
Bad CD/DVD Recovery 4.4

CD and DVD Data Recovery, Rescue software CD

Downloads: 27
Size: 2.15MB
DAEMON Tools Pro
DAEMON Tools Pro 8.0

Best product for optical media emulation.

Downloads: 2008
Size: 29.7MB
Diy Data Recovery CD Acer Power 1000 PC
Diy Data Recovery CD Acer Power 1000 PC 2.0.3

The worlds most easy to use Data Recovery CD

Downloads: 15
Size: 217.77MB
SQL Cloud Backup Free
SQL Cloud Backup Free 0.9.63

Back up and restore your SQL Server databases

Downloads: 5
Size: 5.05MB
BackupSF 3.1.0

Website backup to your local computer

Downloads: 17
Size: 6.33MB
Comfy File Recovery
Comfy File Recovery 3.9

Comfy File Recovery brings back lost files

Downloads: 5
Size: 12.84MB
Magic Partition Recovery
Magic Partition Recovery 2.5

Rebuild broken disk system structures

Downloads: 11
Size: 13.31MB
Leawo Photo Recovery for Mac
Leawo Photo Recovery for Mac 1.5.0

Recover data from Mac hard drive and devices

Downloads: 22
Size: 2.35MB
Comfy Photo Recovery
Comfy Photo Recovery 4.5

Comfy Photo Recovery saves your photos fast

Downloads: 5
Size: 5.74MB
RS File Recovery
RS File Recovery 4.1

Recover deleted files and folders

Downloads: 7
Size: 14.31MB
Android File Recovery
Android File Recovery 2.1

Recover lost photos & videos from Android

Downloads: 120
Size: 4.12MB
Handy Backup Network Server 64-bit
Handy Backup Network Server 64-bit 7.4.2

Backup solution for many networked computers

Downloads: 3
Size: 28.88MB
DVD Contractor
DVD Contractor 5.0

Backup Solution & Video Converter for DVD's

Downloads: 31
Size: 22.34MB
Product Key Reader
Product Key Reader 1.0.2

Recover and save your product keys.

Downloads: 515
Size: 0.31MB
RS Photo Recovery
RS Photo Recovery 4.7

Recover lost and deleted photos

Downloads: 8
Size: 7.17MB
Comfy File Repair
Comfy File Repair 1.1

Restore corrupted image files with ease

Downloads: 19
Size: 3.48MB
Handy Backup Small Server 64-bit
Handy Backup Small Server 64-bit 7.4.6

Advanced backup solution for server data.

Downloads: 227
Size: 28.66MB
VeryAndroid Contacts Backup
VeryAndroid Contacts Backup 2.2.2

Copy and backup contacts on Android to PC

Downloads: 6
Size: 1.79MB
Music Transfer for iPod iPad iPhone
Music Transfer for iPod iPad iPhone 7.5.0

Transfer music from iPod to iTunes

Downloads: 29
Size: 4.94MB
ShadowProtect® Desktop™
ShadowProtect® Desktop™ 4.1.5

Fast and Reliable Backup and DR Software

Downloads: 7
Size: 26.73MB
Favortools WinCastle
Favortools WinCastle 3.0

Automated baseline restore software solution.

Downloads: 23
Size: 6.42MB
My Backup Drive
My Backup Drive 4.8

Backup your data online with My Backup Drive.

Downloads: 5
Size: 10.35MB
Previous Version File Recoverer
Previous Version File Recoverer 2.0

Recover previous versions of files w/o backup

Downloads: 9
Size: 0.56MB
Handy Backup Home Standard 64-bit
Handy Backup Home Standard 64-bit 7.4.2

Automatic file backup software for Windows

Downloads: 9
Size: 28.88MB
Win Rar Pro
Win Rar Pro 4.11

Download Win Rar with Skins

Downloads: 259
Size: 1.48MB
Handy Backup Small Server
Handy Backup Small Server 7.18.0

Advanced backup solution for Windows servers.

Downloads: 16
Size: 164.29MB