Recommended Launchers & Task Managers downloads page 4

EF Process Manager

Shows which modules/processes have opened

SterJo Task Manager

Easy-to-use Windows Task Manager alternative.

Actual Multiple Monitors

A must-have for multi-monitor setups!


The Ultimate Troubleshooter
The Ultimate Troubleshooter 4.92

The Ultimate PC Tuning program – 5 stars

Downloads: 365
Size: 23.81MB
The TUT Video
The TUT Video 1.30

TUT - The Video

Downloads: 1982
Size: 1.87MB
Sigma Launcher
Sigma Launcher 1.20.20

Launch files and folders by an automatic menu

Downloads: 1978
Size: 0.37MB
SecurDesk! LV
SecurDesk! LV 5.32

Replace default desktop with a custom shell.

Downloads: 187
Size: 3.09MB
PS Hot Folders
PS Hot Folders 2.2

Fast access to folders in Open/SaveAs dialogs

Downloads: 410
Size: 1.14MB

Portable menu launcher - uses relative paths

Downloads: 401
Size: 0.19MB
PopBar 1.0.0

Task bar file launcher - saves desktop space.

Downloads: 1979
Size: 0.63MB
NextSTART 11.10

Windows User Interface Replacement

Downloads: 358
Size: 36.04MB
MIRV 2000
MIRV 2000 28

Try this small multiple program launcher

Downloads: 176
Size: 0.55MB
Macroworx Filing Cabinets
Macroworx Filing Cabinets

The Ultimate Windows Desktop Manager!

Downloads: 346
Size: 3.35MB
CustomBar 1.0

Flexible Windows appbar with plugin support.

Downloads: 112
Size: 1.63MB
TimetoShutDown 2.0

TimetoShutDown computer timed shutdown

Downloads: 414
Size: 0.28MB
Chameleon Startup Manager
Chameleon Startup Manager 2.65

Windows startup, schedule and task manager

Downloads: 378
Size: 2.3MB
CDMenu 2.40.02

Create a professional CD-ROM autoplay menu.

Downloads: 1961
Size: 3.13MB

QiiNinja is for launching applications.

Downloads: 144
Size: 24KB
SysResources Manager
SysResources Manager 12.4

Watch all critical system activities

Downloads: 174
Size: 5.41MB
Advanced Process Controller Free Version
Advanced Process Controller Free Version

Monitor all running processes

Downloads: 186
Size: 2.41MB
Power Process Controller Free Version
Power Process Controller Free Version

Monitor all running processes

Downloads: 178
Size: 2.15MB
Sumka quick launcher
Sumka quick launcher

Quick program launcher

Downloads: 173
Size: 0.38MB
WinTopMost Site License
WinTopMost Site License 1.2.4

Disable close or minimize button, topmost win

Downloads: 187
Size: 1.5MB
TaskGuardian 1.0

Advanced process viewer and security analyzer

Downloads: 112
Size: 1.18MB
Taskbar Hide
Taskbar Hide 3.0

hide windows program or icons,max new window

Downloads: 172
Size: 0.86MB
Service - O - Matic
Service - O - Matic 3.00

Run any windows application as a service

Downloads: 373
Size: 2.93MB
PathfinderIII 2.5.1

Full featured desktop shortcut launcher.

Downloads: 1942
Size: 2.78MB
Run Plus
Run Plus

Fast start of programs.

Downloads: 194
Size: 1.82MB
Able Launch Bar
Able Launch Bar 3.8.3

Able Launch Bar is Quick Launch replacement

Downloads: 373
Size: 0.54MB
Application Launcher
Application Launcher

Application Launcher is a script launcher

Downloads: 136
Size: 0.51MB
QuickClick Launcher
QuickClick Launcher 1.0

Launch your Applications and files...

Downloads: 415
Size: 1.32MB
Background Optimizer
Background Optimizer 1.4

Automatic computer optimizer

Downloads: 422
Size: 2.04MB
QuickCut xp
QuickCut xp 1.4

Launch your Applications and files...

Downloads: 411
Size: 1.51MB
Process Priority Optimizer
Process Priority Optimizer

Process priority class optimizer for Windows

Downloads: 352
Size: 4.32MB
Cresotech Easystart
Cresotech Easystart 2.0

Tool to manage/launch/monitor other programs

Downloads: 157
Size: 1.47MB
Arc Menu
Arc Menu 5.3b

Secure networked DOS menu program

Downloads: 373
Size: 0.48MB
Workspace Macro
Workspace Macro 4.6.1

Keyboard macro, Mouse macro, Macro recorder

Downloads: 139
Size: 1.72MB
Window Magician
Window Magician 1.1.3

Utility to improve your security

Downloads: 134
Size: 0.7MB