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Remember window position and size!


Calculate the MD5/SHA1 hashes of your files

WebCam Video for Miranda

Shows a picture of remote contact


Caps Lock Commander
Caps Lock Commander 2.0.0

On-screen indicator for caps lock

Downloads: 1575
Size: 24.68MB
Lazesoft Windows Data Recovery Free
Lazesoft Windows Data Recovery Free 4.0.1

Windows Data Recovery Freeware

Downloads: 4
Size: 9.89MB
Hide Windows
Hide Windows 1.4

Hiding windows from unwelcome attention.

Downloads: 21
Size: 0.56MB
Laptop Battery Optimizer
Laptop Battery Optimizer 5.9

Laptop Battery Optimizer gives more juice!

Downloads: 121
Size: 7.81MB
Yesterdata Data Recovery
Yesterdata Data Recovery 3.3

best data recovery software

Downloads: 99
Size: 1.33MB
Best Secret Browser HD Pro
Best Secret Browser HD Pro 1.0

Surf The Web Privately, No One Will Be Able

Downloads: 12
Size: 12.4MB
AlsoGet Utilities Pro
AlsoGet Utilities Pro 3.3

AlsoGet Utilities Pro

Downloads: 8
Size: 5.53MB
Windows 8 Media Center Enabler
Windows 8 Media Center Enabler

Enables Windows Media Center on Windows 8 RP

Downloads: 81
Size: 0.15MB
QChartist 42

QChartist is a free trading software.

Downloads: 15
Size: 326MB
Power Manager
Power Manager 1.2

Reduce your computer power consiumption!

Downloads: 126
Size: 0.97MB
Best Alarm Security
Best Alarm Security 1.0

Best Alarm Security For Your Device Simply

Downloads: 13
Size: 9MB
System Optimizer 1.0
System Optimizer 1.0 1.0

System Optimizer a complete PC utilitie Suite

Downloads: 16
Size: 7MB
Best Phone Security
Best Phone Security 1.0

Simply activate the alarm and catch nosey

Downloads: 18
Size: 3.2MB
Act On File
Act On File 2012-2

All in one software for work with files.

Downloads: 5
Size: 0.27MB
Kiwi Application Restarter
Kiwi Application Restarter 0.9.1

Small and quick application restarter

Downloads: 6
Size: 0.53MB
Memory Cleaner
Memory Cleaner 5.9

Memory Cleaner saves energy

Downloads: 22
Size: 12.33MB
Green IT Software
Green IT Software 5.9

Green IT Software saves energy

Downloads: 12
Size: 12.33MB
RAM Optimizer
RAM Optimizer 5.9

RAM Optimizer saves energy

Downloads: 30
Size: 12.33MB
Pass Keylogger
Pass Keylogger 1

Pass Keylogger save keyboard keys

Downloads: 28
Size: 1.16MB
Easy To Do
Easy To Do 1.0

Easy To Do helps create categorized list

Downloads: 144
Size: 10MB
USB to Ethernet Connector for Mac
USB to Ethernet Connector for Mac 4.0

Access remote USB devices over Network

Downloads: 26
Size: 5.08MB
Best Battery Manager HD
Best Battery Manager HD 1.0

Best Battery Manager HD is an excellent way

Downloads: 24
Size: 17.9MB
KAR Senior
KAR Senior 2.1

KAR Senior

Downloads: 16
Size: 241.58MB
KAR Intelligent Computer
KAR Intelligent Computer 2.1

KAR Intelligence Articielle

Downloads: 12
Size: 251.6MB
KAR Handicap
KAR Handicap 2.1

KAR Handicap

Downloads: 21
Size: 244.18MB
FastSearch 1.0

find a specific string of text inside a file

Downloads: 14
Size: 1.58MB
KAR Energy Software FREE
KAR Energy Software FREE 5.9

KAR Energy Software saves energy

Downloads: 16
Size: 8.48MB
Pass Revelator
Pass Revelator 1

Retrieve MSN or Facebook Passwords back

Downloads: 91
Size: 0.92MB
Email to Fax
Email to Fax 1.1

Using fax to email simplifies communications

Downloads: 3
Size: 0.67MB
SourceUSB 3.41.0

SourceUSB is a software-based USB analyzer.

Downloads: 12
Size: 11.37MB
AppleMacSoft Empty Trash for Mac
AppleMacSoft Empty Trash for Mac 1.0.4

Secure delete your Mac Trash

Downloads: 21
Size: 1.48MB
LeafBoy 1.4.2

Scan documents and photos quickly.

Downloads: 4
Size: 10.67MB
OMR Sheet
OMR Sheet

omr sheet

Downloads: 1575
Size: 0KB
Sunflower Mobilesystem with Cloud
Sunflower Mobilesystem with Cloud 1.0

One click, all programs, anywhere, free.

Downloads: 19
Size: 828.99MB
Best Music File Downloader Pro
Best Music File Downloader Pro 1.0

Best Music and File Downloader allows you

Downloads: 26
Size: 6MB