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GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 3D

Extends you Desktop without Limits!

Aml Maple

Aml Maple is indicator of keyboard layout

Actual Virtual Desktops

Organize! Give each activity its own desktop!


Camtech Context Tools
Camtech Context Tools 1.0

Useful utilities to Windows Explorer Context

Downloads: 1588
Size: 0.15MB
Hitonic JAR-Starter
Hitonic JAR-Starter 1.1.1

Launch JAR/JAD files in various environments.

Downloads: 1827
Size: 0.62MB
Chameleon Buttons Lite
Chameleon Buttons Lite

Add buttons to the title bars of the windows

Downloads: 1561
Size: 4.07MB
Tab Killer for TrackPad
Tab Killer for TrackPad 1.1

The most convenient, easy to close Tab.

Downloads: 1799
Size: 0.52MB
Sticky Previews
Sticky Previews 1.4

Picture-in-Picture control for Windows 7

Downloads: 1782
Size: 0.36MB
Windows Shell
Windows Shell 1.2.0

Windows Shell is excellent utility!

Downloads: 1802
Size: 1.13MB
Radian v1.4.0.260

A radial launch menu for Windows

Downloads: 1555
Size: 0.63MB
Thumbico 1.1

View large, uncensored file thumbnails/icons.

Downloads: 1775
Size: 85KB
Folder Marker Home - Changes Folder Colors
Folder Marker Home - Changes Folder Colors 4.2

#1 folder color and icon changer on Internet

Downloads: 1710
Size: 6.56MB
Chameleon Window Manager Lite
Chameleon Window Manager Lite

Add buttons to the title bars of the windows

Downloads: 1801
Size: 3.46MB
GTweak 1.61

A very tiny consode mode friendly tweaker.

Downloads: 1743
Size: 33KB
DevxExec 1.16

Run a process under another user credentials

Downloads: 1937
Size: 0.1MB
Chameleon Shutdown Lite
Chameleon Shutdown Lite

Switch off, restart, hibernate the computer

Downloads: 1829
Size: 1.36MB
ShellMenuNew 1.02

Disable/Enable items in Explorer 'New' menu.

Downloads: 1734
Size: 42KB
WOW64Menu 2.0.0

WOW64Menu - 32-bit shell menu on Windows x64.

Downloads: 1725
Size: 0.33MB
BigWindows 2.0

Increase file dialog box dimension, customize

Downloads: 1913
Size: 0.14MB
Lens - DragMag
Lens - DragMag 1.1

Magnify, capture, zoom in a snap. The best.

Downloads: 1927
Size: 0.14MB
Crystal Virtual Desktop
Crystal Virtual Desktop 3.7

Group all your windows with one click!

Downloads: 1930
Size: 3.3MB
Recent Files
Recent Files 1.0-Beta

View recently accessed files for any folder.

Downloads: 1960
Size: 0.25MB
txt2html 1.21

Txt to HTML

Downloads: 1913
Size: 0.21MB
How to change folder icon
How to change folder icon 1.4

Change folder icon by one mouse click!

Downloads: 1715
Size: 0.96MB
FolderBookmarks 1.2

Quickly navigate to your favorite folders

Downloads: 1722
Size: 0.59MB
GestMan 1.1.5

GestMan - Mouse gesture manager for Windows

Downloads: 1966
Size: 0.43MB
Windows 7 System Suite
Windows 7 System Suite 6.51

Top-rated Windows 7 System Suite Download

Downloads: 1969
Size: 5.56MB
Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7
Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7 2.2a

The world's smartest power management tool

Downloads: 1712
Size: 1.48MB
Start Menu 7
Start Menu 7 6.3

Superior alternative to the system Start menu

Downloads: 1925
Size: 6.19MB
Automatically Run Or Close Programs At Certain Times Software
Downloads: 1688
Size: 1.01MB
Extract Text
Extract Text

Extract text from document files.

Downloads: 1885
Size: 0.22MB
Acritum Total Power Control
Acritum Total Power Control 1.028

Enhanced control of PC power features & more

Downloads: 1705
Size: 2.16MB
Say! 1.6

ECHO both text and control characters

Downloads: 1708
Size: 0.22MB

YYYYMMDD, YYMMDD and HHMM display date/time

Downloads: 1955
Size: 0.13MB
Confirm 1.3

Ask user to confirm an action in a BAT file.

Downloads: 1678
Size: 76KB
VanDyke ClientPack for Windows, Mac and UNIX
VanDyke ClientPack for Windows, Mac and UNIX 8.5.4

Command-line utilities for secure automation.

Downloads: 1869
Size: 16MB
Taskix 64
Taskix 64 2.1

Reorder taskbar tabs and more.

Downloads: 1941
Size: 0.23MB
Taskix 2.1

Reorder taskbar tabs and more.

Downloads: 1940
Size: 0.2MB