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Folder Marker Home - Changes Folder Colors

#1 folder color and icon changer on Internet

VanDyke ClientPack for Windows, Mac and UNIX

Command-line utilities for secure automation.

Folder Marker Pro - Changes Folder Icons

#1 folder icon and color changer on the net!


GiMeSpace Desktop Extender
GiMeSpace Desktop Extender

Extends you Desktop without Limits!

Downloads: 1932
Size: 1.55MB
VMware Workstation Windows
VMware Workstation Windows 6.5.0014

VMware Workstation Virtual Machine 4 Windows

Downloads: 1718
Size: 500MB
ShellMenuView 1.35

Disable/enable Explorer menu items.

Downloads: 1868
Size: 46KB
ShellExView 1.97

Lists the installed shell extensions.

Downloads: 1935
Size: 64KB
Actual Virtual Desktops
Actual Virtual Desktops 8.14.3

Organize! Give each activity its own desktop!

Downloads: 1947
Size: 8.1MB
Crystal Desktop
Crystal Desktop 3.9

Add up to nine desktops with Crystal Desktop

Downloads: 1679
Size: 2.45MB
New File Wizard
New File Wizard 1.4.6

Wizard will help you to create the new file.

Downloads: 2005
Size: 92KB
Folder Tag
Folder Tag 1.1

Add text tag to any folder. Freeware.

Downloads: 1746
Size: 90KB
WhatInStartup 1.35

disable/delete programs at Windows startup.

Downloads: 1688
Size: 55KB
Fileinspect Sidebar Gadget
Fileinspect Sidebar Gadget 1.0.0

Fileinspect Gadget - manage Windows processes

Downloads: 1730
Size: 46KB
TweakEasy Professional
TweakEasy Professional 4.4

A professional Windows tweaking utility.

Downloads: 1749
Size: 0.72MB
FileMenu Tools
FileMenu Tools 5.5

Customize the context menu of Windows

Downloads: 1882
Size: 7.07MB
Fast Explorer
Fast Explorer

File objects context menu management utility

Downloads: 1696
Size: 1.41MB
Tweaki...for Power Users
Tweaki...for Power Users 4.3.5

Windows Configuration and Management Tool

Downloads: 1536
Size: 3.57MB
Tweaking Toolbox XP
Tweaking Toolbox XP 2.1

Improve appearance and performance of WinXP.

Downloads: 1909
Size: 1.17MB
Taskbar Button Manager
Taskbar Button Manager 2.3

Easily move your taskbar buttons.

Downloads: 1917
Size: 1.39MB
Start Menu Tuner
Start Menu Tuner 1.47

Change the order of Start Menu Programs.

Downloads: 113
Size: 0.68MB
QuickIT .NET
QuickIT .NET 1.1

QuickIT .NET

Downloads: 1967
Size: 0.36MB
Handy Folders
Handy Folders

Quick access to folders: cut your way short!

Downloads: 144
Size: 4.02MB
Chameleon Folder Lite
Chameleon Folder Lite

Fast access to your favorite folders.

Downloads: 480
Size: 1.89MB
Chimera Virtual Desktop
Chimera Virtual Desktop 1.4.0

Create up to 9 virtual desktops

Downloads: 401
Size: 1.31MB
Windows Sniper
Windows Sniper 2.5

Windows Sniper automates your desktop

Downloads: 158
Size: 0.72MB
Transparent Window Manager
Transparent Window Manager 3.3

Transparent Window Manager

Downloads: 145
Size: 2.28MB
Talisman Desktop
Talisman Desktop 3.4

Desktop Manager

Downloads: 171
Size: 10.89MB
System ScreenSaver
System ScreenSaver 2.2

Run any program as a screen-saver.

Downloads: 149
Size: 0.23MB
PocketPC Battery Monitor
PocketPC Battery Monitor 1.0

Battery info on your Today screen

Downloads: 1927
Size: 18KB
MaxMonkey 2.40

Windows management system tray utility

Downloads: 433
Size: 0.76MB

Lets you drag and (un)group taskbar buttons

Downloads: 1891
Size: 0.57MB
Fast Folder Access
Fast Folder Access 2.0

Fast jump folder and right click image view.

Downloads: 1894
Size: 1.08MB
Alax.Info NTFS Links
Alax.Info NTFS Links 1.1.3

Shell extensions to manipulate NTFS links

Downloads: 1978
Size: 0.24MB
Bee Icons
Bee Icons 4.0.3

Bee Icons - shell icons customization tool

Downloads: 397
Size: 2.54MB
FolderNavigator 1.7

Show subfolder sizes.

Downloads: 359
Size: 1.01MB
ZeroIn 3.4

Clever replacement for DOS CD command

Downloads: 189
Size: 0.63MB
Whats This File Type
Whats This File Type 1.8

Right-click on file to check what it is

Downloads: 158
Size: 0.4MB
WallPaperPlus 4.2

This desktop wallpaper changer keeps your des

Downloads: 184
Size: 2.31MB