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GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 3D

Extends you Desktop without Limits!

Aml Maple

Aml Maple is indicator of keyboard layout

Actual Virtual Desktops

Organize! Give each activity its own desktop!


UserInfoTip 2.3

mark and add description for files or folders

Downloads: 367
Size: 1.4MB
Quick Access Folders & Files
Quick Access Folders & Files 2.2

Desktop enhancement and File Dialog tools

Downloads: 1927
Size: 1.88MB
PS Tray Factory
PS Tray Factory 3.3

Hide and sort tray icons with PS Tray Factory

Downloads: 116
Size: 1.32MB
PropertyEditor 5.0

Edit properties for a file, folder, or drive

Downloads: 127
Size: 3.41MB
MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software
MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software 4.0.12

Use any spare PC as a multi monitor

Downloads: 284
Size: 5.09MB
KO Approach
KO Approach 0.5.2

Quick file access by icon clicks in Explorer

Downloads: 112
Size: 0.77MB
ID Window
ID Window 1.11

Identifies executable behind window

Downloads: 444
Size: 0.62MB
Folder Marker Pro - Changes Folder Icons
Folder Marker Pro - Changes Folder Icons 4.2

#1 folder icon and color changer on the net!

Downloads: 374
Size: 7.11MB
Folder Marker Free - Changes Folder Icons
Folder Marker Free - Changes Folder Icons 4.2

Colorize your folders by one mouse click!

Downloads: 385
Size: 4.33MB
File Splitter PRO
File Splitter PRO 3.0

Split large files into smaller pieces ...

Downloads: 175
Size: 1.13MB
Captain Tray Pro
Captain Tray Pro 6.4

Captain Tray Pro is a tray manager.

Downloads: 334
Size: 1.2MB
Belkasoft ICQ plugin for GDS Pro
Belkasoft ICQ plugin for GDS Pro 2.01

Indexes ICQ history with Google Desktop Search

Downloads: 186
Size: 1.07MB
Belkasoft ICQ plugin for GDS
Belkasoft ICQ plugin for GDS 1.01

Indexes ICQ history with Google Desktop Search

Downloads: 188
Size: 1.07MB
Actual Window Rollup
Actual Window Rollup 8.14

Welcome the handy Roll Up feature for Windows

Downloads: 128
Size: 8.02MB
Actual Window Minimizer
Actual Window Minimizer 8.14

Minimize any window to tray in a single click

Downloads: 123
Size: 8.06MB
Actual Window Menu
Actual Window Menu 8.14

Enhance system window menu with new abilities

Downloads: 134
Size: 8.09MB
Actual Title Buttons
Actual Title Buttons 8.14

New buttons teach your windows new tricks!

Downloads: 164
Size: 8.26MB
Active Virtual Desktop
Active Virtual Desktop 2.01

Virtual desktop manager for Windows.

Downloads: 200
Size: 1.23MB
AcFolders 1.6

Powerful toolbar for standard Open-Save boxes

Downloads: 114
Size: 1.05MB
Taskbar Master
Taskbar Master 1.0.12

Control your taskbar buttons and icons

Downloads: 163
Size: 0.53MB

It's an enhancement tool for Windows.

Downloads: 1971
Size: 0.19MB
Disc Ejector
Disc Ejector 1.2

Control your Disc tray from the Taskbar.

Downloads: 174
Size: 0.64MB
WindowSpace 2.6.1

Make the most of your desktop workspace

Downloads: 148
Size: 0.49MB
Tweaking Toolbox Vista
Tweaking Toolbox Vista 1.0

Designed to make changes to the Vista OS

Downloads: 399
Size: 2.01MB
ShellBagsView 1.21

Displays folder settings saved by Windows.

Downloads: 157
Size: 48KB
UserAssistView 1.02

decrypt UserAssist entries in the Registry.

Downloads: 112
Size: 34KB
TopSelecText 4.4

Highlight text with the 5-Way Navigator....

Downloads: 144
Size: 10KB
TopSignalOnKeyguard 1.0

Phone range/signal and battery level...

Downloads: 188
Size: 3KB
TopNaviText 1.2

Quickly move the blinking cursor around...

Downloads: 127
Size: 7KB
TopGuardEx 1.0

Extend and customize the functionality of...

Downloads: 111
Size: 5KB
Tips Hack
Tips Hack 2.0

Adds a scrollbar and a menu to "Tips"...

Downloads: 117
Size: 4KB
Smooth Scroll Hack
Smooth Scroll Hack 3.0

Enables a visual effect of smooth...

Downloads: 192
Size: 3KB
Alert Hack
Alert Hack 2.0

Sets intuitive colors to system alert...

Downloads: 149
Size: 4KB
Tooler 1.00

Create useful system shortcuts

Downloads: 1947
Size: 50KB
Tabout 2.7

converts tabs to spaces in an ASCII text file

Downloads: 408
Size: 69KB