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GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 3D

Extends you Desktop without Limits!

Aml Maple

Aml Maple is indicator of keyboard layout

Actual Virtual Desktops

Organize! Give each activity its own desktop!


Tabin 5.3

Converts spaces to tabs in an ASCII text fis.

Downloads: 389
Size: 70KB
Splice 1.5

SPLICE splices bits of files together

Downloads: 1938
Size: 75KB
Rgrow 1.3

RGrow resizes fixed length records.

Downloads: 1914
Size: 68KB
Honk 1.5

Plays one sounds or wav files

Downloads: 383
Size: 72KB
BlOut 2.8

Blout removes extra blank lines from a file.

Downloads: 1928
Size: 0.1MB
Align 1.6

Align data in ASCII text files into columns.

Downloads: 1952
Size: 72KB
Display Changer
Display Changer 4.3.2

Change resolution for an application

Downloads: 134
Size: 0.46MB
Quick Blank Screen
Quick Blank Screen 1.1

Blank Screen Displays Black and Black Screen

Downloads: 407
Size: 0.6MB
AltMove manager
AltMove manager 2.1.8

Mouse and windows manager

Downloads: 1983
Size: 0.37MB
SpecialFoldersView 1.26

Easily jump to special folders in your system

Downloads: 114
Size: 45KB
TCC/LE 13.05

A powerful Windows command interpreter

Downloads: 130
Size: 5.21MB
12Ghosts ShellX
12Ghosts ShellX 9.70

Add new commands to the Explorer context menu

Downloads: 128
Size: 0.7MB
Keylogger 1.9.8

remote monitor: Keystrokes Screenshots, SMS

Downloads: 401
Size: 0.84MB
Vista Visual Master
Vista Visual Master 1.02

To customize your Windows Vista easily

Downloads: 409
Size: 2.5MB
Take Command
Take Command 15.0

A powerful GUI Windows command interpreter

Downloads: 188
Size: 14.65MB
FileTypesMan 1.85

Alternative to Windows 'File Types' manager.

Downloads: 1951
Size: 75KB
OpenWithView 1.11

Disable/enable items in 'Open With' window.

Downloads: 336
Size: 36KB
ClubControl AE
ClubControl AE 4.3.35994

Powerful Internet Cafe Software

Downloads: 408
Size: 8.86MB
My System Tray Icon
My System Tray Icon 1

Power Monitor Off ,Restart,Log Of and more.

Downloads: 115
Size: 5.03MB
A Speeder
A Speeder 2009.3

Change the speed of your games.

Downloads: 1977
Size: 1.31MB
XP Context Tools
XP Context Tools 1.1.1

Add useful Context utilities

Downloads: 338
Size: 0.28MB
WonderWebWare File Splitter
WonderWebWare File Splitter 1.1

Split large files into smaller pieces ...

Downloads: 125
Size: 0.53MB

Xkill for Microsoft Windows

Downloads: 128
Size: 0.12MB
WinOne Free Command Prompt for Windows
WinOne Free Command Prompt for Windows 8.5

WinOne Free Command Prompt for Windows

Downloads: 405
Size: 7.62MB
Aml Maple
Aml Maple 6.01b753

Aml Maple is indicator of keyboard layout

Downloads: 167
Size: 1.18MB
WatchOverEnergy 1.1

Manage stand-by mode, track energy saving

Downloads: 382
Size: 0.75MB
WakeUp 2.1

WakeUp controls suspend and resume feature.

Downloads: 424
Size: 0.65MB
UpTime 1.03

This free utility displays Windows uptime

Downloads: 187
Size: 0.3MB
UIFriend 2.3.1

Improve your user interface today!

Downloads: 171
Size: 1.86MB
True Eraser
True Eraser 1.0

TrueEraser completely removes sensitive data.

Downloads: 336
Size: 0.46MB
Titanium Taskbar
Titanium Taskbar 1.0

Flexible Windows Taskbar replacement

Downloads: 391
Size: 0.68MB
Tidy Start Menu
Tidy Start Menu 4.33

Customize your Start Menu.

Downloads: 368
Size: 1.09MB
TaskSwitchXP Pro
TaskSwitchXP Pro 2.0.11

An advanced Alt-Tab replacement for WinXP

Downloads: 366
Size: 0.38MB

Open frequently used folders quickly.

Downloads: 114
Size: 0.88MB
SOCKShell 1.3

Enhances Windows Explorer context menu

Downloads: 392
Size: 0.82MB