Catch A Thief – Addictive Memory Game

Catch A Thief – Addictive Memory Game 1.2

Catch A Thief – Addictive Memory Game
Platform:iPhone, iPod
Updated:2011-05-09 10:12:16
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Catch A Thief Is An Addictive Memory Game. Your Goal Is Catch The Thief And Get Him Behind Bars! Your Task Is To Unfold A Pair Of Faces Of The Same Thief. You Have Limited Time Period To Complete Your Mission, So You Have To Be Quick And Have An Excellent Memory.

- 3 Different Game Modes
- Special Effects While Matching 2 Thief ( iPhone User Only )
- Share Scores On Facebook & Twitter
- Global Score Facility To Submit Your Score World Wide
- Challenge Your Friend & Show Your Achievements

*Flash Lights - Find 2 Matching Torches And All The Thieves Will Be Viewable For Few Seconds
*Auto Detect & Locker – Automatically Find And Locked The Thief Behind Bars

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