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Cobynsofts AD Audit

Platform:WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64
Updated:2013-07-19 05:20:47
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Cobynsofts AD Audit is a Windows application used to supplement your technology auditing capabilities. It is designed to audit your Active Directorys object properties as it relates to security to ensure that you are in compliance with your selected security framework.

Do you know which machines are online in your domain? Do you know which machines were created yesterday? Do you know which accounts have no password expiration? Or, do you know what groups have no members? Cobynsofts AD Audit can help answer these and many other questions related to the security of your Active Directory.

The Active Directory is essentially the heart of your network controlling who has access to the domain and on what machines. Cobynsofts AD Audit consists of a wide range of built-in reports, dashboard type charts, and calendars allowing you to quickly query the Active Directory to get an overview of your security gaps.
Built-in Reports

Cobynsofts AD Audit contains a wide range of reports against Computer objects, User objects, or Group objects. A selection of available reports include:

- User Accounts with No Password Expiration
- User Accounts where Password is Not Required
- Password Expiration Time
- Primary Groups
- Operating Systems
- Bitlocker Recovery Passwords
- And many moreā€¦.

Cobynsofts AD Audit contains several tools. The Check Online Status tool allows you to check the online status for computers to see which of your Active Directory computers are online, offline, or no longer in DNS.

Cobynsofts AD Audit allows you to query the Active Directory beyond the built-in reports and tools. For instance, you can create and run your own LDAP queries to produce highly customized reports.

Cobynsofts AD Audit contains multiple export options. Export your reports, charts, or calendar views to either Microsoft Excel (.XLS), HyperText Markup Language (HTML), or to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).