ControlByMail 1.05

Platform:Win7 x32, WinVista, WinXP
Updated:2012-03-14 21:46:05
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ControlByMail is a network app that uses email for remote file access and PC control, instead of the traditional web browser or server/viewer approach, because sometimes email is the only way in and out of your local PC. Be prepared in advance by installing ControlByMail on your home PC, and then you'll always be able to remotely access and control it from anywhere in the world and from any device: even from a borrowed smartphone! Use it to securely send yourself files and folders, launch and quit programs, kill processes, remotely reboot, perform virtual keystrokes and mouse clicks; and view your desktop, webcam, and even blocked websites (such as Facebook). With ControlByMail, it's like always having someone at home in front of your PC to control it for you!