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Platform:Win2000, WinServer
Updated:2011-03-21 01:29:18
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CopyMetric is a web-based automatic software registration and update system that automates registration of Windows applications, software metering, copy protection and installation of updates, or patches, released by application developers. It automatically collects usage statistics, provides information on how many copies of your software product are installed, where (locale, time zone, IP address) and can be used to send updates and upload diagnostics data.

Every time your software product is used, CopyMetric checks for updates for this product. If updates are available, the user is offered to install them. In addition, the user can see the details of each update, including description, size and modification date, and select which updates need to be installed.

CopyMetric can be integrated into a Windows application by adding a DLL function call to the initialization code of the application. Most of the time, it remains inconspicuous to the user, only checking the registration status and updating the usage statistics. When one or more updates become available to download, CopyMetric notifies the user and offers to install the updates. This is usually done by displaying a taskbar icon with a 'balloon'.

In addition to package updates, CopyMetric can be used to distribute link and information updates. A link update adds a configurable item to the pop-up menu of the application's taskbar icon. Selecting this menu item activates the URL associated with the update. This type of update does not involve installing files. Its purpose is to draw the user's attention to certain web content, for example, a new product website or an online survey form.

An information update displays a 'balloon' over the application's taskbar icon with a title and a short message.

Minimum technical requirements: Windows Server 2000 or later.
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