Crazy Dart Shooter

Crazy Dart Shooter 1.0

Crazy Dart Shooter
Platform:iPhone, iPod
Updated:2011-05-09 14:04:12
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" Step right towards the target to challenge your best skills as well as aiming tactics in Crazy Dart Shooter iPhone Game. Get rewards with every high scores. Crazy Dart Shooter is a premium physically designed dart game for iPhone and iPod Touch.Swip your finger; aim the position of your arrow based on the wind direction & wind power; now just release the dart on the dartboard. Watch out for points which you score and loose. Here, the speed of your dartboard goes on increasing with the use of every dart... Play carefully else loose points.The gameplay mechanism of Crazy Dart Shooter is beautifully executed for fast paced accuracy level to hit the target you set. Dart is nothing but a breathtaking entertainment to get addictive in free time.Enjoy this dart game within beautiful graphics, realistic art and unique gameplay.
Key Features of Crazy Dart Shooter:
★ Facebook Integration
★ Best Score Listing
★ Sound effects in the background
★ In-game help option on aiming, throwing along with rules
★ Challenge opponent with high scores
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